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August 28, 2019

Billy, Billy… Billy. Look at the camera. Look at… Can you see the camera? Look at the camera, Billy! Everybody say hi to Billy. Billy, Billy – say hi to the camera, argh. Right, let’s do this for the real time. Right, right – you either stay there… Sit down. Sit down. Guys, I’m looking after this new puppy and
he doesn’t do as he’s told. Right Billy – over there please and go and
sit down. Billy, I’m trying to record a video mate. Please go over there. Please, please, please. What’s going on guys? My name is Alex and welcome…What’s going on guys?What’s going on
guys? Welcome back…Roll the…Roll the…Just roll the intro. Right, Billy, you’re going to have to go outside
mate because I can’t… So guys, what’s up? Thank you very much for joining me back on
the main channel. Today, we’re going to be looking at my new
PC components, unboxing them, having a bit of a chill video, going through all of these
PC components behind me bit by bit, sat down, going through my 2017 custom computer build. Let’s do this! Oh my goodness, I’ve honestly got no idea
where to start with this. Probably, probably best to start with… …The case. I don’t have room for this. So, if maybe just pull this, pull this in to shot
like that. Maybe if I sort of do it the right way around
so you guys, you guys can see it. So, this is the new Crystal series from Corsair
– the 57X, we have here. And it’s a full glass case. Even the back panel is made of glass. Corsair Crystal 570X RGB case. I’ll link all of this stuff down in the description. This is a lot harder than I thought… It’s inside of here. Take off the bottom. Let’s pull off our anti-static sleeving here
to reveal… Oh my goodness! Look at that. Listen to this.Ah. I’m not going to take any more of the plastic
sheeting off because I don’t want to scratch this thing but this thing, this thing is bare
boned, man. Try and get you guys a bit more of a hand-held
look at this thing – we’ve got top mounted IO up here with two super-speed USB ports
there. We’ve got a microphone and headphone combo
jack, we’ve got our power cable and our lighting control. That should tie in nicely with our 120 RGB
fan system. But just look at this thing man. Like, that is crazy. It is literally a full glass panel all of
the way around. It’s going to look immense! Even down the front, we’ll replace these three
fans with the LED fans from Corsair so it’s all going to be lit up. Right, so, how are we going to light this
thing up? This took me a long time to figure out. All of this stuff here is what we’re going
to be using. So, we’ve got three HD 120 fans in a single pack. These are each 120 mm fans with RGB. Over here, we’ve got the HD 120 – so it’s
the same as these but we’ve got the three pack. This also includes the RGB controller inside. To take things further, we’ve got the Lighting
Node Pro LED strip from Corsair – again, with the link built in. And we’re not stopping there – I’ve got 32
GB of Vengeance LED RAM. This stuff, this stuff is going to perform
amazing and look amazing. Another reason that we’ve gone with the Vengeance
is because it’s amazing for overclocking. Like, super easy to overclock this stuff. This is going to be a super fun build to put
together.Oh my goodness! The C-Hawk. I’ve dreamt of this day for a while. So, this is the G-Force, GTX 1080. This, this is a mad card. Now, it comes with it’s own software gaming
app. But, this thing, the main reason I got this
one, is because it’s water cooled. This is a water cooled GPU. We’ve got 8 GB of GDDR5X RAM inside of this
thing. Look at that water cooling block. We’ll get a LED fan attached to that. Now this, this is the exciting part. The mother of all cards – wow! It just had to be this card – it just did. That – oh wow! When your GPU is water cooled, you know there’s
some serious stuff going down. Oh my! Let’s protect you with my life. The reason that I’m boxing everything back
up is because this PC is actually being sent off to Dave (thank you very much Dave) who is going to be
custom cut sleeving all of the cables for this build. We’ve got a full glass case on here so the
cables – all the cables need to, from their start position, to their end point, need to
be the perfect length because when you turn this 360, this case around, the full 360 degrees,
I want it to look stunning. Absolutely stunning! And it will do. So, all of these parts are going to be sent
off to Dave who’s a specialist PC modder and he’s going to take care of doing all of that
for me. Now, if you guys are super in to PC modding,
Dave is actually going to be doing a blog about this. So, I’ll try and link that in the description
somewhere when it comes out. Right, let’s tie everything, let’s tie everything
together with the MSI Z270 M7 motherboard. Oh my goodness! Would you look at that? We’re going hand-held for this. Look at that! Even, look at that M.2 slot – it’s got a shield. The silver trimming around
the memory slots. Look at the detail around the ports! I’m not actually using an M2 drive in
this build. That is the motherboard. I’ve actually got over here the i7 6700K and
then two, two of these bad boys – two 480 GB SSDs. These are mad drives – not the fastest – but
they’re still absolutely mad and the reason I’ve chosen these is because, as well as Dave
actually doing custom cables, he’s also going to be etching my logo in to these drives as
well as the glass on the front of the case. You know my MarzBar logo? It’s going to be on the front of this PC. It’s just going to be phenomenal. If you want to know a thing or two about CPUs,
I’m not the guy to talk to – you guys recommended this for me to get. And the two last boxes – we’ve got our water
cool – this is going to be taking care of the CPU and then we’ve got the HX850i modular
PSU from Corsair. The reason that we’re going modular is because,
as I told you guys, we’re doing these custom sleeved cables so it, it was a must that we
had a modular, modular power supply in this build, PSU. This is going to be slightly insane. So guys, I really do hope that you’ve enjoyed
the video – if you did, smash it with a like rating. Next week, with some luck, hopefully, I’m
going to be coming at you guys with a top 5 desk tips so make sure that you smash a
like rating and if you’re not subscribed, subscribe for that and turn on that little
bell – turn on those notifications. But for now, my name’s been Alex, you guys
have been awesome, stay awesome and keep smiling and I’ll see you, I’ll see you next week.

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