Can You Beat Skyrim Without Taking Any Damage?
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Can You Beat Skyrim Without Taking Any Damage?

August 13, 2019

Skyrim is a special game in that there are
an almost endless number of ways to play through the game. It seems the only limit is your imagination. But what if you wanted to play through Skyrim
in a way it was never meant to be played? Can You Beat Skyrim Without Taking Any Damage? Before the how’s, we must create our character. A few minutes on Google was all I needed to
make the decision to play as a Wood Elf. They’re good with Archery and Stealth, and
I almost always end up playing as an Orc, so the change is a welcome one. I named myself Invertebrate because, you know,
lack of a spine, weakling, we can’t take any damage? Not the most clever name, but it doesn’t
really matter. After the dragon attacks Helgen and we get
control, it’s time to set my Health to 1. I do this using console commands so that I
don’t have to manually reload a save every time I take damage. With my total health at 1, any damage of any
kind will kill me and force me to try to get through that situation without taking damage. The good part about Skyrim, unlike some of
the Fallout games, is that you can choose to never increase your health when you level
up, so we only need to use console commands this one time. Roughly 15 minutes in and we die for the first
time. Believe it or not, fire bad. After I entered Helgen Keep I made sure that
the difficulty was as low as it could go, then I got my hands cut free by by Ralof,
and the real game begins as we’re enter combat for the first time. Before that though, you can see from the Skills
screen that my Health is, in fact, at 1. Until I get a bow a little later on, my strategy
is to sit back and only strike when I can get the killing blow. With the loot of the dead Imperial Soldiers
in my possession, I marched onward with a sword in each hand, ready to cower and let
Ralof do most of the fighting for me. Something fun about this run is that because
your health is so low, it’s not uncommon for you to get executed by an enemy if they
land a hit on you. After the first time that happened, and I
got a good look at myself, I did something. See, armor can absorb some of the damage you
take, and since the entire point is to avoid damage at all costs, I decided that armor
would not be worn for the rest of the game. I did attempt to charge headfirst into the
Imperial Soldiers in the next room, but it didn’t really work out that well. I picked a few locks, waited for Ralof and
the other Stormcloaks to kill the Imperials, and finally got a bow. The Bow and Arrow will be my best friend throughout
this playthrough, alongside the Stealth and Archery skills. The rest of the escape went off without a
hitch. I activated the Thief blessing, rode the river,
talked to Gerdur to figure out where to go next, sold most of my stuff to Lucan Valerius,
and was off to see the Jarl of Whiterun. I was incredibly respectful when speaking
to Jarl, I wore my cleanest cloths. Farengar, the court wizard, told me I was
to retrieve the Dragonstone, so I looked at the map, and headed in the general direction
necessary to accomplish such a task. Along the way I killed a Hunter and swapped
my Long Bow out for a Hunting Bow. When I arrived at Bleak Falls Barrow I took
a sneaky approach to killing the Bandits was harder than it probably should have been,
probably because I suck dick at both aiming and being sneaky. For whatever reason, the troublemakers inside
were easier to kill, which leveled me up. I proceeded to kill a Bandit Outlaw, solve
a puzzle, kill some Skeevers, and was confronted a giant fucking spider. I hate spiders. Nothing is supposed to have 8 legs. It’s wrong and immoral. Once the spider was slain, I recovered the
Golden Claw, encountered the Draugr for the first time, who are relatively easy to take
care of since you can get a few arrows into them by the time they get up, found the Dragonstone,
and killed the Draugr Overlord by hiding on some rocks where it couldn’t reach me and
loading him up with arrows. But there’s no time to celebrate because
there’s a Dragon on the loose! Well, there are lots of Dragons, but this
particular dragon has the Jarl in a bit of a tizzy. I expected the dragons to be a real pain in
the fanny going into this run, and this Dragon was no exception. Luckily, I was able to hide in the tower and
hit him with arrows while he was distracted by the Whiterun guards. After I absorbed the Dragon’s soul and harvested
