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Bubble Wrap Fencing – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

November 16, 2019

Previously on Global Games, the
competitors took to the tubes to take the gold. Then, coming out on top
was Olympian Linlin and influencer Hendo. This win keeps Hendo
in the lead for the overall medal count for the third week in a row. Can he make it a fourth? Let’s find out. Welcome to Global Games, where
real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will
test their strength, skill and stamina on a level
never seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of
the eight challenges will take home the gold
and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or a social influencer? This is Global Games
bubble wrap fencing. I’m Spice. And I’m Mike. And together, we are Mike and Spice! En garde! – Ha! Ha!
– Hoo-ah! Dude, I’m so hyped for
today’s topic competition – bubble fencing. Fencing has been contested
in every Summer Olympics since 1896, and Italy has won
the most medals globally, but I bet no Italian has
seen fencing quite like this. Bubble fencing is a lot
like balancing on a raft while whacking somebody
with a stick. The idea is to knock your
opponent off the mat. One knock off, one point. But if you get knocked off,
your team-mate hops on. First up, Asafa and Luis
versus Mikael and Hendo. May the best team win, guys. Our strategy is balance
FOOTBALL FREESTYLER) They’re duking it out! Asafa goes down to one knee,
stays in the game. Charge! They’re both cheating
with their hands. Advance! Turn, cos you’ve got
the turning! He took himself out. Look out! Whoa! Uh… Luis knocks the sabre
out of Mikael’s hand and it goes flying. Mikael, in a Superman-like
feat, flies over Luis’s sabre and remains on the raft. With Luis knocked down,
his team-mate replaces his on the raft. Asafa knocks Mikael off
for the point, but takes himself down
in the process. – They both came off.
– OK. So it’s one point each. Super slippery,
but that was fun. They’re strong guys. Tough. They’ve got a lot of balance
as well. Hendo and Mikael
get the victory. Asafa was off to a rough start when he took himself out
of the first match. Now let’s see what
Linlin and Derek can do against Lolo and Alexia. Go! Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go! Lolo charges at Derek
out the gate. Alexia goes in for Lolo. (DEREK HERRON, YOUTUBER) (ALEXIA CLARK, FITNESS) Looks like Alexia
was timid at first, but then goes for the sabre
in the back when Derek loses his balance,
getting a point for the team. Let’s go, Lin! Balance is key. Someone fall off… Oh, it’s Lin! Linlin amps up the action,
giving a whack to Alexia’s back, securing
a point for her team and putting them in the lead. Lolo gets redemption
for her team, knocking Linlin into the water,
tying up the score at 2-2. Let’s go, tie-breaker! Tie-breaker, pressure’s on. Pressure’s on. First down and out. Lin wins, Team Lin. 3-2? Yeah, I think. We got the win. He just pushed me off. I was aboard. That was so easy. To the gold medal game. It’s so much fun. And Team Linlin-Derek proved
to be too much to handle. And now Asafa and Luis will
go against Lolo and Alexia for the bronze. I don’t want to fight
with Lolo. Lolo is too aggressive. I don’t want to fight her. Somebody let me off! Ah! My team-mate. It’s the bronze match. If they want that third spot
on the podium, they’ve got to take it. Asafa and Lolo, what a match. Two world-class athletes. Oh, she’s, honestly,
an absolute warrior. Keep hitting him! She’s chopping
a tree down, man. They’re staying on
their knees too long. Yeah, you got to get
straight back up. You’ve got to stay up, man. Time runs out, so the match
is declared a draw, and it goes to
a sudden death round. (SUDDEN DEATH) Going head-to-head,
sudden-death match. They’re both going at it. He’s on wobbly legs.
He’s doing the chicken dance. What’s a chicken dance? Chicken dance,
dancing like a chicken. Oh, but Alexia takes a spill. I’ll let you get up. Let’s go. Get up. Luis, with the sportsmanship, allows her to get back up
on her feet. That was a bronze-level move. Oh, man. I sting like a butterfly. I’ve got the moves like Ali. Bring home the bronze, baby,
bring home the bronze. Asafa and Luis take home
the bronze, after Luis was able
to knock off Alexia in the battle of
the short people. So it all comes
down to this, folks. For the gold, it’s Mikael and
Hendo versus Linlin and Derek. Lin, I’m rooting for you, Lin. I’m rooting for you. I’ll go first, now. You want to go first again? Boom! His trick was to splash me. Take my advice, thrust! Rush attack! No pushing,
no pushing! Mikael’s precision hits
to Derek’s legs knock him into the water,
getting them one point. Come on, Lin. Mikael is unleashing
on Linlin, but she’s holding on like a champ. Ha-ha-ha! Does that count? – You like her, right?
– Yeah. Both competitors are
taking big hits on this, but both are standing
their ground. You are getting
an ass-whupping! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! All right, guys, that’s a wrap. Cannonball! Woohoo! So, Mikael and Hendo
take the gold, and Linlin and Derek have
to settle for silver. And Asafa and Luis
bring home the bronze. In the overall medals,
influencer Hendo is crushing it again,
remaining in the number one spot for the fourth
event in a row, with four gold and two silver, and Olympian Mikael
regains his number two spot with this win as well. On the next episode of Global
Games, an aquatic biathlon. What’s that, you ask?
I have no idea. – Spice?
– Are you serious? It’s paintball and jet skis,
everybody knows that. – Oh, I’m sorry.
– Do your research, man. I don’t know where I put that. (GLOBAL GAMES)

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