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  1. I’ve just realised but Jungkook knows more English that I KNOW like how I’m literally English and I have to look up half of the words he said I probably just have the worst vocabulary on earth BUT STILL A KOREAN POP STAR KNOWS MORE ENGLISH THAN SOMEONE WHO IS ACTUALLY ENGLISH.

  2. I don't know why it was so entertaining to watch all the ads
    then see bts pop up after american commercials

  3. 이나이에 영어공부를 다시해야하나?
    지금까지사는데 별 불편함없었는데
    앞으로는 불편함이 생기것네요

  4. I feel so proud
    Jungkook really talk English Fluently
    RM take a rest for being the translator and pass it to jk 🙂

  5. Please US army buy ON SINGLE so we can reach at least top10 in hot100. Sales are not that great now and we dont have any radio promo. Spread it pls

  6. i saw Jimin was cheating ,when the game has over her still sticked the paper to the jungkok's body.. at 33;18 .. wkwkw2

  7. Suga is so quick to add the Jimin Fallon. He’s our little witty thinker❗️😉 This is one of my most favorite interviews they’ve done 🥰

  8. I love how they were all like wow, heavy heavy, no vegetables? And Jimmy Fallon’s like, no veggies, you kidding 🤣🤣 I feel like this was their first true Americans Fast food dish

  9. Namjoon is me when I saw the food Americans eat. Like holy shit… are they not scared of obesity..? :/ and no veggies? At least make it a little healthier

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