Butt-Testing a $400 Beanbag Chair | You Have To See This
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Butt-Testing a $400 Beanbag Chair | You Have To See This

August 24, 2019

– Just sit in the middle of it and– – Right. There is almost like a little dent– – There’s a little dent. – that I feel like I can aim for. – I’ll help you.
– Okay. – I’ll help you.
– Okay. – I’ll be able to help. – There’s no making this into
a gif if it doesn’t work out. It’s pretty comfortable. (upbeat music) All right, so this is the Moon Pod. – The Moon Pod. – It just debuted on Kickstarter and it looks like a humanoid
beanbag chair to me. – Yes, perfect. It started with the gravity blanket. It sort of chills you out, calms you down, and yeah, a lot of people really love it. – [Host] So it was a huge
success and this was next up. – So I wanted to find something where I could work,
relax and watch Netflix, and then take a nap, and that sort of started to bring me down this beanbag route, and I couldn’t find anything
that I really liked. – I feel like beanbag chairs,
in theory, are amazing, but nobody really loves them long term. Like everybody buys them,
they sit on ’em on day one, and then they end up in the corner. – Yeh, they’re not,
someone missed the market. – How many hours do you think you’ve sat in versions of this seat, chair, bed. – I had a like a live workplace
that I was working out of, and there was literally no furniture other than all of my beanbag samples. So for the past year, it’s
actually the only thing that I’ve sat in. – And ou didn’t walk in
bent over or anything, so that’s a good sign. – Yeah. (laughs) – All right. Oh wow, it actually does work. – Yeah, so this is chair position. – Chair, I have it shaped right. – Yes,and then you can
just lean all the way back. And then that’s what I
would call reclining. – Yeah, see, to me this is laptop, and now we’re in Snapchat mode. Like Instagram mode, good selfie angles. – [Guest] I call it Netflix mode. – [Host] Netflix Mode. (laughs) – If you wanna try to
push all the way back, so go up a little bit
so it catches your neck. – And you’re just chillin’ out now. – That’s the nap pod. You’re in the nap pod. – I’m in a nap pod?
– Yeah. – The idea that this is a
gradient piece of furniture is really interesting to me, that it has three main modes
that are kind of obvious, but the idea that you can
actually automatically shape it… How much does this cost? – We’re gonna end up
retailing it around 399. – Yeah, I don’t know what mode this is. I kinda dig this mode. I think I invented a fourth mode. With gravity and everything, you know, you guys came out with some
health claims at first, they were challenged, I know you changed the marketing and some of the verbiage
around them a bit. This one is going full force with a lot of the same
claims though, right? That it addresses anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, you’re really leaning into that then? – Yeah, I think it’s a little bit of both. With gravity, I’m not a scientist, we weren’t scientists, we were really just talking to a bunch of physical therapists, people that work with patients like autism and PTSD patients, and all of them say they
use this as a method to treat those things. You know, at the end of the day I don’t think we’re
leaning on these claims as much as the real claim,
that I will make forever, is that these things
make me feel incredible. – Oh, okay. – [Male] Yup. – So-so… Ah, okay. I do wish it was longer. I wish it came to the bend in my knees. – So this is good for me. This is, I could definitely
see myself working. – [Male] Ohhh. – And this is more
comfortable with my laptop than I thought it would be, like right off the bat. Yeah, it’s comfortable. It supports your whole back because there’s just beads all around it. This is like the person position
for me burning two hours just looking through amazon and ordering crap I shouldn’t be. So I’ve only sat in this
chair for about five minutes, but I really like it. I really like this as
a piece of furniture. I could totally see buying one. But what puts me off a little bit is just the marketing of it. That they go so far into saying it could help alleviate something like your anxiety, or even PTSD, ADHD. For me, I’d just rather them say, “Look, it’s a super awesome,
comfortable, flexible chair “that will support your lower back”. You know what I mean? That’s enough. That, to me, is totally enough. I mean, how awesome is that? I know this looks stupid, by the way, and I should sit up, but
it’s pretty comfortable.

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  1. On a serious note the medical claims are off-putting, however; it seems like a viable option for someone with lower back pain, which is why I'll definitely give it a try.

  2. I can hear the sound it makes when the guy sits in it, it sounds exactly like it’s full of styrofoam like a regular beanbag. Lol $400. What hucksters.

  3. Please don't buy. This is a fake. They will show you $4.91 but charge you $53.24. They are making false payments and fraud with their customers. Don't buy.

  4. In a no pet, no child, 1 person household: the zipper broke when putting the cover on as directed, and the inner bag seam broke within three months making the harder pellets spread under the spandex becoming very uncomfortable and sharp. Basically if you pay 300$ for a moron pod, you are paying 100$ a month for a crappy beanbag. Truth!

  5. Industrial design at it's best, which means pure bulls"it, simple stuff with a lot of vain words backing it up, and the price! Wow

  6. Ps. Gravity blanket sucks. Mine went in the trash after all the sand balled up in the corner. This guys inventions are pretty mediocre. Luckily for him, people are sheep.

    Ask Apple…

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