his bones, the Jarl bestowed to me the great gift of a donkey to carry all my stuff. I sold some stuff in Riverwood, killed a few
wolves, leveled up again, began climbing the 7 million stairs or whatever the fuck, avoided
a Troll by using my donkey as bait, met the Greybeards, performed their perverted tasks,
and was off on another adventure, another “go find this thing for me” quest. This time I was tracking down the Horn of
Jurgen Windcaller. As I ventured through the wilderness, I found
myself in Labyrinthian. And uh, there are a lot of Trolls there. Not sure why, maybe they went there hoping
it housed the greatest puzzle market in all of Tamriel. I tried to fight them, but it proved to be
a worthless endeavor. My donkey was lost, so I just ran away. There wasn’t anything too interesting in
Ustengrav. More Bandits, some Conjurers, some Draugr,
actually a lot of Draugr, and then the floor of fire. I used Whirlwind Sprint to go from rock to
rock, avoiding the tiles that would set off the fire. As if the first set of floor fire wasn’t
bad enough, up next was floor fire and another giant spider. This time around, I used the Scroll of Hysteria
to drown the Spider in fear, forcing it to flee for up to 60 seconds. Ample time for me to scoot on by and discover
that, “oh no!”, the horn has been hornnapped. I wasn’t going to return to the Graybeards
empty handed, so I followed the clues- a note saying “meet me at an inn in Riverwood”-
and tracked down the cunt who stole it. Her name is Delphine, and she’s a criminal
scum. She gave me the Horn back, I returned it to
the Graybeards and they welcomed me as the Dragonborn. We had a small ceremony in which they all
screamed at me. They didn’t get me any presents, though. Not gonna lie, that hurt my feelings a little
bit. Fighting back tears, I returned to Delphine
and she told me what we were going to do: kill another Dragon. Awesome. Great. Because Dragons are SO FUN fight when you
can’t take any damage whatsoever. I used the same strategy for this dragon as
I did with the one near Helgen, though this one was a bit harder because I didn’t have
a tower to hide in. When the dragon returned to the grave, Delphine
had another stupid idea: sneak into the Thalmor Embassy. To prepare for that, I went back to Whiterun
to sell what I didn’t need and bought more arrows. It’s not like you can just waltz into the
Thalmor Embassy. You need an e-vite, and the only person who
can get you one is Malborn in Solitude. Unfortunately, you can’t take a whole lot
with you, so I gave all my arrows, an Amulet of Talos, and an Imperial Bow to Malborn and
was ready to get the party started. Inside the Embassy, I had to find out what
they knew about the dragons. And that was not… easy. See, normally it wouldn’t be obscenely difficult
to kill all the Thalmor guards and soldiers. But they are very perceptive. If you get near them, they’ll know you’re
there, which makes stealth killing especially difficult. The sneak damage bonus as been my crutch thus
far, and it just wouldn’t cut it this time. If it were just taking on the Thalmor one
at a time, I could get by without the bonus, but they all attack when you attack one of
them, and it takes multiple arrows to kill them. To be perfectly honest, I thought I was going
to meet my match here. Then, for the hell of it, I checked the difficulty. I’d been playing on Adept, but the easiest
difficulty is Novice. Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m a
fucking moron and move on, eh? On Novice, you deal 2x damage to enemies. You also take half as much damage, but that’s
not relevant. Even on Novice, though, it wasn’t easy. What I ended up doing was peaking out from
behind cover just long enough to land an arrow on an enemy, then running back inside, waiting
for a second, then going back outside and doing it again. All told, it took me over 45 minutes to get
the information I needed and escape the Thalmor Embassy. I cannot understate how horrible this was
to do. Back in Delphine’s sex dungeon, I was instructed
to track down someone named Esbern who’s hiding out in the tunnels below Riften. On the way to Riften, I made a… discovery. It’s one of the rare and illustrious Floating
Tree. Please take a moment to admire it in all of
it’s barky glory…….. Alright, that’s enough, don’t get carried
away. Before I could actually get to Esbern, I had
to steal a ring and place it in someone’s pocket. Wasn’t very challenging. Before heading down into the Ratway, I spent
