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Camp Camp: Season 2, Episode 3 – Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak | Rooster Teeth

August 9, 2019

Nerris: That’s a 17 against your AC for *tiny gasp* 20 points of damage! GET REKT MR.WAFFLES! Max: Hey! Nerris! Nerris: Who dare approaches the dwelling of Nerris the- Max: Cut the act; We need some dice. Nerris: Do not speak to the lady of this castle in such a way. Be gone. Max: *sigh* Man, how are we gonna run our underground craps ring without dice? Nikki: Heeey! You said we were gonna play Monopoly! Neil: Haven’t you ever watched Game of Thrones? You’re doing this all wrong. Fair Lady, Nerris the Cute! Sorceress of the Camp of Campbell! Please, we seek an audience to ask a favor of you. Nerris: The good lady is listening. Max: Really? You couldn’t just be a science nerd? What, were you not getting bullied enough? Nikki: Even I want to give you a wedgie right now, Neil. Neil: All we require are some of the good lady’s dice… Which we will return once our… quest is complete. Harrison: Why not ask *me* for some dice? Nerris: It’s because they don’t need you, Harrison. They want my enchanted dice. Max: Actually we’ll take whatever we can get. Preferably, we wouldn’t be talking to either of you. Harrison: You can have some dice, or some rice, or some mice, or some lice, or so- Max: We’ll just take the dice, thanks. Harrison: Okay! Oh, wait. Ugh, I had this working earlier. COME ON YOU STUPID DICE! *Stomp* Oh no, my anger has manifested! Neil: Get to a doorframe! Nikki: Woo! Do it again! Gwen: Is everyone alright?! Check for your earthquake buddy! Check for your earthquake buddy! Max: The hell was that? Gwen: I believe it was volcanic activity from Sleepy Peak Peak. It’s an old volcano that used to be pretty active. Back when it was called Wide-Awake Peak. Max: God this place sucks at naming things. Max: God this place sucks at naming things. Nikki: How do you know so much about it Gwen? Neil: Yeah? I thought you had a *snicker* liberal arts degree. *Regretful sigh* Gwen: Associate’s degree. Associate’s degree. Max: Oh, that is so tragic. QM: The dark forces have awoken within the mountain. Nerris: DaRk fOrCeS? Nerris: DarK fOrCeS? QM: It is time to rebalance the Magic sealing the Evil. Rebalance the Magic Scene Evil Magic are you talking about? Harrison: Magic!? Neil: What are you talking about, it’s just an active volcano. Gwen: Not this again. Look, Quartermaster. There is no prophecy– QM: The Prophecy decrees that one with a magical spirit will quell the evil sleeping within the volcano after they finish the quest of destiny. *Door kick* Nerris: Did you say quests?! I love quests! Harrison: Maybe I’m the Magic spirit of Destiny. *Scoff* Nerris: Your destiny is performing magic tricks in the streets of Las Vegas, Harrison. I’m *clearly* the one destined to fight off the dark forces. Nikki: Guess there’s only one way to find out. Let’s get questing! Harrison: Let’s do it. Neil: I’ve always wanted to see a volcano up close. Nerris: What do you say heroes? Let’s save the world! Heroes: Yeah! Harrison: You coming too, Max? Max: Still got those dice? Harrison: Yep! Max: Nope. ♪OOOOOOOOOOOOO♪ ♪ There’s a place I know
that’s tucked away, ♪ ♪ A place where you and I can stay. ♪ ♪ Where we can go to laugh and play, ♪ ♪ and have adventures every day! ♪ ♪ I know it sounds hard to believe,
but guys and gals it’s true! ♪ ♪ Camp Campbell is the place
for me and you! ♪ ♪ We’ll swim through lakes
and climb up trees, ♪ ♪ catch fish, bugs, bears,
and honeybees! ♪ ♪ There’s endless possibilities, ♪ ♪ AND NO THAT’S NOT HYPERBOLE! ♪ ♪ Our motto’s Campe Diem and that means I’m telling you… ♪ ♪We’ve got archery, hiking,
search and rescue, biking horseback, training that’ll
save you from a heart attack, ♪ ♪ scuba diving, miming,
keeping up with rhyming, ♪ ♪ football, limbo, science,
stunting, pre-calc, spaceships,
treasure hunting, bomb defusal, no refusal, ♪ ♪ fantasies, circus trapeze, and fights and ghosts and paints and snakes and knives and chess and dance and weights — ♪ ♪ It’s Camp Camp! ♪♪ Nerris: Now, since we are questing, we need to assign a class to each party member. Nikki: Ooh! Ooh! I want to be the warrior! AlaAlAALlLaALAlLalA! Harrison: I will be the mage! Narris: *scoff* Don’t be silly Harrison. I’m the mage. I have a plus eight proficiency bonus and spell casting you can’t possibly hope to keep up with. You could be the dwarf. Because they’re dumb and ugly just like your face. Harrison: Aw, yeah, that one hurt. But my mom says I’ll grow into my looks. Nerris: And that will make Neil our alchemist! Neil: An alchemist!? The crazy Mavericks who laid the foundation of our very understanding of science? That sounds… pretty cool actually. Nerris: Then our party is set! All we have to now is get to that mountain! (Mountain Shaking) Neil: Woah! We better hurry! Nikki: Right! Let’s get a move on! Nerris: Wait! This is the beginning of the Forbidden Sacred Secret Dark Elven woods. Neil: That’s a lot of adjectives. Nerris: Let me just do a quick arcana check. *Rolls 3* Oh, there’s definitely some arcana around here. Harrison: You’re probably