Build of the Week S06E05: c9q9md’s 10 Siege Ballista Build
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Build of the Week S06E05: c9q9md’s 10 Siege Ballista Build

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, this is Bex from Grinding Gear Games. Build of the Week is a series where we showcase interesting character builds created by members of the Path of Exile community. This week’s character is a Deadeye Ranger in the Essence League that commands an army of siege ballistas on the battlefield. The build focuses on being able to summon as many Siege Ballistas as possible by using the Iron Commander Unique Bow. This unique allows one additional Siege Ballista
Totem per 200 Dexterity. The aim is to get as much Dexterity from gear and passives as it can. The large number of totems allows the Ranger to keep a safe distance from enemies while dealing high damage to its targets. To help meet the high Dexterity requirements of the build, 4 Fluid Motion Jewels are used to transform the surrounding Strength Passives to Dexterity. Emperor’s Cunning, Emperor’s Mastery and 2 Brawn Jewels provide large increases. The build is also evasion-based, and uses the Briskwrap Body Armour for its additional 15% bonus to Dexterity. Finally, alongside any additional Dexterity on rare items, Astramentis has been chosen for its high bonus to all attributes. When all totems are placed, the build is very effective in both single target and area of effect situations. Siege Ballista has been linked with Slower
Projectiles, Pierce, Faster Attacks, Added Chaos Damage and Poison. Blasphemy has been linked with Temporal Chains, while Vulnerability has been linked to Frenzy for charge generation and Curse on hit. The character’s helmet has the 45% increased Siege Ballista Totem placement speed enchantment. Itemisation options also include the recently added Shaper’s Touch gloves, granting 1 additional life per 4 Dexterity. This build’s passive skill choices involve picking up many Jewel Sockets and Dexterity, Totem and Life skills… between the Shadow, Scion and Templar sections of the tree. A total of 11 jewel slots have been activated, although the Dexterity requirements for the build can be met with fewer. The number of Ballistas in your arsenal is
completely up to personal preference. The Deadeye Ascendancy class was chosen in this case for its massive bonuses to Projectile damage. In particular, the Rupture, Far Shot and Fast and Deadly Ascendancy Skills. For more in-depth information about this week’s build, you can find a link to the guide in the description of this video. If you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode, just post a build guide in the class forums on Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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  1. why didnt you show off how much dex the build has? also Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton sponsors terrorists

  2. Really you don't show that this build have 1600 Dex? Why not it is crazy that is has that much to me at least. BTW love the build 🙂

  3. I had a version of that build but instead of getting ludicrous dex I got tons of static electricity jewels which turned my ballistae into ion cannons. Very fun to see with just 3 of them, I can't imagine how fun 10 must be.

  4. No comments about how unoptimized and subpar build is? I mean just look at this body armour, how much unreserved mana he have, less than 5k life and this jewel hunting through entire Passive Tree. Also Bex is cute 😛

  5. PoE's graphics don't look high tier when zoomed in, haha. It's no big deal during game play, but looks a bit dated in these videos . Maybe one day we'll have cinematic quality graphics in game 🙂

  6. Please don't ruin this build! Its so beautiful how so many elements work together to create this amazing build! I love it!

  7. Very nice… would love to see the Wormblaster build featured soon… or is GGG secretly planning to nerf that build & that's why they're pretending it doesn't exist?

  8. еще две лиги назад собирал такой билд правда кол во балист было всего 7

  9. i would love to see c9's thierd wormblaster build here. because GGG destroyed the fist 2 versions. or is GGG planing on nerfing it again? 😀

  10. What? There is one pack of white mobs
    better summon 6 ballistas

    i am always amazed how people down know how to play their own builds properly

  11. this build optimised for maximum count of siege totems you can have. Effeciency is ignored imo. Ancestral Bond looks total waste when you already have 9 totems and you can farm(leech) mana with your auto attacks( so you can run no regen maps). Frenzy skill gem is also an option for farming charges. Split arrow curse on hit is very fast way to curse as much enemy as you can and i didnt see that too. Over all expensive and bad build but we can see what extreme build can be done with iron commander bow. thanks to owner of the build. i love testers who shares information

  12. this build is super slow , I played siege ballistas before , you only need one or two to clear packs, and frenzy+gmp+curse on hit+vulnerability+temp chains to curse everything and stack frenzy charges

  13. sombody found a shitty 4k hp build using a useles (random/dont really fit or have a balanced penatyi/bonus ratio, so its real use is for few nich builds stacking dex) ítem from shaper and a recent skill? tótems can kill shaper? cool story bro. BTW what are your internal testers smoking? and why this guys, chris Wilson started to talk like the chris Wilson who ruined diablo series. watch tv while playing POE chris? really.

  14. Do you folks realize some builds are not about being the OP-top-uber-easiest-fastest-most-efficient-grinders, but more likely about FUN and interesting outcomes?


  15. Why dont you show wormblaster build of that user? or its "broken" mechanics and you dont want plebs to know about it? 🙂

  16. Wow what a bad copy of my build. Im 98 HCessence player who did ballista build, 4 ballistas and a bit more than 7k life. This bad copy is just terrible. He got literally almost 1 shotted in that one map. Whats the point in having so much ballistas. I had 4 and had no problem in clearing bosses sooo fast. Anyways such a bad copy, i guess id have to bother my self to submit my build maybe next time ggg shows something a lot better than this crap.

    There is a way better version of this but oh well…

  17. cool editing, interesting choice, really, too bad you gonna hate your bazilion of balistas after recasting it bazilion times, but still, nice build

  18. Bring on a melee build. Bring on a build that actually has to fight. I am sure there is 1 maybe 2 people still playing melee

  19. this build brought to you by: the helmet enchant. you should have more attack speed? totems 9 & 10 should only see bosses / strong rares imo

  20. When are you going to give players a better trading system? I am sick and tired of this BS system you have where the users have to research items to find the potential value which results in wasted time trying to sell stuff rather than actually playing the damn game.

  21. Will you showcase the Wormblaster build? you know, the expensive one with the harvest that is facerolling the entire game without doing anything?

  22. pierce, what for? It already pierces 100% "Arrows always Pierce". A Drillneck is a must, a substantial boost. What about Rain of Splinters?

  23. Nice one, not very practical having to summon 10 totems to get maximum effect. If you feel like playing Siege Ballista, but don't want to summon so many, check out my build. (or not :p). It's a very cool skill and plays quite fast for a totem skill. Nice one GGG. Glad you''re not just showing the most powerful builds out there 🙂

  24. While I'm just now finding this video, I was talking with a friend about trying to put together a similar build before it came out. All the research I've done, and now this video, however, use the ranger. Somehow I haven't seen it directly stated but I'm left to assume projectile damage affects the ballistae as well. I was planning on building it off of heirophant. Hopefully somebody sees this and can maybe help me understand the pros and cons between heirophant and deadeye, and why I've never seen heirophant mentioned in relation to a ballistae build.

  25. You guys seriously made this Build of the Week, praised it and then nerfed the Drillneck quiver into oblivion ? Why ???? Thats illogical.

  26. Pessives. dicksterity. Opening your mouth fully to enunciate words helps when giving a speech or reading a script.

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