Brazil 2014 sweepstakes spreadsheet
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Brazil 2014 sweepstakes spreadsheet

November 5, 2019

This is just a short video clip to show you
how to use the world cup spreadsheet you have downloaded. When you get the download and
you open up the zip file you will see 2 files. The one is for the organiser and the other
one is for the participants. If you open up the organiser spreadsheet you
will see there is an instruction sheet which explains how the spreadsheet should be used,
a little bit lower down the default point scoring is shown, you are welcome to change
that to suit whatever system you want to use. Once you have decided on the points system
you can send out the input template which is this file here.
Participants can read the instructions but it is fairly straight forward they need to
need to fill in the scores they predict for each match so you will see that these are
all the matches, group matches. We will just put a score in here. When all the group matches
are complete the group standings will be automatically populated and the knock out phases will be
shown. Again everyone must guess the scores all the way to the finals. When they have
completed this they must save the file and send it back to the organiser
When the organiser receives the spreadsheet back all they need to do is go and do this
exact copy so go from F10 and go all the way down to J91, copy it, go back to the master
spreadsheet, put the player in his appropriate place for example player 1, I am going to
come here and then you must paste it as values. What you will see that all the details come
through but most importantly the participants predicted knockout matches are pasted as values
and is no longer using a formula. Once all the players have been captured you
just need to wait, as the matches play the results will be updated these will automatically
be done and you will see with the results in the scores will turn black which indicates
that these are actuals as opposed to predictions, the points that that player gets for the matches
will be highlighted here with a total and this will come through into the overall points
which will then rank it and put the players in their appropriate order

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