Can you Survive here ? – Into The Dead – IOS & Android Game
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Can you Survive here ? – Into The Dead – IOS & Android Game

September 15, 2019

Hallow Guys welcome back to MiawAug, Today i want to play Into The Dead, this game from IOS and let’s we see the game so this is the game i’m playing it once , i just get 743 Meter of course i want to speak Indonesia and English, so i will mix the language if i dun know the English so i will use Indonesia let’s we see armory in armory you can buy weapon, right now i just have pistol you can unlock the chainsaw there’s 2 option to unlock this weapon 1st you must complete mission 5 else you must buy it i think i must complete the mission if this weapon, i can’t buy it okey let’s we see the other, this for buy coin this for free coin this is mod for change the zombie there’s 3 option this is dog for helping us oke let’s we try to play the game 4 mode in this game , i play the classic i must play the classic 1st right now you can choose your option, and bonus i will play it 1st without anything, let’s we play this game start from crush helicopter, and stand up how to use weapon, fire, oke and then Run finally you found a chest inside the chest there’s have a weapon, keep running and avoid zombie yeah zombie is really easy to avoid it, my first play get 700 now i approach to 700 there’s alot of them a chest , can i get it yeahh baby, i get it avoid it don’t get me, i’m not your food i just want to run oh no I almost get killed I
hate in here , die you avoid it my ammo, there’s still have 2 ammo and mom and all ha going to YouTube
Google+ that chest take it, yes you you you you you yo you you you shit aaaa nooo disgusting so this’s the mission if you complete mission 5 and you can get new weapon let’s we try again no i want to try to use one of this dog perk play, there’s the dog herder hallow herder eat that Good Boyyy why i cannot move come one, take the chest eat at my front don’t eat other , eat zombie in front of me where’s my dog take them down dog dog in here’s weird, they eat zombie i lost i lost my control can i look you face come on show your face, so i complete mission 1, and now mission 2 and i must complete until mission 5 to unlock new weapon i already play into the dead, i cannot show you guys a whole day i play this game, i really like this game, i wannt play it more i will show you guys, when i unlock something oke so far we end in here, thx guys for watching watch my another video don’t forget to subscribe and goodbye guys

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  1. kak regi gua dari masa depan gua beritahu kalau nanti pada tahun 2018 dan 2019 suscriber kak regi akan naik sebanyak 3,7 JT orang

  2. Gue seneng lu masih main game sampai Sekarang miau Aug Dari saat sakit lu masih pingin ngibur gua thanks miau aug

  3. Gua biasanya Cara savage masa Di fence gua lompat Dan boom gua tembak lol Bahasa English ngak APA APA la janji in video ngak Kedah Bahasa English Ka indo

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