some Gold and got my Sneak skill leveled up a bit. Down in the Ratway were more Thalmor down
there, but my donkey was with so I got through them without much of an issue. With Esbern back and alive, Delphine, myself,
and Esbern put our heads together to come up with our next plan of attack. This time we’re searching for Alduin’s
Wall in the Sky Haven Temple. Guarding the temple were a bunch of Forsworn. I picked off a few from a far while Delphine
and Esbern handled the rest. And then another Dragon showed up. Can you guess who wasn’t gonna stick around
to fight it? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with pee. Deeper in the temple, I legitimately thought
the run was about to be over. There a door-thing that can only be opened
with the Dragonborn’s blood. So you have to slice your hand to get in. I really thought that would deal damage, even
if it was just a point or two, but it didn’t. I was even more relieved after the door opened
than I was when I left the Thalmor Embassy. After leaving the Temple, I did the only logical
thing you can do from this high up. I made my donkey stand on the ledge and screamed
so loud she went flying. It really was beautiful. There’s nothing quite like watching your
donkey do soaring through the air and plummeting violently into the Earth. Next, it was back to the Graybeards to learn
a new shout that would allow me finally put a stop to Alduin’s supposedly evil plans. But the even the Graybeards have their limits,
or maybe they’re just tired of dealing with my shit. Either way, I was taught a shout that would
clear fog, how exciting! Then I met their Glorious Leader, Paarthurnax,
a dragon. Paarthurnax told me that I’d need a The
Elder Scrolls (trademark) to cast Alduin through time. And the only way to find someone who can help
me find an Elder Scroll is in the College of Winterhold. So, I bought a horse, named him Stupid, and
was off to Winterhold. Fun fact about Stupid the Horse, he can swim
in the water and, more importantly, he takes the damage on my behalf when being attacked
by wolves. Convenient and safe for the environment. I gained entrance to the College of Winterhold
through the power of polite conversation, spoke to Shrek’s cousin Urag, journeyed
further north to meet with Septimus Signus, checked to make sure my health was still safely
at 1, and was off to the Alfland Cathedral. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion,
but I hate all this Dwemer shit. I find it incredibly boring. I’m skipping over most of this part because
nothing very interesting happened. It was all stealth killing and other such
nonsense. And my game also crashed quite a bit here
for whatever reason. Nevertheless, I pushed through all that ancient
bullshit and got to the land of the giant jellyfish: Blackreach. I killed a Dwarven Centurian and entered the
Tower of Mzark, Mark? Zark? M-Zark? Who cares, the important thing is that I used
the Lexicon to obtain the Elder Scroll, gave the inscribed Lexicon to Signus, and returned
to Paarthurnax, who instructed me to read the Elder Scroll (trademark) at the Time-Wound. Then I took a look back through time as I
watched ancient heroes of old use Dragonrend to banish Alduin from Skyrim. After returning to present-day, Alduin arrived
and was looking for a fight. As is tradition by this point, I hid behind
a few rocks, used Dragonrend a few times, shot arrows from a distance, and let Paarthurnax
do most of the fighting. Alduin wasn’t defeated, though, he just
pulled a me and ran the ruck away. The question is, where did he go? To find out, I’d need to capture a Dragon
and torture it until it talked. Dragonsreach in Whiterun was the perfect place
to make a dragon suffer. The problem is that the Jarl didn’t like
the idea of inviting a dragon into downtown Whiterun. With the Skyrim Civil War in full effect,
he’d need assurances that the Stormcloaks wouldn’t attack while we’re dealing with
these dragons and, rumors of dragons. You could probably just do all the Civil War
quests before trapping the dragon, but I didn’t feel like doing that. Instead, I convinced the Graybeards to call
a temporary truce between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials. And with the truce formed, it was time to
trap the dragon. This was actually not that difficult. Use a shout to call the dragon, lure it inside,
and it will be trapped. After some polite conversation, you can let
