BwC S1E2 – Zaheer Khan | Chef Zak likes it spicy!

September 10, 2019

On field he was an
aggressive fast bowler But off the field, he’s always
been a gentle gentleman Today I’m catching up with the
man known as ‘Zak’… …with a special, friendly appearance… …from his neighbour and fellow
fast bowler, Ajit Agarkar We talk about cheesecakes,
coffee, the World Cup… …and of course Ashish Nehra Over breakfast that he’s
cooking for me Do you know what you’re doing? For you to cut the bread, ya That’s not fair, after inviting me over
you’re making me work I’m known for that – For calling people and making them work?
– Yeah – So I need to cut this bread?
– Viru says…. …once we were returning from a party and
I called them over to my place Viru refused saying that I
would make them work “Can I have the ice?”
“Yeah, go get it” But do you seriously make your
breakfast everyday, or is this… – No, everyday
– Just showing off for today – Not at all
– “Look at me I am such a homemaker!” It isn’t about being a homemaker,
this is what I enjoy What is this destruction? Please use less oil It’s not oil, it’s pure butter,
it’s good – Whoa!
– Happy? Perfect Who out of the team is the best cook? I know Yuvraj Singh is definitely
not a good cook – He can cook up stories
– Yeah, that’s what But breakfast and all, he cannot
even make eggs ya! Okay, lets go! Okay, looks like were all set! Get some for me also,
I’ll eat like an Englishman too… …do you think I’m some barbarian?
That I’ll use my hands to eat! Close the door So you obviously like your
food spicy, huh? I asked you before I added chilli How much chilli would you like? I love chilli – Means I can add more
– Surely I love spicy Yeah I also …like spicy When you go playing… …was there any, did you, what did you
stop yourself from eating? Well, I have weakness for
desserts and stuff… …so I would kind of restrict
myself and I would… …well I would not restrict myself,
I would treat myself with dessert So I would, I would have like,
set milestones… Like for every 4 wickets a cake You can have a cheesecake today! You deserve it And what if you get hit for 70 runs
from your 10 overs? Then two cheesecakes For the pain Today wasn’t a good day,
you deserve it You know one thing that I noticed when you retired,
the sort of the messages… …Twitter campaign, the social media.
It was so overwhelming I think it was, was it #ThankYouZak,
was the hashtag? Yeah You’ve been a good servant of the game
and for India, for 14-15 years Yeah it was, I mean you know its… …I think that’s what you look for and… …saying goodbye to the game is… …probably the toughest decision
any athlete has to make But once you make that decision and you get all
this appreciation from everyone and support It just, it definitely overwhelms you I was very happy and same like you know… …that day when I took that decision and
announced it to the world it was like a load off It just kind of came to me and when it happened,
it was like a process and I was very happy I was very happy to look back at my career… share memories with friends, you know… …everyone who had gone and spoken to were
talking about all the fond memories So it was all good. Yeah, it was a good ride A fast bowler and injuries have an inseparable
relationship, don’t they? There was no exposure See I started playing when I was 18 So, you know everything from
there was a challenge Because before that I used to think that you know,
running two laps of the ground is training So, that was my exposure to training Two laps and one cheesecake.
That’s today’s training I went to Pace Foundation, the guy goes to me,
“Okay guys lets warm up… …two laps of the ground”
– “I was like, really this used to be my training” He’s saying that for warm-up! So… …since the exposure to training, my actually
consistency, pace went up Always had that basic pace, like you know,
I must be bowling at 132-135 (kmph) But after that training I was
suddenly clocking 90 miles So, you know, I was bowling 144-145 (kmph) And it was just through sheer training So I was weighing 62 kgs when I
went to Pace Foundation… …6 months of training I was weighing 83 – All muscle?
– Yeah So it was just through proper training and stuff,
and that kind of you know… …supplemented to what
I was doing on the field… …which is you know coming,
running in and bowling fast It’s always tough for bowlers, you know I love that line – As simple as that
– That should be the line of the show… …”It’s always tough for bowlers” But having said that you
have to stay on top of it I mean there are things which you
don’t have any control over… …you cannot change it 2003 World Cup that happened… There was 2003 and there was
2011 World Cup Obviously one we won, and the
other we felt we should have won Yeah, it was you know I mean, and the whole
journey of the World Cup was brilliant I’ve had a great World Cup apart from those
two overs which I bowled in the finals But it was a great learning
experience like you know… …I just felt that, that experience kind of
helped me, in 2011… …preparing for the 2011 World Cup final Which was actually much
more pressure… …because we’re playing in front of
the home crowd But was it, do you say that that’s the greatest
moment of your entire career? Winning the World Cup at
Wankhede in front of 50,000 people? Of course it was brilliant.
