Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Finals And The Winner Is Announced Full S12E18
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Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Finals And The Winner Is Announced Full S12E18

October 7, 2019

Welcome back to the final of rooms got talent to 2018 where it is time to announce the results Let’s welcome back. All of this year’s finalists. They are Darlings B-positive Sky Love it the wind Nikki pika Don’t jest dick Dbj We’ve had over two and a half million volts that have been counted and verified and it’s now time to reveal the results First we’re looking for our top three acts as voted for by you at home. So in no particular order Mickey pker you Are not in the final three D-day darlings you Or not in the final fool Jack and Tim you Or not in the final three Sam brother You Or not in the final three Courtney you are Not in the final three Lost Boys guy Oh in the final B-positive choir you Are not in the final three Don’t chairs Dicker’s you Or in the final So it down to two arts left Robert white and Griffith no, sorry. Sorry. I apologize. We’re not down to boundary. We have three left EVGA You are next you Are not in the final three So we are now down to just two us Robert white and Griffith win one of you Will just miss out on a place in the final three The app that is in the final three of Britain’s Got Talent is Positions And all of you you have all been a huge part of a magnificent final. Please give it up for tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent finalists everybody With Robert White lost voice guy and Don chairs dick as you are the top three acts as voted for by the public but only one of you can leave here with that place at the Royal Variety Performance the third placed act in Britain’s Got Talent 2018 is Don’t just Gotcha Third place, how do you feel feel marvelous? I feel fantastic It’s like out of this world anything you’d like to say to everybody home was voted for you Thank you so much for voting for me. And thank you so much. I love it we go More time third place in 2018. It’s don’t just Dekker Right Here we go After thousands of auditions five incredible semi-finals and an amazin file it comes down to this two acts Remain, Robert white and lost voice guy one of you is about to win a quarter of a million pounds and a place on the bill in the Royal Variety Performance the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 is Lost voice guy You To predict this year’s runner-up second-place commiserations Robert but second place It’s amazing. Um this whole year was about Giving up comedy and starting teaching. So this will be a lovely thing to remember comedy. I saw you become a full-time teacher in September Love to having you here ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it one more time for this year’s runner-up. Mr. Robert lights Would you looking here he’s done it you’ve only done it Like to say to the judges first of all, I Have been blown away by the support of the judges and the general public I’ve got so much love from everyone and I’m really grateful for it all I’m very excited to get to perform in front of the Queen. I’d loved her since she sang Bohemian Rhapsody Judges would you like to come to the stage and join me? Come on up I now congratulate our winner He has done it he’s made all the way And you go Hundreds of thousands are lost boys guys. Congratulations judges are coming up to say congrats Welcome Lost Boys sky is this year’s winner? Huge thank you to our judges one sec volumes Alesha Dixon Amanda Holland Simon Cowell – you day you have down an outstanding job this week To you I am so happy back to you I’ve got five seconds to see if there’s any thank you to everybody. Thank you to you for watching That is it from us. We see on itv2 and Stephen. Good night everybody

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  1. Lost voice guy is so good but honestly he doesn’t deserve to win. He is very talented but not the most talented ppl just voted for him cz he’s disabled

  2. what an awful way to announce who is NOT in the final 3, the announcer should be told that that delay was painful, what they should have done was asked them to step forward and say how great they were but you are not in the final 3. The announcer really screwed this one up.

  3. Aww men… I watched this cuz I thought jack and Tim was in the finals.. I thought they were gonna win.. aww men.. I want them back.. and make them win!!

  4. The disabled guy got the win probably because he’s disabled I think if he weren’t disabled he wouldn’t have won.

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  6. You gotta be kidding me, Jack & Tim have incredible voices , how are they not in the top 3 & the welsh gentleman…This was def a rigged voting… 1000% disagree on who won, no offense to the lost voice man but come on, its a talent show…shocked at the final 3

  7. Stop saying other people would of won if lost voice guy wasnt speechless because its the public decision and if so many people liked certain people ,clearly people liked others more

  8. Even tho lost voice guy was amazing,well done to him, i think he only one because he has a disability. And tbh he wasn't even that funny. The world just kisses disabled people arses. It's not right

  9. NOO!!! I wanted Donchez to win because of his wiggle wine music that made th judges and the audience to dance… 🥺

  10. I do not under standed it how does this stuff work. Do they haved all ofed acts and diffrenter kinds ofed acts all do compete against eached others? So thened comdeians do go against singing persons as Calum Courtney ? And I thought it they haved said the winner does geted 1 Millions, not 250,000
    I do think it is DUMB for having a 10 years old singer to competed withed a Comedian dude or gymnastical dudes. Or Groups to competed withed them neither. Why do not they haved diffrenter groups as singers do competed with others singers and comedians against others comedians and liked that???
    Too all so I do not thinked who did win was being betters thened was Calum Courtneys or many ofed others did I see as liked Benicio Bryant and Ruebens Gray and too even Etan Higgins or ofed many many ofed others too.

    And do not say it I am being as bigot against ofed a disbilitys guy neither becaused I do haved a disbilitys too. I geted beated to all most deathed by a mean, vile fosters father I haved whened I was at 11. He did cracked my head and evened brains operation would not fixed it so at now I am at 14 and still am I muted and do I haved aphasias brains damaged little ofed a bit. So I cand not writed normals and it is hard to geted words as right for what do I thinked.

  11. I am very disappointed in the British people for not having voted to win the D-Day Darlings. I always have thought the British to have good taste. I believe the guy that won won because he is disabled. I mean he is funny and all but not THAT funny to win a show, just average jokes. The Darlings stirred my blood. Wish I could have voted but I am a American so that couldn't happen, thought for sure they would win.

  12. Robert white should have won just because lost voice guy 's
    disabled doesn't mean he should win his COMEDY IS TRASH AND SHOULD DIE IN THE CORNER OF A STREET

  13. When they called he man in the yellow suit watched all his performances don’t know how to spell his name. I thought he was done but then the exact opposite happened

  14. I don't care if you think I'm messed up but the last two were only given the spot because of their back story. Lost voice guy only won because of his back story

  15. not fair for Giang Brothers, They should be winner because their performance are very danger but they done it so well

  16. After watching this, it inspires me to keep fighting, but I don't have disability…
    It's not easy to stand in front of lot of people with disability but this Lost Voice Guy did….
    101%salute for you, keep fighting!!

  17. Total bullshit. I waste my time on this guy or his machine. How many did it take to program his machine for you to laugh


  19. Giang brothers should have had at least the 2nd place, my God! They could've died doing their number in the finals!

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