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August 30, 2019

So These last few Days Have Been Really Really Full Firstly I [rented] [out] A Five-Star Hotel in London, okay Now this bathroom is probably more expensive than my entire house I went in the spa Then i came over here and rented another fancy hotel Oh Now We’re Gonna gain some awesome Stuff in Today’s vlog and it’s going to be so Exciting but you’re Gonna Have to Wait and see what We go to guys it’s going to be good leave a like if You’re more Daily Vlogs Subscribe to my Channel if You’re New to help me hit 2 Million Guys let’s do This So Guys Good Morning how are Y’all doing, we’re Just Leaving the Hotel right Mm-Hmm Alex mate tell em whats up whats happening Okay so someones delivered a car outside Excited – Yeah and They Said Have Left the key under Water I don’t know I think I could See, you, I were going to show you Guys in Three Two one Okay, it’s not on your Tire Aquarium Darling Hold on [oh] Basically I think Suggestions Just, do right now again the Cars go she Was doing steering’s go let’s go let’s not See [like] if You Just like Give [it] back After A few Years, oh? Wow you got to put the Seat belt on Guys Lasik Surgery oh Yah, ha ha y’all my mum’s Honda [Civics] got Nothing on this Bro, oh my God Amg gTS Mercedes I do D really I’m Ready yeah I’m Totally Ready I feel so powerful [I] think I’m going what 15 Miles an Hour Not too Shabby I could be Pretty good my mom’s Honda Civic you Can Definitely put a fight with Us So I’m in the Coffee Shop with Lois who happens to be a pretty big Follower of Mine and Literally he’s Been Naming like my Videos from ages Ago so Worlds when did You first Buy my channel, [ah] That’s cool, Bro, that’s cool I presume, ah yeah so Guys We went to Coffee Shop right now? [Basically] we’re On the way to a Meet-Up like a meet and greet so as you know Alex Is getting A car Up and on The Second day Which is Obviously Today Alex Organized A Little Meet-And-Greet Just Around this like Area Where Perry might [I’ve] Never Been before I don’t think you have Either And Yeah I came Along Obviously and Now it’s kind of I could join Me in Greeting our Bare Minds I’ve Literally done one Tweet about it so if you Missed This I’m sorry I will to do some Bigger Memories in the future but This Is like A really Small local One However Quietly People between me Saying They’re Gonna Be Coming so so it should be A good Time and Alex is [Gonna] [Forget] his new car Is gone well There it Rock so it is cool it’s gonna be it’s gonna be good I think Guys I may be able to sit in A ferrari so you know Just stay tuned Guys Stay tuned Figure craig’s Back More Just Coming Almost, oh my God Oh the dyes which are, oh? Rosco [Fulfilling] Feel How soft it is oh. Gee it’s like, oh, wow it’s a pretty a pretty decent Car Over There it’s not too Bad about that [so] [guys] Basically as you know We’ve got all This Ferrari right here Like I think it’s like A 400 Grand car Absolutely Mental yet what I’m going to do I’ve Had this prank so i’ve Had it in my mind For the Past like Two Days and what I want to do Guys Base I’m going to Facetime my dad I literally Just climb out Of Facetime Like a Month Ago so we’ll know I do it and I’m going to Facetime [them] and Basically I’m going to try and Convince it we now Own this [car] me and him, let’s try And do is let’s just give This mother [Willy] answer [might] [be] dull and Stuffy Although Based on Sales Facetime Fails gone Down Danny listen I’m a dropping Message and asked about this So, we’re in Alex’s Mini right now Basically dis Or in Like A few Moments [and] Finish you Off and That will be Literally Over will You be getting [Ready] That’s Going to be [Described] as Literally one Three Ideas and Thereby I think of a hundred Fifty to play it’s Crazy [that’s] Going to Rise and then, we’re Gonna Have a really cool me Angrier you ready yeah let’s do it let’s do it Probably Yeah man I’m Bored again We’re not 40 yet When that dream Seemed all played out Maybe hit the bench [yeah], [We] got both of Us in it yeah? Good Night very Quickly Guys Half [Six] Still Going Strong Still Those People in it’s been A really good, day it’s been A good Day We’ve got Cars all Around? I do want to prank my dad With charm Frank Massage in Like A few Minutes with This Let’s Just kind of Kind of chill now I got A god Is some sort of Triangle yes So going strong so guys it’s Time for the prank, okay Basically Here’s A lot of a room for a while Gonna Try and do now you guys know my dad Is hard to prank I’ve Tried Before and What I’m Basically going to do Is I’m Gonna Strangle With this for orange like They’re Basically one Thinking Is i’m going to literally I’m going to try and like Get him To believe me that I’ve Actually Bought this and I’m going to Say that I’ve Bought it using His Name so [that] He’ll Actually Get a little bit excited [too] Is to get me so i’m Gonna Just I don’t really I’m not Prepared for This I don’t know what I’m Gonna Say I’m Gonna Facetime him and I’m Just going to try and Convince Them that Basically I Bought the car Guys is it going to Work Who knows but I’m going to get the Facetime Or and I’m Just going [to] face I’m a dad Guys Let’s try This Me my sounds, Literally like Never [Facetime] that’s the only Thing I’m Thinking might be a little bit Awkward Hey, how’s it going how’s it going Yeah Facetime yeah so basically Are in Traffic right so just hear Me out okay hear me out Looks Like you’re Going [to] have to do so this place I’m at Right Now You know what it Is and then do A lot [Later] in and sell them on right Just Like A Dealership yeah and I’ll be sure Look at this Look at this this is a ferrari right you See They’re Basically Offered This A Really Really [Good] Price like Really Really Good Deals Where it’s like a Monthly Thing and Basically Obviously Because I’m 15 I’ve Been Thinking About it for a while I Like I’ve gave your Name so like