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January 24, 2020

Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today we’re gonna be doing something a little
bit weird. I’ve been playing the game Tofu Hunter, it’s
a Flash Game on the computer, and I thought, “Okay, I’m gonna have to make like…camo-cupcakes
for this, it’s so cool!” I want to do something hunting-themed and
there are so many hunting games out there. I played Oregon Trail growing up and there
was a hunting part of that and there’s Duck Hunt, and there’s Deer Hunter, so today we
are gonna be making Deer Hunter Camo Cupcakes! Let’s get started! The things you will need will be a white box
cake- If you don’t have a box-cake, just use your favorite white-cake recipe, whatever
one you like! This recipe calls for 4 eggs, and we’re just
gonna be using the egg-whites, and then 1 1/4 Cup of water, a 1/3 Cup of vegetable oil and some chocolate-melts-
Yum, yum, yum! You also need some plastic baggies, if you
don’t have these fancy ones, that’s okay you can just use a regular Ziploc Bag. And you’ll need 4 food coloring dyes: Black,
green, brown and ivory for our camo colors, a cupcake tray and little paper-liners-
I’m using brown ones. And you’ll need a big mixing bowl and you
can either use a stand-mixer or an electric mixer, or your hand! All right, let’s put it all together! You’re gonna pooooooour in your cake-mix into
the bowl, just make sure it’s a white-cake cuz we’re gonna dye the batter different colors. You’re gonna add your water… Ooooooopp! Add the oil… Now the eggs…. bewp, bewn….bewp! Now we’re gonna add our 4 egg-whites. Nuuuurrrrooooop! And then we’re gonna mix it up until everything
is combined, it takes about 2 minutes on a medium speed. Boo-bup! Boo-bup! Boo-doop! Boo-dup! Hahaheha! *snorts* Haha…I snapped my neck! Once your batter’s all mixed up, we’re gonna
pour it into 4 bowls evenly, and then we’re gonna dye it the 4 different camo-colors. Sooo I’m just gonna eyeball it, doesn’t have
to be perfect… Oh god my arm! My arm! Huhh, hehhh! Uhhh…it’s heavy! It’s so heavy! Aaaah….ahhh! Biceps! Ahhh…uhhhhhhhh….. Now that we’ve got the batter separated into
our 4 bowls, you’re just gonna take a few drops of food coloring dye and put ’em into
each bowl until it’s the color you want! We just finished dying all of our batter the
different camo-colors and now we’re gonna take your plastic baggies and we’re gonna
fill ’em up! I’m just sticking ’em into a cup and then
you fold the sides down so they look like this… makes it easy to transfer. Then you’re just gonna pick up a batter, pour
it into the baggie… …take the little elastic “hair-jobber”…tie
it on tight… …and then you’re gonna do this to all of
them! Once you got your batter into your little
baggies, individual baggies, what we’re gonna do- This might get a little messy so I put
down a plate with a paper towel on it, and we’ve got our cupcake trays ready to
go. You’re just gonna snip the tip, a reeeeally
small one at the end of each one, and you’re just gonna make little camouflage dots all
over. We’re gonna put oooone, twoooooo, three… Then you’re gonna just keep alternating your
different colored batter, putting them in between and keep filling your cupcake trays
until they’re about 2/3 full! Once you got your cupcake trays filled, they
should look a little bit like this… Look at that! Super camo, they look so cool! You’re gonna give it a little tap on the table, to let our batter sit and then you’re gonna
heat your oven to 350 and we’re gonna bake our cupcakes for 18 minutes! While our cupcakes are baking, we’re gonna make our deer decorations out of our melting-chocolates! You can heat these up on the stove or in the
microwave, whatever you’d like, and you’re just gonna put it into a little baggie, and I’ve got a Number 2 tip here at the
end. And then heeere I’ve got a cookie sheet,
a piece of wax-paper, and this little deer-head template! I made this in Photoshop. I just found a little
deer icon on the Internet and then I made this template. I’ll put a link down below if you wanna use
the same template that I made. And then you’re just gonna stick it here
onto the cookie sheet, tape it down with a little bit of tape. Then, take your wax-paper, put it on top and
tape it down. Now you’re just gonna trace your little deer
designs with your melted chocolate. Take your time, and it’s okay if you mess up!
Doesn’t have to be perfect…just resembling a deer head! Once you got your chocolate deers all ready,
