Building the Ultimate Sleeper Gaming PC
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Building the Ultimate Sleeper Gaming PC

October 6, 2019

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today, we’re building the
ultimate sleeper gaming PC, and it’s all thanks to
our friends at Intel for sponsoring this madness. The rules are very simple. We have today, which right
now it is 10:40 a.m., to build an entire sleeper gaming PC. And what does that mean? Well first of all, we
want to find the oldest, the most beige retro-looking
chassis we can, and load it up with some
properly high-end stuff. We’re talking a ninth gen
core i7, high-end graphics, Optane memory, the entire deal. The main idea here is that we have to have an overkill gaming PC that looks like it’s something from 1999, right? I don’t want from the outside– There’s no RGB, there’s no huge exhausts, or anything like that. This should look like some
old Windows XP system, but inside it can handle all
the latest games, editing, whatever we want to actually throw at it. We may want to go for an ITX supply, but until we find the case I
don’t wanna commit to that, because ITX supplies are more expensive than generally not. Yeah, well actually this one’s not so bad. So we’ve got– Oh, it’s got wifi built-in,
as well as we can– Oh, does it have Optane though? It does support Optane, okay, excellent. Let’s go ITX. I’ve got the smallest cooler I can find. Lets get our core i7
and lets get our Optane. I’m just afraid that 1050’s
not gonna be enough power. We need this to be awesome,
but it’s so hard to pick. Unless we were able to find
a properly big, old case. If we do, I don’t think
it’ll be a problem, but I’m just so nervous. I don’t wanna commit to something. I want it as small as possible. What if we get a low-profile card, and that’s our backup, but we
try to put the RTX 2080 TI in. – [Ken] Yeah. – So, that was mostly successful. The main thing I’m worried about right now is that we still don’t have a case. There were a couple in
there that looked okay, but for the most part, they
all looked way too modern. The star of the show here though
is definitely the i7 9700K. It’s a ninth generation Intel processor. It is a full eight core chip, and on top of that, it is over clockable. Now, depending on the case
and everything else we choose, I’m not so sure how much we
can actually over clock it. But the whole idea here is
that I wanna have a system which looks old and retro
and lame on the outside, but can handle the latest games, video editing, streaming, whatever. Now we just have to find the case, and actually build it. Hey how’s it going? I’ve got
a little bit of a weird one. I’m looking for an older system, preferably one of the old beige towers. I’m mostly just needing it for the case, it doesn’t actually have to be working. Would you happen to
have anything like that? Is this gonna be a problem? Do you think we’re
actually gonna have a real hard time finding these old systems? ‘Cause he’s right, most people just recycle them at this point. – Yeah, I mean, no one really wants them. – You wouldn’t happen to have any older desktop towers, preferably
something beige? Dude, its one o’clock. We need to have time to get back to the office, and build this. If we don’t get something in
the next hour, we’re screwed. There’s no way. – We’ll be right over then. Alright, talk to you later. No problem. – Okay, that sounded promising. – So, I told him what we needed. He’s just gonna give us the case. It might have some parts in it, but I think he might just give us one with just the case, nothing else. – Oh, that’s perfect.
– Yeah. – Success. So Ken pulled this one out. We were able to find a computer shop, with what I think is the perfect case. So it’s nicely beige. Up front you can see it’s got
originally an Intel Celeron, got the old school power
button, even got a CD drive. Now we just have to
actually build this thing. But this, I mean look at this. Imagine walking up, seeing this system, and inside you’ve got a
full 2080 TI, a core i7. Ah, man, I really did not think we were gonna pull this one out. I really thought that we had bitten off more than we could chew. And so with that we
have everything we need to build the ultimate over
kill sleeper gaming PC, which is a little bit of a mouth full. But now that I have a
super cool wardrobe change, I think I’m ready. Come on,
how can I not wear this? It literally just showed up. Microsoft sent over a
windows, ugly sweater. So I really don’t know
how old the system is. If I was to take a guess, I
would say probably early 2000’s, but the important thing is, is that it has essentially everything we
