Brutal Karate Kick Knockout
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Brutal Karate Kick Knockout

November 17, 2019

so this next video comes to us via fight archive fight archive now here’s the thing we don’t know when this
happened and we don’t know who the victim is I no the perpetrator is a correct Ishan named after a meal Kouzmanoff he sounds brush and this is a Karate Kid where I swear to god it and as we don’t
know what happened there’s a we we we know what happened
we’ll video we know the aftermath what happened and
their feels like a 28 percent chance that this guy is dead of let’s go in 20 Co a up in what %uh by %uh I’m not a doctor what I rush is over
in his life yeah he was great but many grams the dudes legs to yeah he picks up the guys likes of like is like Dragon ever put them over
his head it’s obvious that something they don’t eat and I miss the feeling a
doctor comes in Woodley you’ve made it was like damn yeah I’m
saying I hope he’s okay but that guy is out on his feet as much as you ever see
anybody out on this week and odds are he just got knocked unconscious
yeah I mean that’s probably would have any guide today fingers crossed I’m sure he’s fine yeah well we’ve you
get knocked out and then you come back wow them and that guy’s
out on its feet out all right when he got hit you saw
huge everything yet scary vanya that your been knocked out than now of
course ever been punched in the face I’ve been punched in the head the story
that have told like that I just look at this weekend olivia o at the Super have
a supermarket yeah millionaire so it’s the only time you’ll
never been punched in the face now who punch me in the face won’t ever
be questioning a lot of people want to point you have a problem with your why
would anyone ever be in this situation where they were good possibly getting
punched in the face drunken stupor I just care that guarantee you whatever
situation you were ever in where you get punched in the face there were you know there’s in it when
Florida passed the nonsense Stand Your Ground law 2005 they took out with the law
something called a duty to retreat and whenever you can if you’ve ever been
punched in the face you had a guarantee you 78 chances to
retreat yeah and you just didn’t take yep possibly
I’ve been punched in the face at sucker-punched as a matter fact
really yeah it’s awful by a girl but no by a dude mmm he fuckin hit me really really hard my nose
was arguably bigger than it is now for and the it was bleeding profusely and I had to drive home to Mike like
trying to stop the plea already ever had Jazz Jack ever told the
story him getting punched in the face you get into a fight I won’t tell the
whole story but he gets into a fight gambling basketball Miami and he was getting the show he told me
about high school not this get the ship it out from this is keep us posted in 30 years old 28 years
old or whatever thirties so you get in Miami whole area
is grown grown ass man at this point is getting punched by this guy in a
forensic another players who are player all written for
their friend and the guy was like a fire mike Easley the guy clearly had some
training Annie’s project much bigger than this guy so check wanted to grab the guy like is that Jenks present
size one subject grabs the guy and then everybody’s like break it up
breaking up a check one weren’t you breaking up when he was pummeling me in the face but sadly by
grabbing I violated the tackle them down on the Royal fighting yet we could do a
little damage and then his friends %ah palm officers
check had got any kind of advantage and then check was like a walk or close
down its good looks check these crazy and a and they were
like dude you have to go to the hospital they were like your noses in the wrong place i jus like flow units gotta go whether or not I’ll you
gotta go and you gotta go right now

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  1. I think he picked up his legs to get blood up to his head. Don't know if it helps any, but that's what I'm guessing.


  3. He picks up his legs to get blood back flowing into his head, how can you guys not know that? Little research before doing a video might help from time to time…

  4. If you go to donate blood and you are passing out they have you lay down and elevate your legs above your head to send blood to your head.

  5. I love ben. He offers a unique brand of wit, and type of character to tyt. There ain't two Ben types on this network, that's for sure.

  6. The only time I got punched in the face was at a music festival. I was just standing there and this guy wanted to push by me to get in front of me to get a better view. People who want to be in the front get there early and wait, but some just think they can get there and push through everybody. So I just stood there and didn't let him through. I didn't push him or anything I just didn't let him push me. Then he just punched me on my nose and ran away. What a dick.

  7. I bet that guy who kicked him was a registered Republican.
    And the guy who got knocked the fuck out was a registered Liberal.

  8. Wtf… the entire commentary was terrible. Its like you guys are commenting on an alien race instead if an alien culture to yours. The antithesis to life on this entire planet. The video and violence aside, you both seem trapped in a bubble of passive intellectualism. The fact of you spreading your indignant weakness saddens me.

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