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August 27, 2019

Hey guys, this is Karina! It’s Ronald, and we are
from Sis versus Bro! And today we’re doing
a challenge called, Box of Lies. So this is how it works. We have six boxes behind us. We don’t know what’s inside them are
parents picked items for us. So we’re going to take
a box look inside, and tell the other person
what’s inside it. And the other person
has to guess if we’re telling the truth
or we’re lying. And the loser of this challenge
has to do an awkward dance. Okay, I’m first. Alrighty. Okay, I’m excited. Okay… There is a dog… A dog… And beside it is a diaper
with poop inside it. You’re lying. No, I’m telling the truth. What?! No.>>Look it…
>>Ew! It’s disgusting! Hey! Ew, that’s not real poop, is it? Eww! So, looks like I got a point. That’s gross! Your turn. Okay. Okay. I bet it’s gonna
be something weird. Okay… There’s Anna… Who’s Anna– Oh, yeah, now, I remember. And there’s an apple. Am I lying or telling
the truth or? Lying. No! You got it right! I did? There’s actually Elsa
and baby food. Elsa and a bunch of M&M’s?! What, M&Ms?! Oh my god! It smells delicious! I forgot to mention that. Smells so good. So, it looks like I
got two points now. I am really losing. I gotta catch up. Alright. So… We have a Nintendo Switch. You’re lying. We have apples… And a banana. You’re lying! No, I’m telling the truth. There’s no– That was his dream! His dream! And now… No way! There’s no way! No, there is! Look! It’s an actual Nintendo Switch?! What?! Oh my god! I’m surprised! Oh my god! The brand new console
is in our hands! And it’s beyond version 2! Now, we can hold it
in our own hands. Why are you surprised? Because I didn’t know
that was going to happen. So, three points for me. No, let me take that. Okay. This is with me. I’m going to play
this all day long. No, I’m playing it with you too. I’m so happy. I was waiting for this
for three weeks! I’m so surprised too. Alright, Ronald, your turn. I bet I’m gonna win. Okay, let’s see. So… There’s a unicorn. And there’s– There’s a gummy worm with Oreos on it. You’re telling the truth. How do you know? Cause you were looking
inside the box like you were. Oh my god! A unicorn wearing a diaper! What?! I [inaudible] everything! Ronald, seriously! There is a unic– And she’s holding a lollipop. I forgot to say so much things. You just went for the basics. Is there poo in this diaper? No. Okay, there’s no poo. So I have four points,
and Ronald has zero. But I have a Nintendo Switch. That’s my Nintendo Switch too. Okay, where’s the next? That was heavy. Okay, what’s inside it? There is a mug. A mug, okay. And there is… Worms inside it,
and uh… Apple on top of that. You’re lying. There’s a rat in there. Eww! I made it sound so unrealistic. I got a point in this. Oh my god. There’s a rat– It’s alive!
Close it! Close it!
Close it! It’s your new pet, Ronald. No, it isn’t. No, It’s yours. No no. You’ll love it. No. Please, just– Okay, fine. Okay… I… I still have
a chance of winning, I’m just joking. Okay, the last box. Are you ready? I’m ready. I bet I’m gonna get it. I’m scared. Oh! Happy birthday. What? Happy birthday. There is a birthday cake
with one on it. You’re telling the truth. And it’s pink,
and purple, and chocolate flavor. No, you’re telling lies. Okay. I’m telling the truth. It looks amazing! Oh! I could taste it already! Oh, yeah. And even says my name on it. I want to eat this! It’s beautiful! I love it! So, Karina’s birthday
was two days ago. Let’s sing a song for her. Happy birthday to you,
you’re a hundred and two. I’m not that old! You smell like flowers and poo. Eww. Happy birthday to you. Are you one?
Are you two? Are you three?
Are you four? Are you five?
Are you six? Are you seven?
Are you eight? Are you nine? Are you a hundred? Are you a hundred and one? No! I’m not a hundred years old. I’m ten. Karina, make sure
you make a wish. Okay. Whoo. Okay. Yay! Ronald, since you
lost the challenge, it’s your turn to make
the awkward dance. So guys, we hope
you like this video! And now,
we have a new pet, and Nintendo Switch. And if you really
like this cake, the Nintendo switch, and the rat,
give it a big thumbs up. And we’ll see you
guys all next time. Good bye. Let’s eat the cake now. Oh, I cannot wait to see
how it looks like.>>So happ–
>>Alright. Alright. So here’s the tablet. And then the two
joysticks are here. Joy Cons. Wow, this is a tiny tablet. Well, it’s supposed to connect. Wow. We have some cables
for charging it, I guess. And then we got… Handle, for one to switch. This is… The thing if you want
to play video game mode. The thing where you– So…
Xbox– So you put the two
Joy cons here… Here, I guess… And then you play on the TV.>>Yeah.
>>Which is cool. That’s all. Here is another handle. And… I guess is… This is– Oh, yeah,
this is a connector to the TV. It’s beautiful! Ronald, we should connect them
and see how it looks. Neon color, especially. Oh, it feels so good! Oh, I could feel! I feel like I’m playing it! But I don’t know how to play it,
so that’s the thing. And then we just
connect it to here. And it appears on the TV. Okay, and I guess
that’s the end of the video. It’s amazing!
I love it! Thank you!

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