just picking up me. *Swoosh* Nikki: What was that? *Twitch twitch* Nerris: My elf ears can sense a dark presence approaching. Neil, get your potions ready! Neil: Oh, man. You are really putting me on the spot here! Nikki: Come at me giant beast! Rawr! Neil: It’s just a squirrel? Nerris: No… It’s the Secret Sacred Dark Elves! Harrison: Hail and well-met, squirrels! Nikki: It’s okay guys, I’ll talk to them. Squeak, Chip-Chip, squeak. Squirrel: ? Well that all worked out! Heroes: *Screaming* Nerris: Use Harrison as a dwarven shield! Neil! Neil: Oh God! It’s chirping menacingly at me! Nerris: I’ll save you, Neil! I cast….. MAGIC MISSILE!!!!! Anyone else want a twenty-sided ass kicking? Neil: Wow Nerris, that was actually pretty cool! Harrison: Big deal, so you threw a bunch of dice at some animals. Kind of a dick move to be honest. Nerris: We should get moving. They’ll be back, and in greater numbers. Nikki: The quest continues! *Stock transition music* *Phew* Nerris: We should take shelter in these mines. Harrison: I don’t want to go in there. It’s dark and scary! Neil: Uhh, Yeah, I’m not sure we want to be in there when this volcano erupts. Nerris: It’s not going to erupt because I’M going stop it! This is a level one cave at best. There aren’t even a fire-breathing dragons or even a dang-old goblin! Neil: Am I the only one perturbed by the copious amount of dead canaries? Nikki: The Heroes who have fallen before us. Don’t worry, your sacrifices will not be in vain! Harrison: How are we supposed to reach the top of the mountain from in here? Oh. Well, I guess that will work. Heroes: GAH! Neil: It fucking better! Uhh…. Nikki: I don’t think that’s good. Neil: It’s not working! Nerris: I can’t use a levitation charm! I need a long rest to restore my spell slot! Harrison: I’ll handle this! I saw this on TV. LEVITATE! Nikki: Woo! Yea! That was so cool, Harrison! Nerris: Yeah….Whatever! Nerris: By Merlin’s beard! Neil: Woah! Okay…..Well saw the volcano! Think it’s time we head back! Harrison: No! I must stop the dark forces within the mountain! Nerris: You mean I must stop the dark forces within the mountain! Nikki: Come to think of it, I don’t see any dark forces. What are we supposed to do? *Thonk* Nerris: Let me try something. Wa khalalo welolosh suno no levo la. Helhun deikhenesh lu lebulu vaha derevu. Barukhata hanai vamorekhu melekhaulau DARK FORCES BEGONE!!!! Nikki: Did something…happen? Neil: Uhh….Guys!? I think I’m blind! Nerris: Blindness? I was trying to cast a spell of kindness. Oh! I see! Harrison: Oh, Nerris. That attempt was as adorable as it was useless. Guess it’s my turn! Stand back and prepare to be dazzled! Neil: Seriously, this could affect the rest of my life! Nerris: What are you gonna do Harrison? Pull a rabbit out of the volcano? (DOUBLE ROASTED) Harrison: I’m going to make the volcano… disappear! It’s a little bigger than what I’m used to dealing with, but that should be no problem! Neil: What’s bigger!? What’s going on!? Nikki: SHH! Let him work. I gotta see how he does it! Harrison: Now you see it! Now you don’t! Nikki: WOW! Nerris: Lame. Harrison: Now I’ll just repeat the process until the mountain is gone. TADA! Nikki: Ooo! Nerris: You’ve angered the mountain, Harrison! Gosh, you suck. Harrison: I do not suck! You’re the sucking one! Neil: YOU BOTH SUCK! (TRIPLE ROAST) Nerris: There’s only one true Magic Kid, and it’s ME. Harrison: You wanna prove it four-eyes!? (Fucking comeback of the century) How about a…. MAGIC DUEL!? Nerris: I accept! Let’s roll for initiative! *Ominous music* Neil: Guys? Maybe we should just take care of the active volcano first! Nerris: Shut up Neil! Nikki: *Casually pops popcorn* Oh! This gonna be gooood! Neil are you seeing this? (Oof) Neil: I’M GOING TO HIT YOU NIKKI!! *What* Nerris: AH! Harrison: AH! *yells* Nikki: Hey look, it’s that- SQUIRREL! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Nerris: Give it up, Harrison! Harrison: Never! Nikki: WAAAA! AAAHH!! GAH! Guys! Help! The Dark Forces are going to consume me! Harrison: I get it now. Nerris! The Dark Forces were in us the entire time! Nerris: Are you saying we have to put aside our differences to save the day? Together!? Harrison: Yes! Was that not obvious? Nerris: I’m just making sure, let’s go! Both: NIKKI! Nikki: Noooooooooooo! Harrison: Oh man! Well, guess we were a little late. Nerris: Yeah… Maybe we should have gotten this sorted out earlier. Nikki: IT BUUUURRRRNNNSSS!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Max: What the hell are you idiots doing? Nikki: Um… Saving the world? Max: I’m trying to win all of Nurf’s bullying money! Can you keep it down? David: What in the name of fun is going on here!? Nikki, that was supposed to be tomorrow’s pudding! QM: And it will continue to be tomorrow’s pudding. Nerris: Sorry David. We must have gotten carried away with our quest. Everyone: Woah! QM: Wait, did you children not restore balance to the Dark Forces inside the Mountain? Harrison: Uh….no? Neil: Yea. We didn’t think you were serious about that. We’re just kids after all. *Sound of Sleepy Peak Peak erupting* QM: Hmm…End times. *Playing: “The Bard’s Tales” by Richie Branson*