we’re gonna stick these in the freezer for 10 minutes to let them set… …and while they are in the freezer, we are
gonna be making some camo-swirl frosting for our cupcakes! Now we are gonna make camo-swirl frosting
and what you’re gonna do is take buttercream frosting and dye it the same colors that we
made the batter. So I’ve dyed the buttercream green, black… …brown…and this kinda beige color… And I’ve put them in 4 individual bags because
we are gonna be putting them together into a jumbo bag! I’ve seen this done before, this is my first
time… This is like when you go to McDonald’s and
you get a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream… Umm… Only we’re gonna swirl four colors, instead
of the two. So we’ve got this big, jumbo plastic bag and
the tip at the end is just like a tooth-jagged star tip, I don’t know the name of it. And I’ve put a piece of tape at the bottom
covering it so that when I put the frosting in, it won’t come out of the bottom. So I’m just gonna stick it in here- I found
a big vase, so just use anything around the kitchen that you have, then what we’re gonna
do is take a pair of scissors… …and snip the tip of each bag. You can re-use the bags from the last one,
that’s fine too! And you’re gonna…hold ’em like this… …put ’em in there together and squeeeeze
out the colors! Okay, that got really messy, but I got all
of the frosting in the bag and it’s OK if it’s not perfect… It’s camo! It can blend. And so I’m gonna set this aside. Here are our cupcakes, they just finished
baking! Make sure they’ve had plenty of time to cool
before you frost them, you don’t want your frosting to melt! And…look how cool they look! Now we’re just gonna make a swirl of frosting
on the top of each of them. Now you’re gonna take your chocolate deer
heads out of the freezer, stick ’em on top in the frosting and we’re allll done! Ta-daaaa! Here are The Deer Hunter Cupcakes we made! They turned out so good! I’ll put a link in the description to that
silly Flash Game that I’ve been playing, “Tofu Hunter” if you guys are interested in checking
it out! I really like these camo-cupcakes because
you can theme them for all sorts of video games from hunting to army-games like “Call
Of Duty”- They’re really good for birthday parties. I hope you guys liked it! If you have any other suggestions for any
other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know! Leave me a comment down below and I’ll do
my best to make it happen! Alsooooo, I’ll post lots of pictures of these
little Deer Hunter Cupcakes on my Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, if you guys
make these camo-cupcakes, please send me a picture! I love re-posting them and re-blogging them,
I get a big kick out of seeing your baking creations, just makes my day! All right, thanks again you guys, buhr-byeee! Chick-chick….powwwww! Hey! We’re ready, come get it! Neeer-nah neeeer-neee! Neee-nah neee-neee!
Neee-nah-neeee neeee! Ohmurrready comeuhget-it….neee-nah neerrr-nerrrr,
nearrrrr-nee nearr-nearrr… Hahahaha- I’m sorry….

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  1. wow
    awesome junior

  2. nice show i have never seen but she has well done rosanna pansino cakes are very intrested she has done comouflage deer hunter that is impossible to do the comouflage deer hunter cake she has said its ims that i made comouflage deer hunter cupcakes i really enjoy making neardy themed goodies and decorating them im not a pro i love baking as a hobby please let me know what kind of treat you like me to make next

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  4. Hey Ro, you probably won't read this, but maybe could you make something Slime Rancher themed? Maybe slime jello or something!

  5. I know this video is over 3 years old, but is there anyway you can recover the deer hunter template you used for the toppings? I'm making these cakes for a special friend of mine and these would be perfect.

  6. I want to make these cupcakes, complete with the chocolate deer on top, but can not get access to the template. I get an "Access Denied" reply when I try. Would it be possible for you to re-post this, or make it accessible?

  7. Ugh its frustrating when she does stuff like this where theres some sort of design or something under the decorations and she doesnt cut into what she made so we can see how it turned out!!! I really wanted to see how these cupcakes looked inside!! Please please please start cutting into your creations Ro!!!

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