Can You Fire an Arrow through 12 Axes? (Odysseus Archery Challenge)
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Can You Fire an Arrow through 12 Axes? (Odysseus Archery Challenge)

August 12, 2019

[Sam:] Man this is gonna be a tough one [Wren:] I don’t think anyone’s gonna win (Cheering from everyone) [Off screen Niko:] We wanted to see who here was the rightful king of ancient Greece and the best way to do that is shoot an arrow through 12 axes So we were referencing the end of The Odyssey where Odysseus returns home, and in a disguise takes his bow and shoots an arrow through 12 axes to prove that he is in fact the one true Odysseus We got bows. We got twelve axes and we’re going to see who here can string an arrow right through that Cut to the b-roll [Nick:] No. I’m doing it (Epic music) [Jake:] I think this could all be figured out with about three minutes of Wikipedia but I think it’s funnier to try to figure out the story between everyone here [Sam:] I mean, seriously, he was gone for years. Odysseus, he goes off on this mega huge journey He’s away for years and years and years, and when he comes back, his wife’s like I don’t even remember who my husband is anymore But all I do remember is that my husband was real good with bow and arrow so all you men, all you suitors every people, all these people. Like, if y’all…one of you are really my husband even the you who claims to be my husband, who has been away for years Only my husband will be able to shoot an arrow through all these axes All the things that happen to him while he was away. He fought cyclops A cyclops, a cyclop by the cyclops…the Cyclops He fought the Cyclops He found these sirens – not the type that screech Well, then he avoided the sirens Then he put like bees wax in his ears. What else did he do? [Off screen Jake:] Trojan War. I mean there was all that. There was that whole part Then he was like, okay I’m gonna go back to Greece now Shit, I’m lost. What do I do? I’m on an island somewhere You know being known for its islands If I’m not back by the time my son can grow beard you can re-marry. So that his whole purpose was to try to get back [Off screen Sam:] He goes up to his son. He’s like, “Son, thank God you haven’t grown a beard yet” And then he looked closely at his chin, there’s this one hair that’s about to like, burst out. And he’s like (Shocked voice) He’s got to prove to his wife that it’s really him by shooting this arrow [Off screen Niko:] His wife knows it’s him. It’s that he needs to figure out a way that he can like defeat all the suitors without having a giant like, bloody fight [Off screen Carmichael:] No, no. Him and his son, who make the whole scene happen for all the guys They lock him in. Odysseus does the shot dressed as an old man Everyone’s like oh my god Reveals himself and then he takes all the arrows and starts shooting all the suitors and his son starts chopping their heads off [Niko:] Here’s the real story [Off screen Jake:] We need a transition from the build to this though (Classical music) I have to make 12 axes and I’ve only got about three hours to do it today And I can’t use anything metal because I don’t want the arrows And then deflecting in a weird way I need material that will be more able to absorb an arrow But also that will be sturdy enough to stand upright as an axe (Epic music) [Off screen Charmichael:] Okay ready? [Jake:] Yeah, I’m ready [Carmichael:] What’s your name? [Jake:] Petros, first of his name. Lord of Mykonos [Adrian:] Niko’s gonna win [Wren:] I mean, I don’t think anyone’s gonna win [Gabe:] I dont think anybody is gonna get it through [Niko:] I’m gonna make it [Christian:] I think Niko has the most archery skills here [Nick:] Me! [Sam:] Homer [Jake:] Okay [Off screen Sam:] Get that wife! (Arrow shoots) [Off screen Wren:] Oh, no way! You- [Christian:] Three, four, five, six, seven. Seven [Jake:] I got through six So halfway [Niko:] I’m gonna do it guys! This is for Penelope! (Arrow shoots) [Multiple voices:] Oh, Woo! [Multiple voices:] Wait [Off screen Sam:] No… [Off screen Carmichael:] What? What?! [Off screen Wren:] No it didn’t [Niko:] Did I do it? (Laughing) [Christian:] We need to do the replay! [Jake:] Yeah, I think it did it I think it did it [Niko:] This is a lot less celebratory and a little more like, confused (Laughs) (Epic music) (Shocked voices) [Off screen Jake:] Wow! He did it! (Everyone cheering) [Niko:] First take first try! [Off screen Jake:] Wow! [Wren:] I’m like, legitimately, uh… speechless right now I will beat you Niko [Niko:] Okay [Off screen:] Well you can only tie (Arrow shoots) (Laughing) [Off screen:] It didn’t even go trough one actually [Off screen Nick:]You didn’t even make it! [Niko:] Oooh [Wren:] Oh man [Niko:] I think Sam’s got a fighting chance of this one [Sam:] I’ll see about that Doberius the third [Off screen Wren:] Am I gonna get like another chance or is that it? [Sam:] Nope, that’s it. You go home. Go back to the boat [Jake:] Sail back to your island [Sam:] Man this could be a tough one Am I lined up? Is it gonna go all the way through if I do it like right there? This one’s for… all my friends that I ate Yum yum yum (Arrow shoots) (Epic music) [Niko:] Ooh! That was pretty good actually You lost a little altitude at the end [Sam:] Ah son of a bun dude. I just need to pull it back more [Niko:] Yeah That’s what I did wrong Be careful with your arm [Jake:] Yeah Adrian [Adrian:] I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it I just wanted to feel it! [Jake:] Well, I don’t know. You just jumped over a table the other