Cabela’s Light Weight Colorphase Gloves Product Review- Hunting Gear Review
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Cabela’s Light Weight Colorphase Gloves Product Review- Hunting Gear Review

August 21, 2019

cabelas light weight colorphase gants gloves product review lightweight hunting gloves hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just went hunting with my cabela’s light weight color phase gloves one of these gloves has been in the freezer to show you that is one of the features of these cabelas lightweight color phase hunting gloves I cannot notice the gloves change color that is not the main reason I bought the cabelas gloves the gloves are soft sturdy flexible light weight durable have velcro around the wrist and are silent except for the velcro I think they are a mid weight glove rather than light weight I wanted gloves that are going to give me a bit of warmth and allowed flexibility they are quiet you can easily grip things when you are hunting move your hands around suede cloth palm fingers tips are stretchy along the sides of the fingers they have the color change fabric I like the pattern on the gloves so I didn’t mind that they don’t seem to change color the gloves have a full elastic band around the wrist to hold the glove securely keep out the wind and then the velcro strap that opens nice and wide so you can easily slip your hand in and out of the gloves one of the biggest problems when you are out hunting in the cold is you can’t get your gloves on and off or the gloves are too thick you can’t use your hands or too thin and you get stickers these gloves solve all of those problems thick enough to protect your hands thin enough to be able to use your hands flexible and easy to get on and off these gloves are just what I wanted combating all the problems of find ing the right hunting gloves I like the cabelas gloves I can maneuver a bullet with the gloves on and I can manage the knobs on my camera grip small things they are stretchy comfy warm block the wind for fall hunting if you are looking for a pair of lightweight comfy gloves look for the cabelas light weight color phase gloves they were only $20 made in sri lanka learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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