Can Germans Have Guns? (Weapon Laws In Germany)
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Can Germans Have Guns? (Weapon Laws In Germany)

August 19, 2019

laws involved in Germany because there’s
a lot of misunderstandings ok let’s start with the most interesting
part now a lot of people in the USA Germany firearms are led by citizens
know that’s nonsense there’s about 10 million illegal firearm owners in
Germany and altogether they have us six million licensed playoffs basically the
same type that you could have in the you s like for example like this forever and
I might cry with 45 one of my favorites is the original be there isn’t a problem
you know so you must store the guns personally handling them and therefore
you need to have a certified safe something like this year actually
several of those and store them safely as long as you’re not using them ok so you have the firearms under the
key in case you’re not confined to trying to steal them and all kinds of
nasty with it so I think it makes sense to stories don’t see you then also very this type of guns
firearms and regulations this means you can buy them and this it’s like 100 for
example which is the cartridge it’s a fine of course but you can call me like
this very cool like HW 100 wherever United States alone is
there under seven and a half truths which media rose by 41 of course we’ll
get it for you don’t want to cause any damage that way you can get them the
unlimited version sometimes fuller 53 54 positive energy your thoughts on what to
say to me for just me and him safely with no more than 70 indigenous peoples
for pools co2 powered going yeah I heard lots of here and does very good accuracy
but of course indicators I don’t think that is going to see a
movie version since we had a blank firing guns this water or
without without a copy of the 1911 in some way somehow this site are owned by
our much like she’d be made and tell them
not to cart it is effective but of course you have to hear not shoot
against the lead the way for me to buy guns gun stores by the end of the only
one I think but what if you cannot take them out publicly that government is a
special permits that you could very easily have a criminal record according
to you I think the main thing is that they want to know who hearing such
things within my heart you find yourself with the thing like these kind of
dangerous because you might run into a real gun because he will you have a gun
to potentially which is the name it’s a cool and these two shots are here so you
have to say that we have therefore we decided you know you’re much like to do
on this is easy and any kind of this is one of the most
effective things you are afraid ok related web sites where you would call
it goes to jail as long as they’re not fighting nice nice so even though of
course is no limitation is fighting for this would have to be 18 or older to buy
it and you could pretty much owned any kind of night there are only a few
exceptions so those will be but whatever reason you can’t help but to do so all
he’s nice nice nice we appreciate because it’s with a median leave easier
to open it nice to the UK she could boost from the site so the front
automatic nice illegal in germany if they open to decide once a home with no
of course not all of them some of them not a prob shoulder blocks awesome it opened one
here then you can carry which is about five years later love in this area
really showing tonight structure to make it legal to carry a
full as long as it does not open with one hand lock and long as it does in remove not
here so whose name has one screw then you have to open it was intended to be
we want to do it even if you have to like this which have the lead and
physically locks in today’s sharp police so but open so this is legal to
carry powers like this you want to go to work
on this is 170 votes so it’s we the Olympics ever let his day every time we
go through this is a lot of fun strictest ok Cross dolls magazine the
most recent with this these are really good and you can only be the only thing
is that you have to be 18 or older so regulated this so my only be a lot of
shots rainbow even with this very powerful
their kids cotton or damage but it’s totally unregulated mining company
clearly see even going shooting the woods and this is for those are the
types that we don’t have a break for your four hour so that the race is not
and should not have a gun license the reason for this is because in the
seventies we have a lot of demonstrations in Germany demonstrates His grace shots and they
shot with the most votes against the police and they actually managed to
correct the few lighter succeeds the goal in the end of the line of fire you
know shoes and so on so the party stands and
I get that kind of fun there Press make no that’s not a problem
because they were going up for it like this one the British only making but I think so I
don’t really care this is one of the most effective
weapons because you know obviously shows like 3504 cost of energy these German completely banned short
selling stars those are solely bruce Lee make them look so dangerous his films I
don’t think there’s a single incident on record where someone used to shoot them
because they personally I think with some exceptions actually in that region there’s a few
sessions but when politicians lot of things that they decided on so that

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  1. Lol I think Germany’s guns laws are the way they are, is I feel like people still don’t trust the Germans 😂

  2. Yes, Germans could own guns, but what about self-defense? A gun is a tool primarily used to defend one's life and property. As far as I know, self-defense is not a legal argument to own a gun (let alone carry one!) in Germany. If you actually defend yourself with a firearm, you end up in prison for a long time. That is why Americans perceive Germany as a gun-hating country and in fact, it limits the main purpose of guns in a very tyrannical way. Long live 2nd Amendment!

  3. Ha, I've a black widow hunting sling shot that shoot's arrows, it American in origin called the pocket hunter, because it's a hunting sling shot it doesn't conflict with any current laws in my country

  4. All sounds sensible but i have to issues. There is no diference between the range on my property snd a fancy one set up as a business. I understamd that poking holes into my neighbors house by accident is a problem. So i would like to see a system that inspects and says good to go, here's your certificate. Now you can shoot on your property.
    The second issue is home defence. It seems that your firearms are not accessible with ease and if you do use one for home defense, what will the consequences be.

  5. 13:00 Important Note: The Cold Steel is still illegal even after removing the "notch" because it "becomes" a Fallmesser!

  6. It's crazy to me, as an American, how comfortable people are walking around with zero ability to protect themselves, when at any time they could be attacked by an armed criminal who doesn't follow the law. How does anyone feel safe?

  7. Since regular people aren't besonders gefährdet, I recommend carrying a crossbow around.
    I'd run away all the way across the North Sea and the Atlantic if I saw someone pointing a crossbow at me.

