British racism is too subtle ?  | Live At The Apollo – BBC
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British racism is too subtle ? | Live At The Apollo – BBC

October 8, 2019

You guys as Britain have fucked up so much in the world that your racism is like you have another Level of racism that we have like, you know like your racism you guys discuss and talk about it’s like that nuance Is it I grew up during apartheid South Africa? Our racism was very very clear Subtle there’s a gray area. So why can’t we go to the beach because there’s a sign that says no blacks allowed Very straightforward racism, I like a top-of-the-range top-shelf shipment Not this nonsense, that I’m experiencing in London, er, I’m not Japanese I’m from Taiwan bah-bah-bah this is I don’t live here, I’m confused. Leave me alone Not used to that racism I’m used to that top brain stuff man And here’s the thing, I don’t know how to navigate myself through London because it’s so multicultural I don’t know who’s gonna get offended I don’t know who’s you know, I just don’t know, you know, but I did find that when it comes to gingers It’s open game anyone can- No one gives a sh- No-one cares about Gingers like you could kill one at any time, you know that killing ginger and you’ll get to the judge Who’ll be like, what happened? I killed a Ginger judges like my god, but if they change I’m in what? Do you not kill them give the tens awhile I I went to Blackpool. It’s a position Joking. I was in Blackpool And I was doing some shows in Blackpool and there was a white woman cleaning my room My hotel room. I must understand I grew up in apartheid South Africa. I grew up in a very Unequal society. So this for me was never experienced in my life. There was a white woman cleaning my I was throne shit on the floor while she was She was confused. Why would you do that? I said, I don’t know how long this is gonna last I don’t know if this is ever going to happen again. I’m trying to make it last as long as possible. Sorry. I was taking pictures Cli-i-ick! Sending it to the family whatsapp group Doing well my boy. You are doing very well.

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  1. You can say whatever you want about whites, then just bring up the past if they decide to insult you back, lol. You can see the anger in their face when you tell them your all out of white guilt, don't worry, there are white women stocking a fresh supply on aisle 12, ask for Sarah, died hair, you can't miss her, lol.

  2. I can't believe people are crying racism. The BBC only puts the comedians when the title subject calls for it. Note the many white comedians that don't have their name featured in the title because the summary doesn't call for it. This man wouldn't be concerned at all over this so why are you. It's a specific descriptive formula the BBC uses for all its videos regardless of race.

  3. I live in america…. our government just shoots black people and locks up Hispanic children… we aren't subtle either

  4. That's so crazy, an outside group thinking it's somehow okay to tell the Native population what they can or can't do in their very own homeland, Africa. And then I remember I live in the American Continent and whites think they suddenly sprang out of the soil here too.

  5. Somehow ironic, he's telling the true situation about racism and the ever growing power of the white elite, mignons of the devil, PhD in deception and illusion of reality while white audience laugh of his none existant jokes!… Laugh at the messager!

  6. I HATE__SUBTLE HATE. Thats really terrifying FEAR … disguised as "hate."
    COWARDS. How can you be HATEFUL &&& SCARY ??
    Its an oxymoron.?

  7. Depends where you go. Spend a day or two, or even a week somewhere and you'll think 'how lovely'. Spend longer and scratch beneath the surface and you'll soon find out the racism.

  8. Invite them for a holiday and make them clean..wash..scrub the property & toilets..the tenancy law here says…you have to return the property in the SAME condition as recieved..?

  9. Wow they play the victim in Britain too. How about you get the hell out of Europe because no ones forcing you to be there.

  10. i am offended….why do black people have white woman maids??…its not funny….they take our jobs of beaing obnoxious….thats racism…..not cool….

  11. Me n my mixed pal swam in a lake of all whites n soon I noticed we had a whole side of the swim area to ourselves so I decided we swim over to where everyone was n sure enough everyone then swam to the otherside leaving us all to ourselves again. Did this a few more times and it never failed, quite racism sure is something else yet I won't lie it was nice to have all that space to ourselves

  12. Except he is racist in his first few words. 'you guys as Britain have fucked up so much' Err what. We didnt have anything to do with it mate. That was our politicians and the upper class. Us normal Brits were simply struggling to get by.

  13. He should talk about the targeting of minorities in south Africa, inspired by the ANC terrorists. And maybe explain why the whites in SA didn't want to live amongst those who they had spent their entire existence in SA fighting …..

  14. A White Man was robbed at gunpoint by a black man. And even though the White Man handed over his wallet, he was shot anyway! As the white man laid on the ground bleeding, he look up at the black man counting the money in the wallet and said, "Why do you shoot me, you piece of shit!"
    (Now even is this story were real, the BBC would probably want the white guy investigated for racism for calling that black guy a piece of shit)

  15. Blacks have not explained if things are so bad in white countries, why do they leave black countries to go live there? Leading psychiatrist say blacks can not go 24 hours without crying racism in a white country.

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