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  1. You guys don't think Harrison's real name is Bill Cipher, do you? Because he looks a lot like him in a human version.

  2. Unpopular opinion: Nerris is a underrated character and should be more on the series

  3. Neil: it鈥檚 cherping Menacingly! entire jjba fanbase: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You cannot convince me that this episode isn鈥檛 based off of The Adventure Zone. Hail and well met, friend.

  5. Harrison should've been the wizard and Nerris the sorcerer, Nikki the barbarian, and neil the cleric or warlock

  6. I'm sorry but when Neil asked if they've ever seen game of thrones I thought it would be the red wedding all over again

  7. The fact that Nerris and Harrison got Jeolous when Neil said that it was cool when Nerris hurts the squirrels and Nerris got jeolous when Harrison impressed Nikki i see some Neilson and Nikkeris here

  8. Why nobody is talking about how badass was that DnD reference? In a episode as a total.

    And Nerris is the best girl

  9. Lol Nerria chanted this prayer, “
    讘专讜讱 讗转讛 讬讛讜讛 讗诇讜讛讬谞讜 诪诇讱 讛注讜诇诐 讗讜 驻砖讜讟 讛讘讞讜专 砖讬爪专 讗转 讛住讚专讛 讛讝讗转“ And it translates to “Blessed are you the Lord our God of the world or just the guy who created this series“

  10. 鈥渢u puedes ser el enano porque son tontos y feos al igual que t煤鈥. No mames yo recordando a Kili del hobbit y era toda una belleza 馃槑

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