  8. German gun laws seems pretty strict compared to my country – Czech Republic. In addition to the 3 mentioned types of permits (hunting, sport, collecting), we have permits to concealed carry in public. To obtain this type of license is no more difficult than receiving the mentioned three. To the gun collector police may also grant the extension of the licence so that the collector would be able to collect fully automatic weapons as well. These laws have been existing in our country for many years now and crime committed by firearms is absolutely minimal. Czech practically has no problem with firearms used for crime.

  9. I live in the UK & the restrictions here are ridiculous.
    I didn't realise how much more relaxed laws are in Germany.
    It's a shame we are leaving the EU, if we weren't I'd be moving to Germany.

  10. Beef eating American- sir why is there a sling shot in you're fire arm collection….smh

  11. If liberals get in power in the US Germany will have less restrictive laws than in the US. And the US is the one with an amendment stating that everyone has the right to bare arms which "Shall not be infringed". Let that sink in for a second.

  12. One thing I noticed when I stopped into a small gun shop in Germany was that most anything that qualifies as modern was very expensive, a little more than double what we would pay in most places in the US. However, the proprietor had a couple of beautifully made shotguns from Suhl that I thought were very reasonably priced. I was a little sad that I couldn't buy one and take it home.

  13. I'm so glad to be an American where I don't have to get permission from daddy government to own a gun and can actually carry it with me for defense.

  14. It sounds like all of these laws were made by people who actually have experience with these kinds of things 🤔

  15. We have similar rules in Sweden, the only big diffrence is that we cant own or get a license on automatic fire guns, semi auto is okay as long its not a military looking gun like AR15.

  16. Yeah, that is the reason I do not like the gun laws in Germany.
    In the US the only reason that guns are not illegal is the second amendment. The people have the right to bear arms and this law shall not be infringed.
    This is implemented because the people should have the power against the own government going crazy.
    All these authoritarian countries like Germany have their people on the leash. Some of them think they are free, but they don’t even have free speech.
    Only law abiding citizens get harmed by gun laws, not criminals.
    Edit: The autobahn seals the deal for me to stay in Germany.

  17. Requiring a license to own a gun just means they know you have it and if they want it, they know what you have and where to get it. Its the first step to taking away guns. Germans should know that, it's in their history

  18. I think the USA should do all the same gun laws as Germany! I LOVE Germany’s gun laws, very reasonable! I don’t like that you can’t just shoot guns on your property but I can get over that, but I’m sick of shootings and you don’t need automatic guns, or things like ars or aks, stuff that can have a high rate of fire on simi

  19. Wait you can carry a crossbow in public? What, as an American I am now jealous of Germany. That shit is nutty. I mean we can carry swords and firearms, crossbows are a no go though.

  20. This all sounds very similar to the Netherlands, except that air rifles are (still, will probably change sometime) unrestricted here in terms of caliber or muzzle energy. This means that there exist crazy 500-1000+ joule airguns on the market. You can get those freely if you're over 18.

    Except for airsoft, that's a replica of a real firearm so it requires licensing, even though they're limited to 3,5j.

    The knife laws are very different. Some knifes that are legal in Germany would be illegal here. On the other hand, some knifes that are no problem to carry in public here are illegal in Germany.

  21. Of course you can have a gun in Germany. It's easy. You just apply for a license to take the certified classes and earn your certification, then you apply for a permit to get a license. Once you have your license you can go to a license center for your background check and get your license certification to verify you are eligible. Now you can apply for a permit. Once you have your permit you can purchase a firearm from a certified dealer, and register for the firearms license. You need a certified license dealer to verify your permit for a certified gun safe to store your licensed firearms, of course depending on which type of permit you have…

  22. Yeh. They just have to kowtow to the government beg them.
    I mean provide them a reason why they "need" it. Which as you know is very subjective.

    The German system of gun control is among the most stringent in Europe. It restricts the acquisition, possession, and carrying of firearms to those with a creditable need for a weapon

  23. I got a license to carry and my clock 19 when I was 17 and bought my ar-15 when I was 18. You literally walk in to a store and it takes 10mins tops to buy a gun…

  24. As an American, watches him pull out hk mp5. Me wondering, is this how people in other countries feel when watching Americans with their guns on YouTube?

  25. The problem in Europe is not have legal guns, it's use them for self defence! Because of the "cucks" socialists feminists and very empathetic goverments we don't have the right to use force against a aggressor and sometimes the victim have to choose or go to prison or die.

  26. I don’t know if this video is cool or more scary.

    Man you had that barrel close to your face and a couple hang guns pointed directly at your face several times. Even if they are unloaded there is a rule all gun owners follow globally.

    Anyhow, cool video. 👍

  27. German gun laws are very restrictive and oppressive! I’m starting to think we Americans might need to go back and liberate Germany again!

  28. Most gun owners *overkill gun safety *

    German dude cocks and dry fires multiple weapons without confirming firearm is unloaded


  29. Americans: god i wish i wasnt restricted from getting this full auto aks-74u
    Swahili man: OoGa bONgaGozna sWai swai OnG pliP SOck

  30. u can't shoot at human like targets on the range, u can't move and shoot, u can't practice tactical shooting. its kinda meh honestly.

  31. 6 million private gun owners in Germany…. Those are rookie numbers, you gotta bump that shit up! USA-393 million guns in the hands of the American people. 120.5 guns per 100 residents… We literally have more guns than people… Merica.

  32. Lets just say I live in a FREE STATE. what I didn't hear is that you can carry. P.S I don't tell anyone how many guns I have.

  33. The big question is: why don't we have american problems? Why has noone this kill counts?
    Because we don't associate guns with safety. That's why.
    Most people just don't want a gun here.

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