Bueskyting i sakte film (tekstet)
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Bueskyting i sakte film (tekstet)

August 13, 2019

Welcome to Skogfar, this is Thor and today I am going to play at the archery range I have some cans of coke which will be shot and filmed in slow motion I have to do something while not hiking Behind me you see people that work for me It is Jack and Morten They are always helping me when I am shooting [laughs] These are the cans I am going to shoot One Coca Cola, and one Coca Cola Zero sugar The trick is to shake them First a test shot This is good [laughter] That was it, really. This is what the cans look like. Looks like the shot went in there and out there It looks like I hit this on the side went in there, and out there This I hit the best Shame it didn’t jump more I hit it rather low So until next time, have a great summer! And we will see each other soon! [music]

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  1. Bra det ikke var ølbokser… det ville i såfall vært alkoholmisbruk 😉 Hva slags framerate brukte du på slow-mo-filmen?

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