Brazil’s Marcus D’Almeida relives his YOG Silver Medal | Archery Week
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Brazil’s Marcus D’Almeida relives his YOG Silver Medal | Archery Week

August 15, 2019

Representing Brazil was magical, I think it was the feeling of… There were one hundred athletes in the Nanjing Games and I was chosen to represent them all. When I first picked up the flag, it was a really good feeling. It feels like you are with your country, That you have the whole world with you. In my first battle I almost lost, because you have to be confident and the first battle is the most difficult one. Being the first one you’re still warming up. It’s the first of the day, the first of the month. So you have to be well warmed up. And in the first few shots I wasn’t very confident but after that, the next three shots I was able to be confident and happy, so I got through. And I know that was going to be the most difficult thing, as the Indians are very potent in Archery. I had to be confident that I was going to get through. As I know one more and I will be guaranteed to get a medal. But that wasn’t what I was thinking. One more and a medal to bring home. No. One more and let’s get gold. I think all Brazilian athletes think like that. You have to keep confident even when you lose the first set. If you let the confidence go, you will lose. You will finish, you will deliver 3 to 0, and that is the worst that can happen to us. I think after that I was able to get a good result. A draw, and then it was 4 to 2. I did 4 to 4 When I was waiting for the final, I was very happy because I got through the semi alright. And knowing that I was going to take on a Korean, and that wasn’t going to be easy. So I had to remain calm and focused. When I was arriving to the final I had a lot of representatives of Brazil, And a lot of Brazilian friends, and that was a big support. It made a big difference during the battle Because it gave me strength, as I don’t see it as pressure, I see it as support. In the first set he got a 30 and I got a 29. A 29 for Brazil isn’t that bad, it’s something good and a 30 even better. So I knew I was shooting well and there was no need to worry. When I shot in the second set, I got 30 to 30. The supporters all screamed and cheered on. Because it was 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 And that is rare to see in the sport. He won with 30 and me with 29, so I would have been very sad if I had lost with 27, making an 8 and shooting outside the yellow. I hadn’t missed a yellow, in any moment. So it would have been worse for me if I had shot outside of the yellow. But I left very happy with my silver medal, that is one of the most important medals to me. I felt that there was just a bit missing for the gold medal. And it’s that little bit missing that keeps me working and training, because if you always had everything you would stop. That little bit missing is what pushes me, it’s what makes me want much more.

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