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Brazil World Cup Innovation | The Edge

November 4, 2019

And the science begins in Brazil, host of
the 2014 World Cup but while soccer fans across the globe concentrate
on the action on the pitch a lot of attention and innovation went on
behind the scenes Despite worries over their readiness, the
12 stadiums across the country are amongst the most technologically advanced
buildings in the world whether they were repurposed, or newly built,
all push the boundaries of sustainability to its limits photo-voltaic panels will provide energy water harvesting facilities that can store
millions of litres of rainwater will be used for the pitch sprinkler systems and even the toilets And when it comes to retrofitting old stadiums,
a lot of the original materials were recycled, reused, or donated to other projects FIFA, the World Cup governing body, say social
and environmental responsibility is a key and compulsory element in any countries
bidding process

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