need, or at least I hope so. As sad as it is to say,
I think it’s time to pull the motherboard out and
upgrade it with something just a little bit more modern. The first thing we can
remove is our modem, which I don’t think we’ll be needing any dial-up anytime soon. So with that, we have our motherboard. Damn, things have come a long way. Oh, front panel. This is gonna look
hilarious with a 2080 TI. This old system, and our i7 on
this tiny little motherboard. That looks a little interesting, but we will make it work. The important thing is that it does mount up to our current spots. Look at that. Is this actually going to work? Did I decide not to do a terrible idea? So, with our processor installed, our cooler on here, our
Intel Optane memory, as well as our RAM. We’re ready to see if this actually fits, although it should be fine. So with that, a big chunk of our build is actually already ready. We have the motherboard, the core i7, pretty much everything we
need for the main components. Now we need to figure out how
to put in our graphics card, our hard drive, our power supply. This is not a crazy,
high-end unit or anything, but it should give us enough power, and importantly, it is semi-modular, which should be helpful because cables might be a little
tricky in this case. All right, three power supply screws should be enough to keep that in place. I do see a problem in that the back doesn’t quite match the front, but as soon as we put the side panel on, I don’t think anyone
will be able to notice. Excellent, all right. Now, we’ve made some progress. So that looks pretty close,
we still need to install the hard drive, but I actually
think it’s safe to say now, this is going to work. Now, where are we going to put this? I believe that’s a 3.5″ drive bay. Oh, yeah. No problem, right like that. So with this, the ultimate sleeper PC, hopefully is ready to go. Fingers crossed. Oh, oh. ‘kay, I see fans spinning,
graphics card spinning, it’s making noises. ‘kay. Not a great sign. We’ll be right back after a quick BIOS update of our motherboard. (mellow house music) So, after a little bit of updating, and downloading, and installing, the ultimate sleeper PC lives. And I can’t tell you how
happy I am with this build. I mean, just look at it. I will admit, I may have slightly misplaced the core i7 sticker. So to run you guys through the build, inside we’ve got proper components. We’ve got that core i7
9700k, full eight cores over clockable, the whole deal. We also have an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI, and that’s all inside this chassis, which will be a little bit of a surprise for most people, I expect. Oh, yeah. So we even got the case speaker to work. So, it’s wired up to the motherboard here, so if you ever have a problem
with your super cool PC, you’ll get some helpful beeps,
just like 2001 intended. The crazy part of this build is that everything works exactly
like you would expect. The power button works,
that speaker works, the LEDs work for the hard drive. I mean the only thing that we don’t have fully up and running is the CD drive, because I don’t have an
adapter to make it work. But I mean, I’m really
surprised what we were able to find in just a few hours, and actually make it work. The fact that we’re getting
this kind of performance out of a PC that looks
like this, is awesome. I mean, look, we’re maxing
out our 1080P monitor at 185 frames per second, and that’s full ultra settings and everything. It’s so smooth. I love the idea that we were able to build something that from the
outside looks so old-school, and so retro but on the inside, has all the power to game, all
the power to stream. We can video edit, I
mean, there’s literally almost nothing we can’t do with this PC. It has the power for pretty much anything we throw at it, but the looks from straight out of 2001 (laughs) Ah! No. So that my friends, is the
ultimate sleeper gaming PC. We’ve got all the
performance and all the nice conveniences of a modern system, but as soon as we slide the side panel on from the outside, no one needs to know this is not a windows XP 2001 gaming box that has been sitting in someone’s grandma’s basement for 20 years. Anyway, huge shout-out
to Intel for sponsoring this crazy project. If you guys want, check out the core i7, or some of the other parts
I included in this build. The links will be in the description. – [Ken] Hey Austin,
will you put that 92 millimeter fan that you didn’t add
in in the description? – Cooling’s important, kids.

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