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Brexit breakdown: 14 days that shook politics | Anywhere but Westminster

November 17, 2019

I’m campaigning for the local Labour party. Hello Peterborough! This is a very big political moment for the
country. It’s quite crazy, obviously, growing up here
to see it in the national spotlight, it’s quite scary. It’s like the barometer of the whole nation really,
like the last bastion of hope type of thing. I’ve seen the way this town has been shafted
over the years, to be honest. … this isn’t even about Brexit,
this is about the kind of country we live in. … people transform our society,
so we won’t be one that’s so divided, we won’t be one where we walk by
on the other side for those that are unfortunate. I mean, with the odd break,
this is about 14 days on the road now. Frimley, Manchester, Swindon,
Thornbury on the edge of the Cotswolds. Look at that,
we’ve got to go and get a shot of that. That was post apocalyptic. GPS: At the roundabout,
take the third exit. Peterborough has got everything really
that sort of denotes modern Britain for good and ill. It’s got loads and loads of warehouses
and distribution centres. It has got a huge population of people
from EU countries, and other countries besides, and it voted by a pretty heflty majority
for Brexit. You know there’s a giant bird cack down your windscreen I’ve kept that there
for symbolic purposes. It’s to indicate the fact we’re being that we’re being shat on. I wanted to send a message,
because we are sick and tired of the establishment. I am here to support it
and teach the elite a lesson. Tell me about your idea of the elite,
who are the elite? Well, the elite are the same people who
control the Guardian now and are putting through your neocon agenda. Wow! So where are you coming from politically? Well, it depends, I’m a supporter of Julian Assange, which the Guardian isn’t, I’m a supporter of Bradley Manning,
which the Guardian isn’t. Left and right all joins. Right. I also blame the free markets,
but I don’t think they have the free markets anymore. We have crony capitalism. Big queue. In any given political situation,
someone’s got a big queue, you know, It was sort of, Corbyn two years ago,
wasn’t it? And it was Scottish independence,
a year or two before that. These MPs are payed about £75,000,
they voted in to do what … … our bidding. But they’re not doing it … What we tell them to do, but they don’t … They’re going off on a tangent … Respect the people. I’ve watched some of these on the internet
and I thought: ‘oh, this sounds intersting’ and he’s got a very, very powerful message. The British political class
is rotten to the core. Parliament has abolished the referendum
and declared war on the British people. Welcome to the stage,
Nigel Farage! And trust me, trust me,
there are shitloads, a lot more people feel like this. A lot more people. And don’t think this movement,
and it is a movement now, that means nothing still,
that’s what they think, it means nothing still. Wait until after this European election, and then Peterborough,
when we win that too. Who are you fighting? Everybody. This part of Manchester is at the other end
of the Brexit spectrum. I’m just freestyling here, guys. You’re sort of freestyling about topical
things… I obviously, you know,
share the concern about Brexit but at the same time,
I am not knowledgable enough to share, you know,
a prevalent opinion. What’s your sense of the future? Are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic, absolutely. You know, my journey now
is just to carry on creating, that’s cool with me. I don’t… You don’t see any sort of… I’m a bit older than you,
I feel there’s a lot of dark clouds on the horizon, the world’s not going in a very nice direction. Yeah, but for what I can do as an individual,
I just think it’s about being, you know, on an individual to individual basis,
just being positive with one another, that’s sort of the easiest way to effect change. You are the one man antidote
to the bleak mood. I’ve stopped watching the news
because it’s like, what’s the point,
it’s just the same stuff, different day. You tuned out? Yeah. Just because I’ve got more important things
to think about now. What like, one on the way? Yeah. What kind of world do you think
you’re bringing your baby into? I don’t know. You’re talking to the wrong guy. You must have an opinion. My opinion is,
don’t worry about the country, worry about yourself. Really? There’s nothing else you can do. If you worry about the country,
what can we do about it? This is where vox pops are
simultaneously completely unscientific and random … But also, very revealing. About three days ago
we were in Surrey, at a Nigel Farrage rally. and I know exactly what they want,
Brexit now, right? The people I’ve spoken to here seem much more … I’m just politically confused. Do you know about Change the UK,
the independent group? Yeah, don’t start … Why you’re laughing? You know why I’m laughing. Speaking of being politically confused,
there’s an event in the centre of town put on by the other new party,
trying to use these elections to make a big breakthrough. No queue here as yet. It’s like a gate at an airport. The Change UK flight to Romania
is now ready for boarding. We’ve decided that we could no longer