day. So I’m kinda– [Adrian:] I can feel the pain coming in. And I know that I’ve broken something because I cannot move my right hand. [Off screen Carmichael:] Sam would you like to substitute his right arm? [Sam:] So I pull it or you hold it? [Adrian:] I’m gonna hold it [Sam:] You’re gonna hold it. I’ll pull it [Adrian:] I can’t- I can’t use it [Sam:] All right here, just give me the arrow [Adrian:] Okay, I’ll let you know Ready? [Niko:] What if you guys make it? Right now anything is possible guys [Adrian:] Dow, down, down (Laughing in background) [Sam:] You’re down! You’re down! You have to go down! And look here we go. Three, two, one (Epic music) (Arrow hits character) (Arrow hitting metal) [Everyone:] Ohh! [Adrian:] Oh shit! That went right over man! Luckily I didn’t go through (Laughing) (Background conversation) [Jake:] Where’d it go? [Sam:] It’s in the tree [Jake:] Oh [Sam:] What was that ding sound? [Off screen Jake:] Broke the arrow [Sam:] What? There’s literally a metal pole here What the heck? [Adrian:] Who’s next?! Nick? [Nick:] Someone’s gotta do this They’re welcome to you also. Step to the line my friend take careful observation of Nick’s interesting stance known as goofy. All right That’s a great start Mmm, no, dude, I’m Damocles. I’m not a chicken. I’m a baker. Only have one shot so I want to make sure it’s lined up. You’re left handed? I am. So it’s not meant for… It’s not meant for uh. Whatever fuck it. Well sure messed them up, I wonder if they make a right handed like cannon Alright, cut everything! What’s your name? Damocles Who do you think is gonna nail it? Me! OHHH! That was smooth dude! Dude, you did better than Niko! You didn’t knock any of the axes around! subscribe to see the axe fight! We just got royal blood, that’s all. I mean, Nick and I brothers after all Gabe’s never shot a bow before. I’m better- I’m better with the bat. Quick tutorial for you Alright, so when you put the arrow in there’s one feather that’s a different color. That one goes out So you’ll clip it below the nock, and the red feather will be pointed out So go ahead and try it out. Now when you grip the arrow two fingers below one finger above like this. Cool. Don’t pull it back yet. Yeah, when you do pull it back a lot of people kind of go to here and hold it, problem is all the tensions in your pecks and you go like this and it’s really hard to hold you want to use the muscles behind you on your Shoulders and your back open up and you want to settle all the way open So if feel free to guide it with your finger pull back, once you’re set lower your finger and then when you release just do it Calmly and smoothly and let the arrow fly. Good luck Gabe. Good luck, man Ah, Nice! Dude, you beat- You Beat Wren! I beat Wren, that’s all that matters! I’m terrible at this Just over it One more shot? How’s she gonna know it’s you? Because I’m gonna do this shit twice man! You ready Nick? Yeah. I’m ready If Niko can replicate his first shot and get off through all 12 axes right here right now. He is the champion Odysseus You ready? All right, here we go OHHHHHH!! Just barely just barely. All right. All right, well Well, you could be Prince. Okay! In honor of Nick’s coronation as Prince I decree that the two peasants Carmichael and Wren shall battle to the death with the axes. I’m a just and righteous King and I entertain my people You get hit in a limb you lose that limb. Get hit the body, You died. No headshots. No stabs three two one, fight! *Wren bravely retreating from the battlefield as to not get slaughtered by viking Carmichael* Two hits! Ohhh! So next time next time you guys are learning about the Odyssey in English class I want to show this video to your teacher and tell her you’re done I’m trying to fix my posture at work. My neck hurts. It sucks I think the best way to go about that is getting a standing desk like carmichael’s couple things I’m trying to fix here. If I were to raise this thing up, it should be *Eternal struggle* level with my eyeballs Yes about right if I’m looking down at a monitor it’s gonna wear my neck over time So I want to be looking straight ahead at these monitors. I also want to have the 90 degree arm action here. This is ideal I think there’s a couple more standing desks in the back. Let’s see if we can unbox those Flippy Flip! Come on Clint, open it! Oh you have to assemble! Really? Is this gonna be Adrian’s or yours? This will be mine, Adrian’s- Got ya! *Rekt* I saw that coming too! I burned one fat right there That’s a penholder? A phone, you know? It’s not- It’s not that cool… We want those elbows ergonomic. Ergonomic elbows Actually, wait my eyes need to be at the middle of monitor. So these monitors need to come up. No, they don’t come up I don’t really see. I don’t know but I can’t because I got to keep the ergonomic elbow cuz like that. That’s perfect But this is like yeah. Yeah, some wood blocks- we got wooden blocks in the back too. I could just do this *Peak evolution of mankind* This would work when I’m sitting Yes, now I could save my neck and my back from hurting So, this is the taotronics Standing desk. So this is the taotronics Standing desk if we had flipped it like it would have been Toa. It’s probably Tao. It’s Tao. It’s it’s called taotronics We inspired Clint and now he wants to try to save Adrian. I got one toe hooked around the kitchen island I’m gonna save I’m gonna save this man’s life. *Epic Struggle* Hey hey, you got it! The rest is you! Tell my wife I love her before you climb! okay. Tell my wife I love her! There you go Oh Stand tall, stand proud

