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  1. It should be made clear that if one practices Karate should not try to be a hero in the streets because its no good.
    If you want to fight in the streets you need to learn street fighting like JKD or Wing Chun and similar ways of fighting.

  2. Any martial arts can be used in the street, it just requires street smarts.
    Many people freeze up during an actual fight, because they panic and don't know what to do, and it's a new experience for them. They're no rules, no limitations, and the after-effects are scary. Which cause many martial artist to panic.

    But Karate can be used for such fights, just requires street smarts.

  3. dude mma is mixed martial arts, which means multiple martial arts, like jiu jitsu,kickboxing,KARATE and more

  4. I can't help feeling that karate would be more fun if it was always contact. I train judo and aiki-jujutsu and I find the full contact thing helps me in getting the technique better for real life situations

  5. I do Shaolin Kempo which has Karate in it. It's Kung fu, Karate and Jujitsu mixed. We do contact, idk what the heck this guy is saying that there's "no need". Idk if he means you don't HAVE to spar if you don't want to, or if you WILL NOT spar and that sparring is not needed to become a better fighter. In SK we have different kinds of students, some wanna be fighters,some wanna just be healthy etc So maybe he means if you're on a spritual journey and like 57 you won't get beat up or anything lol

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