put up with politics as it was. We’ll come to that,
we are just whetting your appetite for it. That’s what we’re going to do in a second. So … ah! While we find our wi-fi connection… I want to stand on a platform
to rebuild something, to reshape and to change our politics. We are campaigning,
if we’re going to go off the cliff in October to revoke article 50. It’s not quite funny
but it’s not bad. It’s the way in which
my community is dismissed, the way which is smeared as some liberal
metropolitan elite, it’s disgusting. We have to walk,
otherwise I am going to miss this train, and I’m going to be killed
if I miss it. You should have called yourself
the remain party, shouldn’t you? No, because the broken nature of our politics
is far beyond Brexit. You’re not going to out
with a whimper, you don’t worry about that? No, God no. I mean, I wouldn’t… Apparently were these narcissistic,
egotistical careerists … we’ve done like the most non-careerist thing you can think of. Hi mate, are you alright? So what happens next? I hear there’s infinite possibilities so … Infinite possibilities. Right, go and get your train. I am going as well! There they go. Change UK. Well considering how het up everyone’s
got about this election, it’s a little bit tumbleweedy. Not by the look of it. What, because two people have got in to vote? It’s not exactly South Africa. It’s not like Nelson Mandela. You can’t tell us how you voted,
could you? I wish I could. Who did you vote for? Brexit. Did you? Yeah. I mean, you know the fella in charge of
of the Brexit party, Nigel Farage? A great fan of Mrs Thatcher and all that. Well aren’t they the people who did for Merthyr
not that long ago. You can’t keep going back in history,
can you? What do people say leave the EU
to make things even worse? I don’t believe it. They said the day we voted out. Everyone said that the European Union
has put so much into Merthyr, and they have. You know, we’ve got a nice bridge, you know,
we’ve had a lot of funding, but it doesn’t help us. Do you work? Yeah. What do you do? I’m a gardener. What do you do? Healthcare. You know,
there’s always a struggle. I don’t know, it’s the same as it’s always been. And that’s why we need to change. Radio presenter: It’s Friday for most
of us today, Some warm sunshine around as well. There’ll be some changes coming in to the south-west … We drove across the social spectrum
on election day, and went a bit mad in the process. John, what are you doing to my car? What have we done? Two things were pretty constant. However low trust in politics was before
the referendum, it’s worse now. Brexit party or no Brexit party. I don’t believe Farage for one minute
he’s for the working people. And no one likes the media either. Every time you switch on the telly,
it’s Nigel Farage. Yeah, I agree, I agree. That’s media driven,
with respect to you guys. In fact, no one seems to trust anything anymore. We don’t know where we are. Feels good though. This is the sort of place where
vox pops could be. What have we got here? Blair Parade! I’m liking it! Can I talk to you for a minute? I ain’t got time. Come one, one quick question. What? Are you going to vote today? No. You’re not? No. Wow! Blair Parade.
– Blair Parade. What do you think of the state of the country? Last question. It’s not very good, is it? So why don’t you vote then? They will do what they want to do anyway. Not this time, maybe. Yeah, right … They are corrupt, got to go. All the bankers, mate, all the top bankers,
the Rothschilds and all them lot mate The politicians, they’re all under their cuff now, They all give them money. The entrails of this modern internet politics
are everywhere, aren’t they? Everyone is a conspiracy theorist now. Which is why, in retrospect,
holding a referendum just as technology completely changed the way millions
of people thought about politics was always going to turn everything
on its head. Do you know what it is? The beauty of representative democracy
and I include myself in this, right … Is you don’t have to have
a detailed opinion about fuck all you can vote on the basis of whatever you like and it just goes in a big mincing machine,
and out comes the government … If you don’t want them you can vote them out. The idea that everybody’s got to be an expert,
it’s ridiculous. Look at that lorry mate Why, what’s wrong with it? It’s on zigzags and he knows that.
They ought to take your license away He just blocked someone in. So, have you voted yet? Yes. I’m going now, mate. And who are you going to vote for? Have a guess. Brexit party? Yeah. Why do I need to be in Europe? You give me an answer to that. Well, because it’s a series of trading arrangements. How did we trade it before? Different world then, no? Different world? Yeah, it’s a different world now. What needs to change about the country
to make you feel better about all of this? You don’t want it on there … Go on. Have you been up Swindon town? No, go on. Well, I will tell you what,
on a hot day like today. When I go to town … it feels like