Technically We both Kind of Own it you Own it? So lord so this is Basically like it will be your car This Shirts On it will be Insane [no] on my weaknesses [board] assurance don’t Scare Ferrari Yeah But These know his Price Notice Genuinely it’s a really good in it’s a really good deal Because Obviously We just have to do and Think of it Into the Videos, We can [mate] with This? Think of The Videos I Can Make one [Yeah] but Look, what [dad] Does? God [Love] what dude Look this can be Yours all I needed some agreement Yeah Just sell your Car’s not very Good Anyway. [I] don’t care if You Boy Yeah, well Come on come on? I can be Yours It Is But Move a woman’s Name instead deal, oh, no, oh God There You go, well Gosh ring, oh? Yeah dad I Anyway Though I mean it’s a prank but Still please you get some nice Video Footage Well done got to go bye, oh? Whoa Guys Mental Stuff Anyway, yeah my, dad will not be Going Ferrari [any] [Time] Soon and you know. I won’t either but? Hopefully One day Hopefully One day yeah I’m just going to Walk Around the Cars Just to Make this Clip more Exciting but yeah Guys This Basically wraps Up a really, awesome day Obviously Testing out all These Cars with Alex [if] you Want me to do more Videos with Alex doing Different stuff like This They Remember to leave a like Down Below and also Check out His blog to See his Perspective of the day when I’m Actually Walking Around weimer Walker right now? We’re Going to train Station and I’ve got to have I got to get on A free [our] train Guys free Freaking our Train facts To Sheffield Like [Concannon] [Are] Happy About This right Guys I know you’ve Probably got Quite A lot of Questions right now Why is more Just Randomly Teleport from The event to some Mysterious? Vehicle in The Dark Basically Guys That’s A bit About four Hours Since I actually last One Wisely happen is Obviously the [meet] [Always] Coming to an end when you last, saw the Clips We finished the Meetup and Then what I did Is I went Into London but Obviously I needed to go back to There to get My Train Home but why Did I went out Fernando’s and Ended up missing my train so Long story Short I had to get A New Team Which Took Me to Doncaster Which is about A 40 Minute drive from Sheffield [Although] Frickin that I just [go] [just] Best you’ll pick me Up And yeah There you go Guy by the way it’s Really Dark I don’t even See, Me but yeah it’s been A very Hectic Day I’ll talk [to] you more when we’ve Actually got some Freaking lines right so I’m Bike Home right Now I’m at my dad Haven’t Been Here for a While I actually felt like it’s Been Quite A while Since I’ve Been Here but Yesterday’s Been Friggin Hectic my Italian wool Quick Room Full of the day right like I woke up literally Woke Up straight out the Hotel Room will agree it Outside Hotel Room by the Freaking Mercedes Went straight to A cafe where I had to go and get my Video up Straight After That when to do the me Or Did the With The Ferrari and Everything then Back Into London must be free our Train back [Home] Jonas Liaise has Been A Freaking Mental Day Honestly like for me I’m very Tired Right Now But Yeah I really we’ve Enjoyed This one Guys it’s been A really Completely Different one To usual I don’t really Do Like Cars and stuff but I am get Into my Cars I’m getting to my Cars it’s been Something I’ve Kind of Never Really put too much Interest Into When I was A? Little bit Younger But I’m Obviously getting A Little More interested Into it Now and I hope you guys are Into Cars but the Updation Sinking of Ferrari Mercedes All that Stuff I really Enjoyed Remember to smash [like] if you Enjoyed Guys and This Is kind of Serious if You Walked up to this point if You Could – Listen Firm it I really Would Appreciate [This] Now That I’ve Been doing [These] Vlogs for about A week i’ll have a little bit more I just want your guys With Honest Opinions on how You Think is Really going you Enjoying Them Because This last Week for me I’ve Actually only been at home one of the Days it’s been so hectic [i] mean you [Had] so Many Different things so I’m Really, Really, I’m Trying to Make These Folders Entertain as I can’t do in my Different Shopping I was in London and Herefords Then and Then What for Today like and [I’m] trying my best Guys it Would Really Help me if You could tell me how The Vols Are going How Can Improve and Just what you think of them Guys and Really load meal awesome Also Remember to subscribe If You’re New Because I’m so close To 2 Million subscribers [and] as you could subscribe it Would Really Really Help me out Be sure [to] Check out all my social Medias Twitter snapchat Instagram I might merch Which Is in the Description below all the stuff you’ll need for that and Guys as Always as? Involves You Guys Been Awesome and I’ll see you in my next Video Please, oh If you Enjoyed this Video then Remember to subscribe to Mugsy’s Channel and don’t forget to leave a like if you have A big Penis [haha] [Thanks] for Watching Inside out

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  2. Morgz your videos make my days I love watching you , it's entertaining to me I watch your videos everyday when they are up and you just posted them it would be a big honor to meet you

  3. please let me win the i phone give away ive subscribed liked every day for the last year and i really nead a new phone so please pick mee 😂😁😀😁😂😀🤡🤠🤑🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞


  4. i like how the bmw 850 csi in the backround is way more expensive than the ferrari 458 italia and the merc amg gt s, yet no one cares about it lol

  5. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuùuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmorgz.

  6. I have one thing to say.
    You and people like you put shame on Ferrari brand.
    Buying cars for status as simbols is exact reason Enzo never wanted to sell street cars.

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