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  1. Ergonomic monitor placement is when you see the abosult top of the screen (not the monitor, the thing with the pixels on it, the screen) at exactly straight ahead. Meaning the entire monitor needs to be below your direct horizontal line of sight.

  2. GG holy shit thank the tentacly arms of the lord and meaty master the great flying spaghetti monster they didn't go over the fence and hit someone! May his noodley appendage bless you. ?

  3. An arrow bend's when it is shot so I am betting it won't work. Going to be surprised if this works. EDIT – Holy frick Niko you are a god.

  4. I'm confused about this. Byron Furgeson, a man who can shoot an aspirin out of the air, said he couldn't do this shot. To be fair he was using metal axes.

  5. The real hard part about this challenge in the story was that they all had to string their own bow as well as shoot it through the axes. None of the suitors had the strength to pull the bowstring tight enough to be able to shoot the arrow.

  6. I don't know what version these movie writers read…

    Odysseus came in disquise as part of a convoluted plan to kill the suiters (who Penelope definitely knew were not her husband) . Penelope organized the competition separately because she thought the disquised man was her husband and wanted to draw him out.

    So Penelope recognized him beneath a disquise after years of being apart.

    She wasn't an idiot.

  7. Would be interesting to try with medieval bows in the SCA. I might need to pitch the idea to my family and family friends since we live in Finland (we have our own bows), and are going to spend sometime creating 12 foam axes to do the challenge.

  8. I'm watching all of these out of order, and I somehow always end up in the "Adrian's Broken Collarbone" Era

  9. Standing desks are awfully dumb and can cause problems to your body. Look it up please, ask your orthopedist

  10. I actually learned about this in class not long ago and saw the exact same movie as the one they were showing.

  11. Can someone explain me the push-up thing i don't know that. I saw that probably 8 times but i didn't understand anything.

  12. That is the dumbest idea to a movie ever! ? you remember that we married a while ago, and she's like, nah but if you are good with a bow, I'm open for business ?

  13. what fucking odysseus movie are they showing scenes from at the start? i literally just searched imdb and youtube videos for a half hour and found nothing that matched those scenes.

  14. I'm cringing with the retelling of the story, I've known the story of the Odyssey forever, and you used the axe heads, it wasn't that!

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