the Dragon go free on the promise that he takes you to Skuldafn. Let me tell you a little something about Skuldafn. It fucking sucks. The reason it sucks is because there are a
lot, and I really do mean a lot, of dragons there. Maybe if you’re a pretty high level you
could sneak passed them. But I’m not a high level. In fact, I was only level 10. Not really the best situation to be in. The Draugr weren’t an issue, I could get
by them, for the most part, without any problems. The first thing I tried to do was just outrun
the two dragons patrolling the area. That didn’t work. The next thing I tried was clearing the Skuldafn
South Tower and taking refuge inside. The general idea was that I’d do here what
I did in the Thalmor Embassy. Pop outside, take a shot or two at whatever
Dragon is nearby, then retreat inside. After spending a considerable amount of time
attempting this, I realized it would just not work the way I wanted it to. So I used the Become Ethereal shout to give
me a few seconds of safety, and ran for a nearby building where I took shelter underneath
some stairs. I stayed crouched and under cover until I
had killed the Draugr in the area, then sprinted inside the Skuldafn Temple. There wasn’t much to the Temple. Quite a few Draugr who could be taken out
with a single arrow since I had recently gotten the perk to make Sneak attacks with arrows
deal 3x damage instead of only 2x damage. The two puzzles inside were also pretty straightforward. Now, if you thought dealing with 2 dragons
was bad, try dealing with, like 5, and a Dragon Priest. To enter Sovngarde, you need to kill Nahkriin
and take his staff. Dealing with him alone wouldn’t be that
bad. But there are also a bunch of dragons circling
the area, just waiting for an opportunity to burn you alive. The good news is that there are spots on both
sides of the portal area where the Dragons can’t attack you. You can’t really attack them from there
either, but it’s something, at least. The shitty part is that there is no “just
run the fuck away” technique that I can use here like I could for the first 2 dragons. You cannot proceed with the story unless Nahkriin
is dead. It took a long time, but I found a strategy
that worked for me. I used the Become Ethereal shout to give me
a few seconds of invulnerability, then I popped out from behind the wall, shot Nahkriin with
an arrow or two, then ran to safety before he or any of the dragons could attack and
waited until I could use the shout again. Finally his health was almost at zero, but
for whatever reason I couldn’t kill him with an arrow, so I blasted him with Fire Breath,
retrieved his staff, and ran to cover. Now there’s the problem activating the portal. The second you’re out in the open, one,
or all, of the dragons will begin to attack. Run towards the steps and place the staff
in its hole, activate Become Ethereal when you hear one of the dragons beginning to attack,
then jump into the portal. If you’re lucky, you will travel to Sovngarde
before you take damage. We’re in the home stretch now. Before you can enter the Hall of Valor, you
must prove yourself by besting Tsun, the god of trials, in combat. He has a shout that can damage you from an
absurd distance, so as soon as he starts to tell you that you’ll have to fight him,
back out of the dialog and get as far away as you can, otherwise he’ll kill you with
his shout before you can do anything. Archery or Spells are really the only options
in this situation. What I did was wall-jump my way up a mountain,
far enough away that he couldn’t attack me, then I hit him with a few arrows. Once I gained admittance to the Hall, I spoke
to the three ancient heroes who fought Alduin once before, long ago. They would join me in the fight against the
World Eater. Use the Clear Skies shout with them three
times, Alduin will appear, and the final battle for the entire world will begin. To be perfectly honest, this was disappointingly
easy. The three heroes attack Alduin and, for the
most part, keep his attention away from you. Use the Dragonrend shout a few times to keep
him on the ground. All you really need to do is avoid the falling
fire rocks, because those will kill you. 3rd person mode makes that trivial at best. Keep on firing arrows at Alduin until his
health drains, then land the final blow, and Alduin, the world eater, the harbinger of
the apocalypse, the First-Born of Akatosh will be defeated. His life force fades away, and both Skyrim
and Sovngarde are safe. Tsun send me back to Skryim, I spoke to Parthunax
one final time, and I beat Skyrim without taking any damage.

