CALL OF DUTY: Advanced Warfare (Elders React: Gaming)

September 13, 2019

Call of Duty. My son will play this everyday, every night I’ve never played one of these I’m feeling a little nervous and exited. This is my first, um, online combat Eliminate the enemy team. People online also playing this? Oh Jeez So then you, people be all ticked off at you I wonder what my grandson’s name is on here That’s me? Boy, I look good! He needs a moustache. I’m ready to do business. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Okay I’m ready It’s raining. Ooh *Shivers* It’s cold. wha! I died! Yeah! Trying to control where I’m going. It don’t make sense *laughing* I don’t know what I am doing? This is a lot out of control here. I need about nineteen hours to figure out how to keep my gun up What happen when I pull this *surprised* Ooh Oowh This is pretty cool, man. I want to shoot at anything that moves. Try that! (Finebros) Is that moving, Rock? (Rock) Noo (imitates Scarface) Say hello to my little friend! This is the aimer? *Shoots* Oh! No, that’s the shooter. Okay. Oh, it’s a grenade! Oh, just blow everybody up and see if anything happens I don’t know which guy I am This is not for me, a book (?) is my speed ah! Oh, you come back to live. You think I’m dead but I shall rise again! Who is the bad guy? *laughing* That you mama Ow, I think I shot one of my guys. Ow, I get ’em (Finebros) The kill cam is actually video of the last death. It shows you how you died. That’s not you playing. *Laughs wholeheartedly* Ow, I’m Bill, I’m the sixty-three years old trying to figure out how to make the controler Somebody stuck me in here *Points at screen* Is that a bad guy or the blue guys are us, right? I think it would better if they made them more obvious Why am I shooting them?Why is nothing happening? Why won’t these people die? (Finebros) Catherine, you’re shooting at your teammate! Well, I don’t know who they are. How am I supposed to know my teammate! Jeez. Okay. I, I shot that guy You’re an idiot because I don’t really care about this stuff! *Bleep! Where are you,man? Ow *bleep*! They killed me again. Ow wo *bleep* Goddammit! I can’t be that lame, man.*Bleep* I know I, oops.Okay Did I die again? *Sighs* I’m tired of dying. Defeat! Okay, am I done? Did I kill anybody? (Finebros answers) Nope.She chuckles All I got was a thousand points, right? *Chuckles* *more laughter* Give me another chance? Ow, we’re starting again? Ow, God Acropolis café, though that’s Greece. I’ve been to Greece and Santorini’s the place where (I can’t understand what he’s saying) and it looks like this and its café, it’s an island, one of the Greek isles and it’s very beautiful. Aw *dies in game* I can not figue this out. My hands are not coordinating with my eyes Driving me crazy, now I’ve got to kill at least one person I,oh, wow.Did I get him? oh, wow, he got me or I got him, I wasn’t sure I’m a nice person. I just wanne f*bleep* him! *excited* I killed someone! Yeah, I think I got, killed one. *Excited* Yea! I finally killed someone.Oh. Yeeeee I shot someone, finally It’s about time well Take care! Was great playing with you! Thank you so much! *Laughs* I am One a while I hear a guy saying that I’m an idiot! I AM a democrat! That’s true. Yeah, it was great. Wow, adrenaline rush! I think kids who spend money on this *chuckles* it’s a waste. I think it’s too violent. I don’t think kids should be playing this.I wish they wouldn’t have it but they love it I can see how people can play it for like a long time, trying to figure out how to do it. I have two masters degrees, wouldn’t help me with this at all I was getting killed too many times to worry about shoting anybody else I think I should have played Call of Duty: Basic Warfare. Perhaps I would have been better I’m not very good at ’em, but I just love it.Maybe for Christmas, maybe I’ll buy myself like a little game console. All love and peace and joy and I’ll be sitting there like ‘kill ’em!, kill them!”

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