I’ve already gone on holiday, and you know what that means. They are not the people who do all the work? Keep the place ticking over? Who’s not all the people who…? Well, the immigrants you’re talking about. You’re trying to put words into my mouth. What I am going to say is, look at our town, mate, Primark’s all we’ve got here, Primarks and a charity shop, look at me. Right? Primarks and a charity shop. These old jeans. I am not a Primark or a charity shop shopper. I worked hard. There’s a lot that’s going on for my age to be truthfully honest, like, not many of my friends my age vote or to be truthfully honest,
so, it’s one of these things that I try to get information relevant to it
but I don’t know… What if I said though that by not participating
you lose to people like the gentleman we’ve just met. Who’s that? Who thinks Swindon isn’t Britain anymore,
doesn’t want immigration and he’s going down there to vote for the
Brexit party. OK. And you and your friends
aren’t really engaging on politics and therefore, he’s winning. I know, I can see why you’re saying that. I am more concerned for what my daughter
and my kids growing up and what it’s going to be like for them,
to be truthfully honest… I don’t know,
I really don’t know. But I literally need to go. Go, go. Who did you vote for just now? Where is this going? On the Guardian’s website. Right. Put it this way,
democracy is broken. Go on. That’s it. Work out from there. It’s the Saturday before
the Peterborough byelection. Activists have come from all over this part
of England and beyond, to help Labour get their vote out. We need a Labour government. How do you feel about the state of the country,
right now? It’s dying. The far right is on the rise,
racism is almost as bad as it was on the 70s. Thanks to all of the constituencies that are
here today. and of course the danger is if I start mentioning them I’ll leave somebody out, and be told off forever more, but I’m used to that kind of problem
with the mainstream media. And I don’t care! The one-trick pony Farage
is in town today. What does he know about education,
what does he know about police cuts? What does he know about the pain
of trying to survive on universal credit? He’s not talking about Brexit. The B word is unmentioned. We’re going to go because
we have stuff to do. Can we follow you around? Sorry to disturb you … She’s voting Labour. Can you tell me what you think about Brexit? Is this your business? It’s my aunty’s. So you’re from a Portuguese family. I am. But were you born in Peterborough? I’ve been here for 20 years. How do you feel about the state
of the country right now? Brexit and all that… Shit. Sorry, I don’t know if I am allowed to use that,
but yes, it is, it’s really bad. I work at Pizza Hut in town,
and we are all foreigners. And we get quite a lot of,
you know, abusive … And we’ve noticed it more since Brexit. Like you know,
that we’re worthless, really. Nigel Farage, I’ve just tried
to have a bet on him He’s 200-1 for the next prime minister
and I’m going to have £10 on him. Do you mean that’s a good or bad thing
if he was the prime minister? I think it would be a good thing. But what’s the point
if it’s all corrupted? They listen to the English people,
they don’t listen to the foreigners. We’ve got no say here. It’s called democracy It’s corruption, really,
it really is. Well with democracy we should be allowed to vote for the Brexit as well because we pay the taxes. It’s amazing how for Brexit only the older
generation voted and not the younger generation. If you think about it, it’s the younger generation
that’s going to be here, not the older generation. See, you’re judging me already. God, but the atmosphere has got worse
in Peterborough … you say. Are you canvassing for the Conservative … Oh, no, you’re Brexit party people. Only the Brexit party can bring about the
change in politics that Peterborough desperately
needs. Well, I was into Ukip
but that relationship ended. But I’ve got from left to right, you see. I stood for Labour in West ward here. I did.
– Isn’t politics weird these days? It was a question of democracy
and sovereignty. What Nigel said is that he’s going to bring
direct democracy, like the Five Star Movement,
his aim is to make the Brexit party like the Five Star Movement in Italy, which has direct democracy,
where members vote on the policies electronically. God, what a funny old state the country is in, eh? That he wants direct democracy. Beppe Grillo. Well, you better bring back hanging then,
that’s the thing. See, what I think this is all about is something we’ve only just started to understand, you know, it’s really about what the internet does to
politics. Because everywhere is open to everything. Who would have though that we would meet
people in with a shout of getting an MP who go on about Beppe Grillo’s direct democracy. You know, people who are sensibly on the right of politics who support Julian Assange … And then Corbyn comes out and says …
makes reference to the mainstream media. And it’s sort of out of anyone’s control. And it’s still going. And the crowd here is different. It’s more diverse, there’s more women,
there’s more young people… Probably shows you that the Brexit party
is spreading. Well I think its the realignment of politics,
isn’t it? Left and right is in the past. This is about a call for people to try
and you know, reconnect with you know, where power is actually… Do you feel like that yourself? Yeah. Thursday, in Peterborough, is democracy day!

