Breaking News – Zukünftig Sex-Games auf Steam? Nintendo vergurkt Cloudsaves?
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Breaking News – Zukünftig Sex-Games auf Steam? Nintendo vergurkt Cloudsaves?

December 15, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the triamese twins You guys still remember Katamari? Beautiful Katamari is like a dog, like sleep or a bunch of idiots, like playing with LEGO, like a little Child exploting the world it´s intuitive, easy and full of little wonders Not everyone´s gonna like it but it´s one of these titels one can play over and over again without getting tired This completely crazy rollpuzzle game is about to turn a lap of honour The name Katamary Demacy Reroll has just been trademarked in Europe In january, Katamari creator Keita Takahashi published on Twitter that he´d be extremely exited about a Katamari Demacy remake We´ll keep an eye on it! Nintendo released an Update about the payed Nintendo Switch Online Service the announced cloud save function won´t be accessible in all games especially in online games like Splatoon 2 or Pokemon cloud saving won´t be possible to prevent cheating it’s not certain that Nintento´s making friends with that move mainly because Sony and Microsoft seem to be handling this issue without any problems to be fair, the cloud save function allowes various tricks that otherwise weren´t possible for example, we accomplished all possible endings of bloodborne in one playthrough even better…. in Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 the whole microtransaction system is driven ad absurdum Here´s a little demonstration You´d like a new outfit in Dead Or Alive Extime 3 but don´t want to spend actual money on it? And you can´t earn enough with an honest round of volleyball … That´s no problem with the new PS + Cloud save Only save online an go to the casino on maximum stakes fill one-third of the table with chips if you loose, don´t worry just reload your online savestate and try again that´s how you get your desired beach outfit Disclaimer: Gambling can be addictive PS + Membership isn´t free The purchase of beach outfits with actual money can in particular cases be cheaper Speeking of Dead Or Alive… After long seesaw Steam will publish sex-Games again There will hardly be any restrictions with a new filter system the shown content shall be customizable we Triamese Twins have a distinct opinion about pornographic content what about you? are you gonna get your Hentais on Steam instead of looking through the internet? We hope for PewDiePie’s return to form that´s it for now….. bye and see you next time Leave a like and subscribe if you like our content

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