The whole atmosphere was amazing As we were batting in the
2nd innings you know… …the whole stadium was singing
Vande Mataram That was like giving goosebumps to you,
the whole, you know… …everyone wanted us to win that
World Cup so badly The best memory of that I have is
next morning actually… …Ashish Nehra and his wife Rushma
you know their kid was also there… …Arush, and we had all the newspapers
lying in my room And the World Cup trophy was in my room
and Arush also came in the room… …we clicked pictures with them and stuff
you know it was… – He was quite young then?
– Yeah, very young How many cheesecakes did you
have after the World Cup? The next day must have been a feast! I’ll tell you, we’ve just had 3 eggs each, right? That morning I had 25 eggs in my room,
thanks to Ashish Nehra Is there a, is there a… He ordered breakfast in
the morning… …for 25 people, in my room And those people left… …they were sleepy, they went and slept It’s, all is lying in your room All that was there in my room
were eggs and… And the World Cup trophy And lots of newspapers Is there a bigger character that you’ve
played with than Nehra Ji? Nehra Ji is Nehra Ji, no one
can replace Nehra Ji He’s a unique character
and a great friend to have When I saw Arush for the first time, I said,
“Your son is really cute” So he said, “Yes, just like his father” I said “No, not like his father at all,
but like his mother… …okay, so please let it be”
– Oh, he is adorable – Should we get some coffee?
– Yeah Let’s get some coffee This machine is my lifeline
at home So when we run out of coffee,
the tension at home starts rising Because my wife and me
both get on edge Then I have to order double espressos and
keep them in the fridge I told you now you get this in India also.
These are different ones Local stuff! – Is that the doorbell?
– Yeah Is that your friendly neighbourhood, Ajit? Roll it, roll it, leave that aside just roll
otherwise he’ll come in He’s here Oh! We missed the moment! – We missed the moment!
– Was I supposed to do something? So you have to do us one favour… …you have to pick up your bag, and
your juice and enter again – Again? With the juice?
– Yeah, enter with the juice So he’ll say that you first go to the
kitchen and then come here These are really small cups – Oh hello!
– Cheers boys! Come on It’s a small golf bag, no! He first goes into the kitchen
and then comes here – That’s a good thing, right? Hows it going?
– All good – Good to see you, good to see you
– How was the breakfast? Breakfast was… good – Good! Edible? Edible?
– Butter… Butter laden I’ll show you a picture of… I was telling him that pure butter
is very healthy to eat Not that much You’re okay It’s like, “Pure butter is very healthy,
here have 10 spoons of it!” So does this happen very often, does he… Of course he’s my neighbour So its like an uninvited guest Either he is here or I’m there then But, I would presume you are here more
considering this is a bachelor pad Now this is where its a different thing Actually he doesn’t move out of his house But why, sir? Haven’t you gotten used to it? You’ve been
married for some time now! I mean, aren’t you allowed to
move out of your house or what? He starts with, “I’ll come there, and it
ends at, chuck it, you come here” Because sometimes I’ve landed from outside and
he’s like, “No no, you come to my house” See the… thing is that he is the
lazier of the two of us So, I’m just trying to get him
to move out of his house – You’re doing this for him?
– Yeah I had breakfast with Michael Holding,
he’s damn funny, man He kept saying that… I said,
“Have you gone to see the cricket?” He said, “Where is it happening?”
I said, “The IPL” He said, “Oh I thought you
were talking about cricket” So Mikey was here, I met him for
dinner last year, Sambit’s house So he’s… Link Road he told him… …take a turn at Link Road So he was at the Sea Link when
he called Sambit and said… “Sambit, he is saying there’s no building here.” So Sambit said, “Another hour you
have to travel” “Mercy!” So he was, I said, “Mikey you’re here for
T20 man, finally!” “No, I’m here for a holiday,
I’m here to see my wife” These West-Indians I remember, ya.
