Can You Shoot A Bow Accurately Without a Peep?
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Can You Shoot A Bow Accurately Without a Peep?

August 14, 2019

so do you really need a peep site to
shoot accurately with a bow we’re gonna test that theory and find out hey everybody Michael Batease from the
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notification so alright peep sites are they really necessary so you know I had
been kind of as I’ve kind of gotten older I’ve noticed you know my eyes
changing it happens to everybody and the thing that I noticed is trying to find a
good you know clear peep and I’ve tested you know a lot of them but still you
know things happen they either don’t turn all the way you’re sitting there at
full draw with your bottom lip trying to turn it or you know years past have used
the ones with the rubber tubing only to have that dry and crack and break and
slap you across the face and so I got to kind of looking around and saying okay
what options are there that you can shoot with no peep and for fixed pins
there’s a few options you know there’s Perry’s no peep which
actually has a secondary pin that you use for alignment that will show you
whether your anchor is too high or too low or if you’re torquing the bow but
I’m a single pin user and I’ve used a single pin for a long time and there
just wasn’t a lot of options out there so I got to thinking what if I just
pulled the peep so because really what’s the purpose of the peep the purpose is
to help us get alignment between the peep and the housing on our site you
know if our anchor point is off just a little bit or we’re torquing the bow a
little bit it gives us that instant feedback of you know something’s not
quite right and we make the little adjustments and as a new shooter yeah a
peep sight is definitely a must or something like the Perry’s no P but what
have you been shooting for a while and you have that consistent anchor and
you’re starting to find that your sight picture and everything is kind of
starting to blur out your pins are starting to blur
what options do you have well you can get glasses or you can hunt with a
verifier or clarifier only problem with verifier and clarifiers in a lot of
states they’re illegal you can’t have any magnification glasses you know
hiking during September up and down the hills or even if you’re on a late
archery hunt you know during the winter those classes just seem to fog up at
just the not so right moment so so I went into the shop and I pulled the peep
sight out and I’m like okay what can I do to ensure that consistent anchor so
basically I came up with a three-point anchor system so I shoot the stand
perfect it’s a three finger release so obviously one is the groove of my
knuckles right up underneath my jaw but I needed something else to keep that
consistency so what I did was in the shop is I had them take server material
and I had them tie this knot and this knot so this knot down here is basically
a kisser button it’s what I’m gonna put in the corner of my mouth and then the
top one is my nose button so that way I can feel that consistent spot on my nose
so between my knuckles the kiss are in the nose I basically have a three-point
anchor system that you can get consistency every single time now the
one thing I also noticed is you know because I always touched my tip of my
nose on my string anyways when I was using a peep and it took a little bit of
reprogramming because when I first did that when I first drew back my right eye
was basically you know trying to see through the string so what I had to do
was I had to take that string and I had to move it over on the tip of my nose to
get that right eye on the right side of the string now I shoot both eyes open
and so what ends up happening is with that string that string ends up running
between both eyes so my right eye that I’m aiming with is on the right side of
the string which I have focusing on the pin and then my left
is really focusing on the target and the two of them kind of working together in
the brain just kind of brings that together it did take a little bit of
getting used to but the one thing I noticed is as soon as I did this and I
drew back and in and got that eye on the right side man my sight picture just
opened up dramatically I could see so much more and that’s one of the reasons
why I went to a single pin is because I didn’t want to have all of this blocking
out my target you know I trained a lot on little you
know half inch sized dots you know aim small miss small and so having a good
sight picture was really important to me and so as soon as I took that peep out
man I just the sight picture just opened up and became crystal clear and what’s
funny is my pin actually became crystal clear again it wasn’t fuzzing out or
hazing out the other thing I noticed too is getting on target is a lot faster
because not having to really restrict yourself and fine-tune and what’s
interesting is since I’ve started playing with this I started doing a
little bit of research and there are a lot of people out there that one never
even used a people when they started or two they ditch the peep and you know
there’s kind of a mix some with fixed pins and some with single pins but
here’s the thing with single pin users is because the whole housing changes
that means your anchor point is going to change also so that you can keep that
consistent ring to ring so and that again I didn’t want to have to
consistently remember okay where do I need to put or adjust and and yeah I
mean you would adjust in those Tussauds whoo halos would line up but by removing
that what’s kind of cool is you use the same anchor point with that single pin
and because that housing is moving where that tip pin is or your fiber it
basically just ends up kind of in the location where
that multiple pin would be so you’re not having to change anchor points at all
so you know we all have that consistent anchor that we can close our eyes and
draw and we come to that spot every time well by removing the peep is a single
pin you have that ability so now this is one of the things that I’m going to show
you so with this three-point anchor system I’m going to draw back settle in
and then as you can see that kissers in the corner of the mouth and the tongue
or the tip of the nose is on that dot every time now what about torquing the
bow well because I shoot a single pin that’s vertical I basically since my
right eye is on the side I have the side of the string and I have that pin post I
can tell based on this post if I’m torquing because I’ll see more of the
sides or this or that so it still gives me instant feedback on
if I’m torquing or not so alright one more but like I said just the sight
picture and everything for me now this may not be for everybody but if you’re
having a hard time getting on target you might give this a shot you might try
it it does take just a little bit of getting used to but the other thing I
noticed too is when shooting it longer yardages and you restrict down and you
have this and our pen always has a float whether it’s a circle or figure eight
well because when you’re shooting it longer yardage is you have a smaller
target a lot of times you can get that target in-out in-out and so what happens
with your mind is you’re kind of playing that okay here it comes here it comes
here it comes punch but by eliminating that and opening up the sight picture a
whole lot more you can actually hold that pin a lot steadier on target and
you find that your shot execution is a lot better so can you shoot accurately
with no peep on the bow for me what I found is fifty-yard groups about this
big I definitely think you can the other advantage too is low light situations
early morning or nighttime or evening time I’m not having to fight with that
restricted which means I have a lot more light coming in I can see a lot better
low light situations or going into heavy heavy dark timber in the morning it’s
not going to be a problem so there you go that’s how I was able to remove the
peep sight and have that consistent anchor every time and shoot accurately
if you’re looking for something to kind of improve your sight picture or kind of
eliminate target paddock panic pull that peep side out and give it a shot thanks
for tuning in thanks thanks for watching as always keep calling keep practicing
most importantly though have fun and we’ll see you on the next video brought
to you by Elk Calling Academy

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  1. I used a no peep sight awhile back, I was never able to get it set up just right. I have been wanting to go peep less for alot of the reasons you listed. When you tied the two kisser buttons can they be moved to fine tune. I have a four pin set up now sounds like you are saying to go to a one pin for a better sight picture is that correct.

  2. You make some very convincing and positive points, definitely worth trying. I was really hoping to see where those two arrows placed. Lol

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