BUNKAI | The Practical Application of Karate Kata — Jesse Enkamp
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BUNKAI | The Practical Application of Karate Kata — Jesse Enkamp

November 20, 2019

What is kata? To some people it looks like a dance. To me – it’s a fight. You see, the original purpose of kata was never to punch and kick in thin air, but to apply those techniques against an aggressive attacker in self-defense. This is what we call bunkai – the practical application of kata. Because, if you don’t know the meaning of the movements, you might as well be dancing. Forget the form – find the function.

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  1. damn i love your videos, even more your blog, u do such a great work for karate in its global meaning jesse-san, keep up with it, you are doing GREAT!!
    (hidden seishin logo in the end uhu? i am so friggin' functional i'm totally immune to (not so)hidden advertising ha-ha)

  2. And that's the reason i got my copy of Bubishi last week. It's awesome ! Thank you very much Jesse-san for letting us view our mountain from yours

  3. A brilliant video again sensei
    I m also a karate nerd please make a video on bunkai of a kata
    Some commonly known kata as i m a brown belt only in shotokan

  4. there are a lot of moves in TKD forms that doesn't make much sense.
    Most of the moves in karate katas always made sense.

  5. This is correct. What else is the purpose of a kata? It contains what it does for a reason. These techniques are valuable at the very least in teaching you principles and showing you what's possible.
    Kata and applications should be inseparable.

  6. Thanks for making such a great Karata/Martial arts vlog. I''m also trying to get the bunkai aspect into TKD on our school, sadly bunkai has pretty much disappeared from most TKD federations.

  7. Kata is easily one of my favourite parts of training. If I had to pick just one element of my training that I could only do it would have to be kata. It's just got everything: strength, technique, focus, balance, controls – it's amazing!

  8. Jesse-san, you seem to fall under the unfortunate category of Karateka that misinterprets the literal translation of the word 'Bunkai' for application. Bunkai actually means 'analysis' or 'disassembly'.

    And before anyone out there comments on how he never outright states the meaning of the word 'Bunkai' in the video, I've seen his other videos and even read some of his articles and he still mistranslates 'Bunkai' for application

  9. Do you think someone could figure out bunkai on there own,ive practicing karate for a few months and the sensei has never said anything about bunkai? Im worried that maybe he doesnt know.

  10. if it can't be used then it is only a dance, which is ok too if one just wants exercise. and unless the function can be extracted how does one know if they are doing it correctly?

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