CALL OF DUTY: WW2 (Elders React: Gaming)

September 26, 2019

– It’s too real.
It’s too real. – Hide behind cover.
Now what? I haven’t the vaguest idea
what I’m doing. – ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Oh God,
Call of Duty. – Gonna kill a lot of people
or try to. Probably don’t kill anybody.
I get killed. – (FBE) So, this is the newest
installment in the annual shooter series Call of Duty.
Now, this time it is returning to its roots.
It’s going back to the setting of the European front
of World War II. – Should be nice.
Should be an interesting difference from some
of the other ones. – At 85, I wouldn’t be drafted,
so this might be a little difficult for me. – I was living in South America
at the time, ’cause we escaped from Europe
and I remember Roosevelt died. – My dad fought in World War II.
He was in the Philippines then was shot.
I think anything that helps people learn what it really
might be like to even the smallest degree how
awful war might be is a good thing. – (FBE) You’re gonna be playing
the first section of the game’s campaign or story mode.
– Good. I’m sure the other people
will be happy. – Give me some guns.
I’m ready to rock and roll. – Oh dear.
Okay. – This D-Day?
Is that what it’s supposed to be? – Come on, come on.
Let’s quit dillydallying here. – How they keep going–
how a soldier keeps going in a wave like that
when everyone in front of them is getting shot down,
it’s… – Is it really what happened
and real thoughts? Probably so.
But it glorifies it too much. – Whoops.
What am I supposed to– am I supposed to
be doing something? This shook. – Ahh!
Ooh, ooh. – Taking fire. – Stay low.
There’s a lot of fire coming by us.
We’re taking some heat. – Oh, there’s one on fi–
oh, okay, okay. Oh, oh, oh.
Where are we? – So far it’s more like
a war movie than anything else. – All right, we’re in the water. – (soldier) Get your head down
and keep moving! – Let’s go, let’s go. – Do I have to–
oh, I have to go forward. – Oops, did I do something
wrong already? – (soldier) Take your bangalore
and get to the seawall. – Lost the star. – Oww.
Goww! – Can’t see any place to
light up on. – Am I shooting people
or what am I doing? “You’re hurt, get to cover.”
How do I get to cov– whoops. – Goes all over the place.
Got hurt again. This is crazy. – Where’s cover?
Oh, here, back here. – “Press to sprint.”
Who am I following? I have no idea. – Can’t get to cover.
Not doing too good here. – “Reach the seawall.”
Take the– yeah, oh!
Man. – Okay, okay.
Is that the seawall? No, that’s a tank. – Oops, I’m getting hurt
constantly. – We get a crossfire here.
We’re getting murdered. Oh my gosh. – How close do you have
to be for a grenade? Oh, I can’t look
at all this shit. I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t call dead bodies that. – Hide behind cover.
Now what? I haven’t the vaguest idea
what I’m doing. – Are those American boys?
How do we get them? Come on. – It’s too real.
It’s too real. – Fire, fire, fire.
Move, move, move. – Okay, hit the wall there. – (soldier) Daniels, use the banger.
I’ll cover you. – Got hit so many times
I need a blood transfusion now. – What are we gonna do,
run up the hill? No, we’re gonna–
oh, it’s a bazooka! – Come on, put it together.
Put it together. – Line up the marker
onto the target circle. Oh, I see.
In here? – (soldier) Fire in the hole. – That was a missile I sent? – Okay, they broke the wall.
Now they gotta climb to get up those bluffs. – Come on, let’s get them Nazis!
Oh, oh! – Can’t line this thing up.
Okay, I think I got one. I got this. – They need offshore batteries.
They get that– oh, they got some of them.
Get ’em! – Guess I got one, right?
You’re hurt, get to cover. I’m mostly constantly
being hurt. – Hit again.
Take me a while to get used to this. – Oh, oh, oh.
It’s so intense! – Okay, we’ve covered the
first day, yeah. – I wish it was that easy
for all these soldiers. – (laughs)
Did I get one? Am I just lying down?
“You were killed by a grenade.” Oh dear. – Somebody down there.
Wow, got hit again. – Fire!
Need some backup. Think some guys–
there’s only two of them in there now. – “You were killed by a grenade.”
That’s not fair! – Very good. – Uh oh, uh oh.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. – It looks as realistic
as most of the war movies I’ve seen, but how realistic are those? – Oh, I think I hit a US guy.
I’m sorry, guy. – (soldier) I need you and Zussman
to take point and clear those bunkers.
Go! – I’m damn sure gonna try. – (FBE) And that is actually
where we’re gonna stop playing for the day.
– Good. (laughs) – (laughs)
So frustrating. – Interesting game.
Glad it’s a game and not real. – It’s more realistic.
It doesn’t beautify it, the battle, like some
of the old movies did. Made me more aware of
what it could really, really be like. – I loved Cuphead
and I loved Grand Theft Auto, but those I knew were games.
This was a chance for me to do something I never did
and defend our country against the Nazis, you know.
I know that sounds silly, but it was very realistic for me
and maybe I did better because I had a goal
that meant something. – Thanks for watching us play
Call of Duty on the React Channel. – We want you to Subscribe. – Goodbye. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. What do you think?
Was this the glorious return of Call of Duty?
Is it back to form or is it just more of the same?
I wanna know. Tell me down in the comments.
I might disagree with you, but we’ll find out!

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