Calling Coyotes in Close and Shooting Them At Long Range
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Calling Coyotes in Close and Shooting Them At Long Range

August 10, 2019

(dramatic music) – Hello, I’m Jon Collins. Welcome to Flextone’s Tooth and Claw. On this episode, I got my bags packed, I’m grabbing my Plano gun case, and I’m headed to Wyoming. I’m gonna be meeting
up with my brother Phil and good friend Colton Gillam to do a little coyote huntin’. Now what’s going on here is
you’re actually joining in on our third set of the morning. Our first two stands, we called
coyotes in and killed ’em. But with a little cameraJon
rust and some miscommunication, we didn’t do a very good job gettin’ these coyotes killed on film. Let’s go ahead and jump
right in to our third stand and get right to the action. (upbeat action music) (loud yelping)
(upbeat music) (coyote barks) Coyote right here, right
here, right here to your left. Right here, right here.
(Coyote yelps) (Coyote barks) (Jon barks) (Jon hollers) (upbeat music) (Jon mumbles) (Gun cracks) Yes. (Jon mumbles)
(Coyote yelps) Another coyote right here to the left. Right there, Colton, to your left. – Right there on the hill. Phil see it?
– Got it. – [Jon] He’s got him. (Jon mumbles)
Yep. (upbeat music) (Gun cracks) Well, we got a pretty good stand here. We had the coyotes howling
as soon as we came in. We got set up here and
had a coyote come over. And he come up here within,
man it ain’t 50 yards, and we never could get ’em to stop and he boogered on us and seen us. There on top the hill me and
Colton blowed simultaneously, double tapped him on the run up there. Then we kept calling. Then a few minutes later
had another coyote come up and Colton hammered him and we’re gonna go up there
and see if we can’t find ’em. That one on the run is probably… It’s 197 yards on the run
is pretty good shooting. Here he is. Good shooting, Colton. – [Colton] Good job, Jon. (upbeat music) He’s a nice dog. – [Jon] Oh he’s pretty ain’t he. – [Colton] Oh yeah. Male. (upbeat music) Good looking coyote. – Man we’re having a blast coyote hunting here in Wyoming with Colton Gillam. That makes our third stand in the mornin’. We’re 100%. So far we’ve caught up
coyotes on every stand. And called this coyote in, and bout the seven or eight minute mark, and we had him actually
bout 50 or 60 steps and tried to get him to
stop and he wouldn’t stop, and ended up boogerin’ out on us. And me and Colton shot
on him simultaneously, did a good double tap
on him, got him down. But we kept callin’, we had
coyotes howling in the distance. Ended up calling a second coyote up and Colton got a shot off on him, but we thought he hit him at first, come up here and couldn’t find him, reviewed the footage
and it was a clean miss. But we sure are pumped to get this coyote. Thanks for all the good huntin’ Colton. – Yeah, you bet Jon. (upbeat music) – I had an absolute blast
huntin’ with Colton that morning. We called in eight coyotes
on our first three stands. And it’s hard to beat a
good mornin’ of callin’ and bein’ able to share
it with a good friend. Thanks for joinin’ us on
Flextone’s Tooth and Claw. (dramatic music)

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  1. I've watched John on all these hunts using that little "lean back chair" with the legs .  I gotta have one of them ,but cant find em ! Been to Cabelas , Academy and Gander Mountain with no luck ! Anyone know what kind of chair that is and how I can get one ?

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