Building and shooting selfbows at the Tennessee Classic 3D Archery shoot

August 14, 2019

so I’m here at Damon Bungard’s house
we’re getting ready to go to the Tennessee classic we’ve got turkeys
gobbling across the road got the truck loaded up and we’re about ready to head
out this guy right here looks familiar! How are you doing? the Tennessee classic is a 3d archery shoot that takes place a
little bit north of Nashville in May of every year and one of the coolest things
about the classic is an event they call the selfbow challenge where you have
to build a bow on sight and then shoot the course with it and this is my first
time to the classic so I thought I’d give it a try. well I need to get some more folks
signed up for that it’s actually doing pretty good. I mean most of these are
good I mean this is good wood. for something real easy you’ll
look for something that splits real clean like that. like you see how this
one’s got some grain tear out I mean those will make good bows but they’re not
it’s not gonna be quite as easy as something like this I mean that’s clean
this is clean that’s good. I want to look at the growth rings one’s you need to go down a couple of
rings but this I’m asking good piece it’s got a little bit of twist to it but
you can take that out my pile of stage at home looks pretty
rough compared to this. when you cut Osage that’s inevitable you’re gonna
have a bunch of. one of the best things about going to this kind of event is
just getting to meet and hang out with really good like-minded folks and this
event in particular draws a lot of people that are really into selfbows a
lot of folks from the primitive Archer forum to come to this event just to hang
out and meet each other swap ideas and just catch up if you’re
interested in making your own bow this is a great event to do it at there’s a lot
of guys that really really know their stuff when it comes to self bows they’ve
got a lot of tools a lot of work area and there’s plenty of knowledgeable
folks to help you through the process I went ahead and roughed out a bow on the
first day and just to do something a little bit different I decided to go
ahead and make a recurve and got a lot of questions and interest about putting
in curves with dry heat which is what I have been doing for the last couple of
years these were some fairly tight curves to do with dry heat but what I
found is if you heat just the sides and avoid heating the belly you can you can
put in some fairly tight curves without raising splinters or cracking the belly
side when you bend this wood over aside from the bow building there’s a
ton of other things going on. there’s the 3d course that they have set up
there’s flint knapping going on there’s great food and just great people to hang
out with welcome to Tennessee in spring time the second day of the event it has just
rained like cats and dogs but it did clear up a little bit towards the
afternoon and we got to shoot some a James Parker’s horn belly bows which
I’ve never done before and they were absolutely amazing. what’s the weight on
this approximately? Oh, I don’t know if I can get this sucker back. This sucker is
slinging them. Just the stress that the sinew horn combination will take and the
speed that you can get out of these bows is phenomenal. let me see that
other one. Can shoot that one? Now this is target bow. He shoots carbons and it spits them out like rockets. James does some amazing work. that’s cool! and ain’t no big secret on
building these were easy to build put the sinew on, open them up. They’re tillered
with heat and shaped with heat so that bow, unstrung before it ever ever was
strung while it was seasoning the handle don’t change that limb come up like
this and the hooked as it dried it come down here so all this is put in with
heat. After you put the sinew on? Yeah it’s all done with heat over a . brassiere. It’s like a little pot with just coals and
you put a lid on it so there’s no smoke it heats it up. And this heats up in
like ten seconds. It conducts heat more than copper does and then that’s how you form your limbs appreciate your taking the interest oh those are absolutely beautiful so after the rain stopped Damon and I and Nathan Coleman would seek outside grabbed her
bows and went out and shot the second half of the course Damon, how did you do that?
that’s amazing! I’d actually shot the I’d actually shot the first half the day before while it was raining and because my my self bow wasn’t sealed against the weather I went
ahead and shot a laminated glass bow and so I wasn’t able to turn in my score for
the selfbow challenge. But that doesn’t matter. The best part is getting out and having fun with your buddies. There’s like a blade of grass coming up like the tip of it is right on the
perfect spot Heckk I didn’t even hear foam on that one
Damon. Miss high on the honey badger! You don’t need to be going
to Vegas. no I’m not good in Vegas. I was up a few hundred bucks once and I
bet it all. My friend was like, what are you doing, I wanted to know what it’s like to bet it
all and I lost it all but now I know what both feel like I’m gonna shoot him again. this is kind
of like when we were hunting those, shooting arrows at those groundhogs in
Idaho and they just kept popping up and going away. he’s moving on me is what he’s doing. I’ll go with that. If you’re into traditional archery and you’ve never
been to one of these traditional 3d shoots you really got to get off your
butt and get to one because they are a ton of fun and if you are interested in
going to one of these things all you’ve got to do is get on the web get in
contact with the local archery club and if you can’t find them get on some of
the forums. traditional bow hunter forum trad gang leather wall primitive archer
all of those all those places have knowledgeable folks that know what’s
going on around the country and they can put you onto some good events. so with
that go ahead and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and we’ll
see you next time

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