You know those vague memories Micheal Holding running in,
or Andy Roberts I think Michael Holdings run-up
you can never forget… …if you see him just bowl one delivery
also, you’ll remember that guy… …he has that kind of approach
to the crease When you guys were playing together,
we were just talking right now… It was just, what a dressing room! On one side there was the brat-pack of… …Ashu, Yuvi, Bhajji, Viru And on the other side you had Dada,
Anil, Sachin, all those people… …so it was a great mix! Yeah, there were a few guys who kept
the dressing room lively Who was the naughtiest? We didn’t have a lot of naughtiness in the Indian dressing room, we had more joking around I think it was Harbhajan who
was the funniest Yuvi came a little later. Ashish Nehra just
kept loitering around here and there If you look at Ashu, he has the
gait of a carefree elephant He walks around callously, crushing
anyone who comes in his way Yeah, he will go there and
pass a comment… …and then pass a comment in another
corner of the dressing room Then he’ll come here and start joking Then he’ll do his stretching then he
will put his feet in an ice-bucket So that was Nehra around
the dressing room I think for a cricket fan… …while you know everybody enjoys
watching fours and sixes being hit… …I mean except the bowlers, everybody
enjoys fours and sixes being hit You’re in the wrong house.
Talking to the wrong people Except the two of you. But I really,
like you see a morning session… …the ball doing something, helping
the bowler and you see… I love it when a bowler sets a
batsman up, that for me is still… …do you think I’m like an
old-school cricket fan then? – Definitely
– Right?! Any person who understands cricket… …will want to see some contest…
– Yeah At least in shorter formats it will be loaded
more in the favour of the batsmen But you want a little bit of a contest
where bowler has some chance Nowadays, basically they get
half-a-tree in the form of bats… …the bats are that thick these days
– Half-a-tree! I mean they are beautiful bats
these days… …so you don’t need to be a really
powerful guy to hit it a long way… …most guys these days hit sixes for fun For me one of my favourite answers,
I’ve got to any question is… …I asked Sachin, “Who’s the bowler
that you didn’t like facing at all?” And you know… I don’t know if you
guys know this answer – Hansie Cronje
– Hansie Cronje Of course we know the answer You know the answer right,
you’ve played so you know…. But he tells afterwards, he says, “Whoever was
batting with me I used to say… …I’ll handle Donald, you handle
Hansie Cronje” He said, “The non-striker or my
partner used to think I’m crazy!” Sometimes the most harmless-looking,
can mess with you the most – That sometimes tells you he’s human
– That’s also true. Do you guys miss it? Do you like
miss the India cap… …the Indian dressing room? Well at least I miss being in
the dressing room… …not India, any dressing room you know
there’s banter, theres fun around – Cameraderie
– Yeah I don’t really miss running in 20 yards and
bowling and looking at the ball sail-over “Oh how far is it, 80 metres! Oh!… …this one’s 100 metres long,
no so that’s that… No, bowling I think I’ve had my fill Towards the end of your careers do
you one day just wake up… …and realise that your mind is writing cheques
that your body can’t cash anymore? – Yeah, yeah It is actually like that. Yeah, it comes to you,
it comes to you that… it’s time You were telling me, no, what your
mother said when you retired… or when you chose to retire.
Tell me that story, that’s… She was saying, “You’ve played
enough now, time to stop” Yeah like you know, it’s been a good
journey that’s what she was saying The journey was beautiful
and things like that Yeah, if you play further you’ll suffer Exactly. That’s something
she witnessed herself… …that I was suffering
– You shouldn’t suffer during the journey She said, “You’re as it is suffering,
now let it be” And if you look at it, we’ve been fortunate
enough to play as long as we did You know, I mean as a bowler… …you could easily break your back in the
first year and never play again Or, you know, hurt your knee seriously or
shoulder injury and its difficult… And in sub-continental conditions
that’s a very bright possibility… …of happening “Want to bowl fast? Yeah, go for it” “Where is he now? He’s broken too!” Excellent! I think we’ve got…
– Cheers! …lots of stuff, now we’re
just being greedy Man, this is unbelievable.
Missed call from Jad (Jadeja) Really? What are the odds? Like I’ve not heard
from him in like months Tell him that you’re working
on a new show

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