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  2. he says "diesel jeans" not "these old jeans." Which is obvious because he's commenting negatively on charity shops and saying he worked hard.

  3. Well done to Labour who managed to win somehow. The Brexit Party has lost because:
    1) People are more cautious about their MPs than MEPs.
    2) Not enough people turned up
    3) The lack of a manifesto or policy positions is detrimental for a Westminster election
    4) Donald Trump saying that the NHS was on the table for a deal with the US even though he backtracked on that was not good as the NHS is a holy cow which can destroy electoral ambitions if touched.
    5) They feel no need for TBP if Brexit happens so when Boris Johnson promises them, for some reason they believe and vote Tory.
    6) TBP has not attracted enough Labour voters. Simple maths shows that double the amount of disgruntled labour voters go to Lib Dems than TBP.

  4. The Brexit Party lost at Peterborough.

    Nooooo problem, just demand another election.

    It’s how remainders think.

  5. Confident ignorance of the facts about the EU propagated by Brexit has caused people to think they can undertake risky acts for which they do not have the skills, talent or know how.

    Lack of self control and a delusional obsession with it's own economic grandeur will be the UK's undoing.

  6. You came unstuck there mate..!! out of the londoncentric, lefty guardianista towers.. about time you put your shoulder to it, instead of trying to overturn referendums. Europes a great place to live- why cant the guardianista towers relocate to a eu 27? You would be in heaven!..

  7. You are so naive you still think the millionaires like blair, campbell, sir Michael rake of losers vote, Branson, jp morgan, Goldman Sachs care about you. The Labour Party dont represent the working class. This Labour Party are the party of london and remain supporting millionaires not the party that set up the nhs of course they use the claim that nigel will sell off the nhs while theyve been doing it since blair, to fool their class obsessed voters.

  8. Thank you!! I've been missing this show since the last installment! If that is the right word. I hope you keep putting these ABW vids. Thank you so much from San Francisco, CA. Part of my being amateur expert on BREXIT is this program.

  9. Make no mistake in presuming UK Parliamentarians support democracy, most do not.  The majority of MPs support technocratic dictatorship with only a minority still supporting democratic government.  Therefore Parliament is not a democracy and does not represent the people. To reassert democratic government vote for The Brexit Party.

