Bueskyting ved Hønefoss Bueskytterklubb august 2016
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Bueskyting ved Hønefoss Bueskytterklubb august 2016

August 16, 2019

Yes, we are now going to shoot some here in Hønefoss Archeryclub so let us se how that is I hope the weather stays nice I can take it “Money” [Slow motion:] “Money!” How old is Hønefoss Archeryclub? Officially the club started in 1985 so we are around 30 years now You haven’t been here so long? No, that had been difficult I have been here for 3 or 4 years now something like that And you are the leader in the club? Yes, im the leader, the boss of all bosses Is it possible for others to join this club? It is! Right now we got alot of members relatively, on how many the club can take but we have still room for more and we have consentrated alot on youth now and we have gotten alot of younger members but we still need more and because of that we need more adults that can help build the club and make it even better for the youth How can a person that want to shoot here find us? The easiest way is our facebookpage or our webpage honefossbueskytterklubb.no There you will find our contact info and other useful and unuseful info The bow I’m shooting is a Mathews Z7 70 pund and 29.5 inches pull because of my long arms [Slow motion]: That is “money”

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  1. Hei, noen her som kan hjelpe? kjøpte en Hoyt Ignite for å teste hva dette dreier seg om. Gikk bra en stund, men glapp jo taket selvfølgelig og strengen datt jo av i full fart. Noen ide om hva jeg kan gjøre? liker ikke å fikle med ting jeg ikke kan noe om, blir fort dyrt. 🙂 tenkte å høre her om noen fagfolk kan gi noen tips til en video eller en annen god løsning.

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