Bruno Mars’ Hilarious Interview Outtakes | Say What?

November 5, 2019

Wow you’re up in my
face like that huh? Really you wait it out? That’s it. There’s nothing you can do, if it’s not flowin’ then it’s not going [Laughing] You see how I
just worked that? That rhymed, you see that? Make me beautiful. You see how close
they got me? You see my molars. When you’re eighteen years
old and you get dropped by a label, how would you
describe that point of your life? [Clears Throat] You can’t curse on
this channel huh? Cause that’s what is… That is so close,
that’s incredible. When you have writers
block are you someone that needs to go out? Oh yeah Are you someone who needs
to just…I find a lot of artists drive around
in their cars like… No I’m at the strip club. You’re at the strip club? I’m kidding Is it important, you seem
like a very down to earth guy. I’m not, I’m really not. That’s all a rumor It’s all a facade. Where do you think you’re
romantic chord comes from? Because you do sing so
much about love songs. I’m a romantic guy… He knows what
I’m talkin about In the back of the car
with my brother, we play a game called fart football. I dunno if you’ve ever
heard this before, but I just need to say that
you’re amazing… You have to make sure
every word in the song is not a throw away word. It, you know, hits home. Like “your sex takes
me to paradise” Like “your sex takes
me to paradise” Written at the strip
club actually… Was it? No

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