  10. Big fan of yours John, but you completely missed the major story of the Lib Dems in the locals and Europeans, 700+ gains and 2nd place in the European Elections, smashing the Laybas in London.

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  12. Good stuff from the Guardian, but is it any wonder people are so pessimistic?

    you see this repeated up and down the whole nation.

    I'm from Northampton which is boarded up houses and factories, homeless people in tents in the town centre and social division. Same old, same old.

    The older generation feel like their nation is disappearing and English culture is being shunned or even attacked.

    The young people feel like we are having the fears of the old foisted onto us and its going to bankrupt our country. Meanwhile we live under a backdrop of the scientific reality that the human race is probably doomed.

    The main sticking point is how towns have been ignored and underfunded for years and the centralisation around london has really harmed communities in the Midlands, East Anglia, North and Southwest.

    Identity politics (from right and left) have adopted American terms and rhetoric and it divides us even more, telling people that the world is black and white and people who don't share their social/cultural/ethnic group are their enemies – a much more divisive view than class war because it hinders our collective bargaining power against the rich and powerful.

    The social fabric that held this country together has been stripped away systematically and now there is little that unites us as "British", so we cleave to our small groups (whether political, ethnic etc).

    When it comes to this conspiracy theoryism I think a major factor is the reality that we've bailed out banks to the tune of billions, they were never punished for 2008, faceless corporations take taxpayer money in the form of PFI and PF2 but then even more faceless corporations refuse to even pay taxes at all! The wealthy industrialists and financiers DO have influence over politics to a certain degree. Media isn't trusted because it is shown to be corrupt, look at the phone hacking scandal, look at how Murdoch and D'acre used to meet with the PM, look at how every candidate backed by the Sun has won every election since thatcher's days. It shows us how if a candidate gets backing from a major media group they can expect to win by the virtues of horrible divisive smear campaigns on their enemies rather than projection of their policies to a wider audience. Peoole are taught to know what they're against, not what they're for.

    The final battleground of this chaos will be the NHS. We all know the Tories have been intentionally chipping away at the base of the NHS for years now. However, Brexit has allowed the anti-NHS wolves to rear their heads. American companies circle us like vultures and hyenas. If the NHS is touched by US companies I honestly predict riots.

    But most worryingly, Farage and a group of Industrialists want to hash out their own trade deal with Trump, and then when BXP sweep the elections they will gut this country and cripple us forever.

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    Glad you got your hands dirty!

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  26. Fair reporting guardian. The Brexit party are the big game changer in politics . The way forward for democracy is to start your own party in your own towns. We have just done this in WHITEHILL AND BORDON. It’s called the Whitehill and Bordon community party. We have just won all of the council seats in the local parish elections in north east Hampshire.
    Bring a team of your reporters down.WE ARE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS..We even have our own written Constitution.

  27. On a not so cheerful note, not one brexiteer has been able to tackle the elephant in the room, The 'Good Friday Agreement'. You can't put a new ring around the UK when it contains a disputed territory, and no one foresaw that little gem of an issue – the Northern Ireland "troubles" are brewing up, because a hard border will mean no freedom of movement – and it's goodbye 'Good friday agreement' hello 'troubles'.

  28. Its not about anything else but the city tax haven status , thats why farage wanted to leave , hes holding out for the EU to grant it and all this would fade into the weeds .

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    Inconvenient isn't it?

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    Trump will destroy it in the tradedeal.
    This is now a known fact. Congratulations ??

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  38. 10:52 this is the real face of the Brexit party, previously hidden sentiment rising to the surface. Scary stuff.

  39. Farage was hoping for a Peterborough lap of victory but he hid in the lavatory, the Brexit Party did not win a clear majority in the EU election in either seats or vote share.

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    Cheers and Solidarity from the US. We’re more bungled up and divided, but I feel finally coming together against reactionary policies and austerity…We’ll see

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