Build of the Week S06E02: Hitma47’s BurningWarp Elementalist
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Build of the Week S06E02: Hitma47’s BurningWarp Elementalist

August 9, 2019

Hey guys, I’m Bex from Grinding Gear Games. Build of the Week is a video series that showcases interesting character builds created by members of the Path of Exile community. This week’s character is a level 91 Elementalist Witch in the Standard League that wreaks fiery havoc to anyone, or anything, in their path. The build focuses around the Lightning Warp skill, converting damage with Avatar of Fire and using Beacon of Ruin to Ignite all enemies in the surrounding area. Damage conversion is doubled up with the Call of the Brotherhood unique ring and the Cold to Fire Support Gem. This is important, as the damage conversion from Avatar of Fire is not entirely efficient. Combining a movement skill with high levels of damage results in a fun, fast and different approach to battling your way through the nightmares of Wraeclast. The BurningWarp Elementalist spreads both the Flammability and Warlord’s Mark curses via Blasphemy. The extra curse slot is provided by the Whispers of Doom notable passive skill. As the build will be warping into the melee range of targets, a Cast on Damage Taken setup is a very valuable tool. A Cast When Damage Taken gem has been linked with Ice Spear and Greater Multiple Projectiles to facilitate Elemental Overload procs. Elemental Overload is a notable passive skill that increases Elemental Damage by 40% if you have performed a critical strike recently… but entirely removes the character’s critical strike multiplier. This is a buff! This setup is very strong, as the Ice Spear has a very high chance to critically strike which scales up by 600% as the projectile travels. The mentality behind punishing anyone foolish enough to get close has been further compounded by the use of 2 of the same unique Platinum Sceptre called Singularity. Singularity is unique in its ability to Hinder nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed dramatically. Singularity also causes Hindered enemies to receive 75% increased damage, resulting in a powerful exchange for closing the distance. Flameblast has been added as a 4 link setup for single target and boss encounters, providing a strong and reliable damage source from a safe distance. In this particular setup, Flameblast has been linked to a levelled Empower gem and supplemented with Wyrmsign unique gloves. These gloves have a built in Concentrated Effect support, effectively resulting in a 5 link setup for Flameblast. The time required to channel Flameblast suits the build well, as it lines up nicely with the Pendulum of Destruction Ascendancy Passive Skill. The clear speed of the build has been heavily boosted by high values of increased cast speed and by linking a Less Duration Skill gem to Lightning Warp. In particular, the build utilises the Warped Timepiece amulet, increasing both cast and movement speed. It also reduces the skill effect duration and lowers the amount of time Lightning Warp takes to strike nearby targets. The Liege of the Primordial ascendancy skill enables the build to gain both the increased cast speed from the Lightning Golem… and the increased damage from the Flame Golem… although you can go for a more defensive setup with Chaos and Stone Golem should you prefer. The build is life based, with no particular focus on any armour base type. This character has avoided Energy Shield completely where possible, lessening the strain on the gear required. The Skill tree is strongly focused on gaining as much life and fire or burning damage as possible… including any nearby Chance to Ignite passives. There is a balanced approach to cast speed and mana regeneration, which will depend on your current gear setup. The majority of passives are located in the Templar area of the tree… making full use of nearby notables including Avatar of Fire, Celestial Punishment, Celestial Judgement and Light of Divinity. Righteous Decree and numerous Mana Regeneration passive skills have been picked up to help with the mana constraints of the build. Note a lack of Herald Effects as mana flow can be quite strained with two Blasphemy Curse Auras. This build is extremely satisfying to play, providing a feeling of great power as you warp into a pack only to see them explode from the sheer power of your presence. If you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode, just post a build guide in the class forums on Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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  1. How do I submit a build? I might have a few interesting builds. If they're not good enough, I would love to get some pointers haha.

  2. wait… why convert to cold then to fire ?
    Why not just leave it lightning dmg? And why avatar of fire ? cutting your dmg in half to change it to fire ?
    Am i missing something ?
    Build is cool… but i don't get the math behind it… seems inefficient :-/

  3. A little nitpick, but pretty important one – Singularity Increases damage against Hindered enemies – it doesn't make them take Increased damage. 😛

  4. While I enjoy the approach to lightning warp, this is Foxfire's Hellfire arcer in worse because we don't have the highest damage chain proliferation and we are in melee range.

  5. I'm glad GGG is putting more effort into this. It really incentivizes the community to think out of the box and make more interesting builds for sharing in the forums. Also new players start to see the insane amount of build and playstyle possibilities this amazing game has to offer.

  6. So this is a flameblast build afterall. U can farm mobs with simply everything, even Elemental hit will clear up to 85 lvl maps. But the way u fight the bosses declares the build.

  7. This build sucks balls, Bobslop did it first. Get good noob learn to make a build with more than 1k hp and no defense LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL

  8. I wonder wether this would still be effective with only cold conversion, maybe two Call of Brotherhoods and then the Herald of ice shatter effect? Or something? It would be so cool with ice.

  9. Man jumping all the way to 90 must be so much fun! after 3k hours this game just seems silly.. same skill with no update on the look as you progress your char.. Just Jump jump jump jump, pick up loot. jump jump jump and thats how this skill is

  10. As a hardcore player, I wish one of these videos wouldn't include footage of taking damage from weak ass shit and hitting 10% hp

  11. What's with the freaking camera? Do you have to rotate, pan or zoom all the time and change view like every 30 seconds?
    Or is the normal game view too boring to everyone already?
    How about allowing free camera controls for other video creators?

  12. Has one of the "Wormblaster"-builds ever been "Build of the week" yet?
    If not, they TOTALLY should be!! Come on Devs, check them out!
    (They are among the most unique/weird/creative builds I have ever seen, but working!)

  13. removing crit multiplier is only a bonus if you consider reflect.. but you can work around it with flask etc.. build is fancy but bad for endgame. (speaking of guardians for example)

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