Bryan Callen Describes How Joe Rogan Pitched the Idea of Hunting Together with Steven Rinella
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Bryan Callen Describes How Joe Rogan Pitched the Idea of Hunting Together with Steven Rinella

February 14, 2020

Has there ever been a show where they took two comedians hunting? I don’t think so. We’re standing up for all the different comedians now. You know that unified bunch. You know that athletic, unified bunch! Comedians. Joe Rogan called me up and said we’re going hunting and I need you there. And I said, I’m there, my friend and said, oh fun, you and I with guns in the wilderness, blasting away? Count me in! Brian is one of my best
friends, if not my best friend. We’ve known each other for almost twenty
years. It’s going – it’s pretty close to twenty years, now. And we’ve been essentially best friends since the day we met. This dummy was convinced that all this, this
erosion, was because of large-scale mining operations. No. What do you know about this area? We keep saying that the – We keep saying the breaks, the breaks, the breaks. So it’s like, that and its name comes from the the broken landscape. Well, I’ve got to see, well – well, I’ll research. I’ll do my own. He’s one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met in my life. And I knew that if I could take anybody to a place like Montana to go deer hunting, he’d fit right in. He’s not a whiner, he’s not a complainer, he’s not a guy who’s not going to be able to deal with the cold, he’s not going to freak out, he’s not going to fall apart, he’s a man. And he could do anything. He’s just that dude. I’ll definitely do something ridiculous, but whatever you say, I will listen to. My conception of hunters before I went
hunting was probably somewhat stereotypical, in that you get a bunch of guys with beer guts and camoflauge, and they go out and blast whatever they see. What I came away
with was a different notion, and one of profound
respect for what it takes to be a good hunter, because to be a good hunter, I
would argue, you need to have a deep understanding of the animal you’re
hunting, its behavior, and the environment in which you’re in. So, to me, the kind of hunter that, say, Steve Rinella is, or my god Ryan Callahan is, you really do need to be tuned in to not only animal behavior, but to its ecosystem. It’s dry right now, so there’s less water up in the creeks. You’ll see where they come down here and wander around these banks. Seldom will you see deer coming this way. Now, they’ve gone that way now. It just gave me a whole different outlook and point of view on how lucky in some ways I am to be able to go to the supermarket, a restaurant, and pull out a credit card to survive. It’s –
we just have it a lot easier than any indigenous, aboriginal culture. That relied on the land for everything. You get a sense of how daunting it would be if you had to survive out here with a bow and arrow. Or a spear. I mean, I don’t know how you’d live. There’s this idea out there, well, if you have a high-powered rifle, you can just aim to shoot a deer, what’s the big deal? Well, try finding a deer. Try getting close enough to the deer and then try hitting the deer. And then by the way, try harvesting, getting to the deer, harvesting the meat, putting it in bags, and hoofing it out of there. Yeah. No pun intended. It certainly changed my perspective and gave me uh, not just respect but um, a deeper understanding of what I come
from. And where I come from. And I thought it was interesting how
quickly I settled in to the idea of hunting, stalking, and killing my prey. That’s in my DNA. I think it’s in all of our DNA. I can’t believe this topography. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m using a huge word like topography.

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  1. I can definitely relate to the idea of being disconnected from the meat that I eat. Its a strange thing to grow up in a culture that for the most part doesn't even question it in the mainstream. One day I hope to have an experience like this. Honestly, I think everyone who eats meat should.

  2. wahoooooooooo either that or i'm just guna keep checking torrents until it's there. i would love to pay for this !!!

  3. "Bryan is one of my best friends, if not my best friend"

    I guess Eddie Bravo's been demoted then?

  4. Have you gotten any noticeable boost in fans or views on videos since being on the Joe Rogan podcast? When are you gunna be back? Favorite guest.

  5. Does anybody know what podcast they tell the story about ryan callahan telling off that bar/restaurant owner in montana?

  6. well joe suggested we go for a hike and i said what if we get cold in the night so he said look we can cuddle up to keep warm so we did and now we're best pals

  7. if bryan ever got stuck out there, he could use his wispy, tinder like hair to start a fire. jesus that lighting isnt good for an old man

  8. I wish this was a regular hunting crew show. Steve's know how and Joe and Bryans banter. Love it! Entertaining and educational even if don't even if they shoot something.

  9. I just shoot whitetail deer in my backyard. It's easier than shooting fish in a barrel because I don't have the barrel and the fish store is not in my backyard.

  10. This is a knockoff of Fishing With John.
    Also, nothing against hunting but these rich diks philosophizing about how this is how we should survive? They just spent $200K+ on this stupid trip.

  11. "Pitched the idea"?
    It's called talking. "Hey, let's go hunting".
    He's not trying to talk a movie exec into making a movie he has an idea about.

  12. I can't even pay attention because all I hear is the fucking dollar store version of La Grange playing in the background. lmao someone thought they were sneaky.

  13. If every liberal gun-hater would do what Bryan did JUST ONCE – all this crap would just go away. With very, very few exceptions, guns and hunting is NOTHING like the image that lives in the heads of the haters.

  14. "We just have it a lot easier than any ingenuous or aboriginal culture, that relied on the land for everything"

    Somebody should remind Bryan that his great great grandparents also relied on the land for everything. It wasn't just that way for aboriginals.

    Literally everybody's ancestors lived that way.

  15. I understand hunters wear orange cause it sticks out so people know not to shoot them but does that sorta defeat the purpose of the camouflage they wear underneath..?

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