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  1. Hey, for anybody doing this challenge, you can powerlevel sneak by crouching behind guards patrolling whiterun.

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  3. Did you not get Faendal in Riverwood and have him level your archery to 50 right off the bat because that'd make it too easy? Also, why didn't you just grind sneak on the graybeards? Also too easy?

  4. Just get enchanting the level 100. Enchant so that you don’t consume Magicka when casting Illusion or Destruction spells.

    Then you can kill an Ancient Dragon in 6 hits, before they have a chance to do anything.

    For best results, thunderbolt the dragon. Then you drain their Magicka and remove their ability to Shout.

  5. Dude i fucking hate the dwemer shit too when i first played skyrim i was stuck on that quest for like 2 hours it was like a fucking maze i swear to god

  6. If you play as a high elf you can use thalmor robes to blend in and they will only look at you but ultimately leave you alone

  7. Takes more than 10 minutes to complete a part and dies 4 times. “I think I’ve met my match, time to change the difficulty” LAAAAMMMMMEEEEE

  8. Ok, to open this door, we need the blood of the dragon and as a dragonborn, your blood will do.
    Um… what do I have to do?
    Just bleed.
    Like… cut myself bleed?
    Yes… it won't kill you.
    Um… it might. I'm a bit… anemic.

  9. 8:00 You actually don't even have to acknowledge Bry-boy's existence if you already know where Esbern is. 🙂 Meeting him is not a requirement for the quest.

  10. Надел бы одеяние Талморцев и тогда бы легко прошёл бы посольство. В приницпе ты бы мог выбрать Альтмера и посольство вообще без проблем пройдётся.
    А в портал в Совнгард можно успеть запрыгнуть.

  11. Huh. I'd forgotten that enemies can get finishers on you, because I've used a mod that disables that for ages. Why? Because, on my first pure-mage playthrough, I made a delightfully horrible discovery: thanks to Skyrim's "brilliant" programming, enemies can get finishers on you regardless of your armor rating as long as you have less health than the enemy's raw attack power would do. My mage had around 250 health since she was focused mainly on magicka. An Ancient Dragon's bite attack does about 300 damage. It didn't matter that I was using triple-power Ebonyflesh (meaning I had an armor rating of 300), the Ancient Dragon one-shot me with a finisher. It didn't even give me a chance to dodge it (which I COULD have – a good mage strategy for dragons is to get close to trigger them doing for a bite, backstepping out of range, and then stun-locking them with a dual-cast destruction spell). After that, no more. As cool as it was to have an epic battle end with an enemy cutting my head off, the bug that let any sufficiently strong enemy do that to a low-max-health character (again, regardless of armor rating!) was too much. No regrets.

  12. I died so many times the first time I tried to get into Sovngarde. Until I just gave up and tried just sprinting straight to the portal and jumping into the portal before the dragon priest closed it, ignoring literally all that shit up there. Amazingly, you can actually do that, and it worked.

  13. I feel like taking a barrier spell would've helped with those dragons at the end, due to them being able to absorb 40 magical damage (which the breath fire and breath ice shouts count as)

  14. A cheap way to start this run is to use Faendal in Riverrun to grind Archery to 50 artificially by using his teaching, then asking for the money back. Gets you a few level ups to flesh out Archery so you can murderlize some tendy flesh

  15. Why didn't you use the Frendriel (butcher on spelling) archery exploit? It would have done good for your run to have archery 50 at level 1 and a better bow you can steal from him

  16. do the Cuck Norris challenge.. finish the game wearing only pants, use nothing but your fist. no spells, and take no shit.. punch everyone

  17. Hey!
    I hope you read this, Mitten Squad, cause I love your videos! Thanks for all of your awesomeness!

  18. If you were to do fortify resto pot loop and increase your armour, would you just take no damage or is it only reduced a certain amount

  19. Basically jus did a take no damage and now only run, I know you killed a few enemies with other weapons at the very beginning but for the most part it was all bows

  20. This would be way easier had you gotten any guild (dark brotherhood, nightingale or thieves) armor that raises sneak

  21. I was disappointed that there isn't a perk tree for dragon shouts, vampirism and lycanthropy each have one, so why don't dragon shouts?

  22. the slow time shout and/or aura whisper would proved high useful since you're relying on stealth. well at least one of them should have helped out

  23. In Skyrim this is impossible, even if you have best armor with the best weapon and legendary forged you can still take damage and then it still depends on what level of difficulty you have, because I believe that no one has managed it Difficulty Legendary from start to finish , has done all the quest and all side quest without cheating or from the beginning to novice, apprentice or adept to play and only at the end stating you would have played it on legendary

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  26. Так он же юзал сохранения, где уж тут прохождения без получения урона!

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