Building the Ultimate Gaming Setup

September 18, 2019

Hey guys, this is Austin, and this is The Ultimate Gaming Setup 2.0. So, big shout out to LG
for sponsoring this video and letting us build this awesome setup. The star of the show is
the new SJ9 Sound Bar. I end up using sound
bars a lot, not only for my personal setup, but here in the office. The big reason for that
is that while my full surround sound system
sounds nice, I don’t know. I’m always a little bit
nervous about like, annoying my neighbors about stuff,
whereas with a sound bar, I actually feel a lot better
about being able to just crank the volume and not
have to worry about it. This is a lot bigger than
stuff I usually unbox. We’ve got the remote, and the sound bar. So Ken measured this and
the sound bar should be pretty much the exact
width of not only the TV, but the stand. After looking at this
giant box, I was expecting the sound bar to be bigger. What’s cool about this,
is it actually has some top firing speakers for Atmos support. I’m not totally sure how well this space is going to work with Atmos. The idea is that to get
a little bit more of a surround sound feel, and not only is it sending sound at you, but it’s also bouncing
sound off of the ceiling, which in theory should
give you a much more surround sound. This is actually a lot
thinner than I thought it was going to be. So, (laughs) will it actually fit? Looks like it’s gonna be close. Oh! All right, you know what? Props to Ken, this actually
fits literally perfectly. It actually touches both
edges, but it doesn’t go over. That’s actually pretty cool. We also have in the middle
of this, a subwoofer, which is not small. All right, so that whole
thing about not being able to annoy the neighbors. I take it back. All right. So I may have slightly
misjudged how big this was. It still should fit with the setup though. So, we’re actually gonna be
doing some interesting stuff beyond just the sound
part of our gaming setup. So Ken has spent the last
couple days building this. So essentially it’s a way of
getting the TV off the table and actually floating. So not only does that
mean that we have plenty of clearance for our
speaker, but because of this cool design of having
a couple pieces of wood here with the mount, we
can actually also just move the TV easily. So the setup is actually
starting to come together, but we have a lot of
work to do, as you might be able to tell. So, montage time! (electronic music) So after a frantic afternoon
of work, we have the setup, and it actually looks pretty good. So, there’s a lot going on here. But to start, we actually have the TV. Paired with the SJ9 Sound
Bar is a 55 inch LG E6 TV. So not only is this OLED, but
it also supports 4K and HDR. Almost more important
than resolution though, is that OLED display. Seriously, a good OLED
TV looks so, so good. Completely puts everything else to shame. But, paired with the
SJ9 I’m excited to see, more importantly hear,
what it sounds like. – Hey guys, it’s Austin. My voice might be gone, but what isn’t is the MacBook Air. Why does this still exist in 2017? – All right, that actually
sounds pretty good. So the SJ9, not only are
we getting that subwoofer, which is way, way bigger
than I had thought, but we also have the speakers
inside here that gives it the 5.1 surround, and the
two top firing speakers. So the way we’ve got this
set up is that we have the PS4 Pro connected to the TV, so we’re getting full 4K
HDR there, and then the TV is passing audio into the SJ9 via HDMI. That means that not only
can we control everything from one spot, but we’re also getting the best audio quality. What’s cool about this setup is that the actual subwoofer itself is wireless. So besides needing to plug it in, this is a nice, clean setup. And, speaking of the setup,
as you can see Savage Kenny has been hard at work. So, not only do we have Waifus, but we also have cool stuff too. So we’ve got our Pipboy action, more Waifus because, this is Ken’s setup. Sometimes I have to deal
with Waifus in order to get a really cool setup. I feel that’s a pretty fair trade. We also have our shelf
full of Nintendo stuff, including the NES Classic,
the Game Boy Color that I unboxed a couple years ago, as well as the Famicom,
which is actually something we did a video on and never posted. And on this side, we have another slightly more adorable
Waifu, some Lego stuff, thanks to Jimmy, we got
a Delorean, PS3, Xbox. It’s a cool setup, but all
this stuff on the side, is just for show. What really counts is what
we have inside the console. If you’re wondering why I’m standing, it’s because there was
a certain malfunction with the couch, and
it’s now in eight pieces right beside Ken. Wa-wa-wa. That sub is actually scaring
me a little bit right now. I feel like this is about
to actually be loud. (laughs) Yo! That sounds stupid. Can you even hear me right now? Okay, so this is actually really loud. (laughs) That sub has such a punch. I’ve never heard a sound
bar sound like this. I am 100% surprised. You know what it sounds like,
especially with that bass? This is gonna sound like
a really weird comparison, it sounds like listening
to a movie theater. Like it has that huge just punch. Okay, so we didn’t quite have time to get everything wired up yet. Even playing on the Xbox One
at 1080o it looks nice. It does sound good too. – A few moments later. – The neighbors literally just knocked. (laughs) All right, I’ll turn it
down, I’ll turn it down. I just love the story of this video. We started out by saying
I like using sound bars because they don’t annoy the neighbors. Then it got really loud
and annoyed the neighbors, and now we got complaints. (laughs) Little tip guys, don’t
crank your sound bar up to 100% volume when
you’re doing a video. (laughs) To be fair, that tells
you that it actually is really loud. In case you were doubting me, it’s, that’s pretty good proof.

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