Brand Soulmates: YouTube’s Top 10  Gaming
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Brand Soulmates: YouTube’s Top 10 Gaming

August 22, 2019

Video Games and YouTube. A marriage made in nerd heaven. What could be better than going down the YouTube rabbit hole to a channel of endless game streaming? Nothing of course! That’s why we’re bringing you the top streamers from YouTube gaming. So strap into your gaming chair and put on your Gunnar Optiks, I’m Amanda Schuckman and this is your ION Top Ten list! Streaming worldwide at number 10 we have AuthenticGames. This Brazilian Minecraftian genius proves that language is no barrier, amassing over 3 million subscribers with his Superhero adventures and oversize, Frankensteined replicants of famous video game characters. It’s alive!!! Bringing a little English charm to the ninth position, StampyLongHead fills his let’s plays and Minecraft tours with a sense of wonder that would make even The Doctor harumph with envy. So throw on a scarf and give me a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff because I want to go where this guy’s going. At number 8 we have TazerCraft, another Brazilian Minecraft treasure with nearly 4 million subscribers. His videos command your attention with an infectious intensity reward it with amazingly authentic builds. What are they putting in the water over there? Keeping the international light burning in 7th place we have Fernanfloo. This streamer from El Salvador isn’t worried about being the best gamer he’s out to prove that all around the world he’s sworn to entertain his 7 million subscribers. His streams are legendary, his let’s plays hilarious, and his hair, Pink? You knew he was coming, it’s Markiplier holding it down at numero seis. This guy’s been around and seen some things in the gaming world and it’s earned him over 10 million subscribers. Honestly
though I’m just here for the slo-mo puppy videos. PopularMMOs starts off the top 5 on our list this week. He’s putting the epic back into Minecraft for a hearty 6 million plus subscribers by blowing up bigger and bigger piles of TNT, pitting superheroes against each other and fending off the“Blocking” Dead. Heading back across the pond to the Emerald Isle, Jacksepticeye gives a Top O’ the mornin to you from the number four
spot. He more than earns his title of most energetic video game commentator on YouTube. Shouting, laughing and cussing his way through all the games that were too hard to play yourself. Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the block-world across the pond, The UK’s Diamond Minecart takes 3rd place this week. All Minecraft. All the time. That’s how this streamer likes it and apparently his over 8 million subscribers agree. He even Minecrafts Grand Theft Auto. Does he not realize someone had already made that game? making their way to the ring the number
one contender for the YouTube stream crown and weighing in with 15 million subscribers, it’s Vanoss Gaming! These guys bring the heavyweight funny to the mix with their mindblowing mods of GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront, Black Ops 3 and more. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Stormtrooper, blaster-dodge, dance off. Taking the title this week at number one and leaving no doubt
with over 40 million subscribers, its PewDiePie. Let’s be honest, this guy’s channel is just heaps of WTF? But the kids seem to like it. So if you wanna see some things get really
weird and I mean weird. Like even for the internet, then PewDiePie may just be your guy. Be sure to like this video, subscribe to alistdaily, and leave a comment with your favorite GameMaster on the Tube. And to power up your brand’s story, visit I’m Amanda Schuckman, and this was your ION Top Ten list.

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