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August 11, 2019

you know I survived the liquid-nitrogen
challenge survived the tsunami challenge and now Papa Jake’s going to survive
volcano box board challenge you won this is a bad idea why’d you bring me here box cutter what
is this place where are we no I’m right here today son brought you to the Future
this is not territory this is what box are this welcome to no water at home
look I’m tired of your games box cutter all right I’m tired of all this now what
you think you think your head this place don’t look too nice it does wrench h101
milk shop coming right up this is much of a future box honey
alright is it in the future I know what makes you say this business the path I’m
going down this is what happens if you go down the boxer in life
alright you continue down this path you’re bound to end up here is the world
now people live in box the only trade of market is mom there’s no way there’s no
it is your life these are lies box on it freeze tea Sun this right now
keep the change butter just the con man is always telling you the whole world
spin cardboard you’re telling me that every house even the currency is
cardboard do you milk and they make on board boxes welcome to the future she even see in here the delights barely
work this place is leaking a little bit of light here cool fire walls very
narrow region airglow easy okay okay he’s with me oh sorry sorry sorry
what is going on we don’t play with fire anymore son when you live in cardboard
boxes when your entire world is cardboard that’s some things you don’t
show I haven’t seen a match for years fires a lot you can’t even use a match
that’s simple I’ll just build a fireproof box for these you can’t fail
the fireproof box board it can’t be done that’s why fires out lot across the
whole goddamn world I don’t know what you think about me I don’t know what
your ideas are about me but I can do this I can build a fireproof box board I
don’t floating box force I’ve got box words I can survive tsunamis fire glissade be sown all right all right we
have a deal I’ll build the fireproof box fort and I will prove to you that I can
do this and then I need answers you’re giving me answers I tell you what
I tell you you build fire boom box that works okay you know okay and I’ll give
you information I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you my box honor you fail you leave
the bottle Africa you made this all behind and we never see each other again
like office 2064 button what watch this awesome Logan Logan get it right now Bob for an
emergency I’ve got a box for emergency Jake what is it Logan
we have another serious issue if they are you kidding me man
nope nope this is bigger than all the other issues combined if I stacked up
the issues they’d be here way up here we got to make a fire for Fox Point box
hunter is requesting that we make it and I’m showing him that I can do it see
your guy on YouTube again no no no it’s more than a Logan it’s more than that
gathered the cardboard we’re doing this hey yo what’s going on guys
Papa Jake’s here from geography and we are back with a brand new video and
today we are doing at the box for a versus volcano that’s right we got a box
in the mail because today we’re going to try and recreate a volcano now Logan is
there a volcano in there no not exactly so we don’t have any volcanoes around us
that’s okay because we are going to simulate a volcano then build a box for
that we are hoping can withstand a volcano so we’re gonna have a lot of
lava a lot of sparks a lot of crazy stuff
going on and your boy papa jake has to get inside and hopefully survive all
right guys let’s check this out so inside our Amazon today looting look at
this okay what are these well it was a witness I’ll pick they’re in we got some
rope we have 9-volt battery and we have some
steel wool and the protein used to recreate the sparks of a volcano
oh my god don’t do that come on what we definitely put it too tight oh my oh
there you go yeah do yo shake that oh man there you go there you go
so that’s what we’re going to simulate a volcano guys we got to get building this
box fort and this box for a better be good because if I’m in sizes and loads
of weapons is on me I got to make sure I’m secure all right guys so now that we
know how we’re going to recreate the volcano it’s time to build our box for
it we’re going to build it like this and I’m going to pull behind us just in case
anything goes wrong I need to jump in the pool and get to save because this
thing might light on fire but hopefully if we build it right dad when you get throughout this level
of box for building it’s good to get your tape on a belt take one of these
guys there you go you have a functioning paper at the box or did complete it is looking
good and I am the tops with the bottom of FA the things looking beautiful but
Jake and Eve the door guess who makes the doors take either it’s good this box for it’s so dark I
was thinking we put a window on the top of it I feel good if I got it’s like a
window light on roof there we go and then we’ll cover with like saran wrap or
something guide so it’s see-through so it’s and let the light in but hopefully
in the lava oh wait Jake how are we going to
fireproof this glad you asked Logan we got thin foil extra for for box for
is ultra for it ultra port and that means it’s ultra so guys we’re going to
cover this whole thing in tin foil because when it comes to fire proofing
stuff I think tin foil up there it might do it I don’t know does anyone check in
tin foil is fireproof no I didn’t I didn’t you didn’t know I just thought it
I Corps would do okay so none of us checked if this is fireproof but
regardless we’re gonna cover the whole thing in tin foil and then the socks
under here is going to be a saran wrap door window – Randall rap I mean it’s
not glass but it’ll do question marks I do buddy oh not thinks it’s alright
bro I realized that an inch from fallin in the water man we did it in confident
about this and the other than the hole in the roof and the side should be
pretty good I think I mean I don’t know I’m not simple amiable and then I might
dad but I’ll try it so Logan is now cutting out the front window which is
going to allow me to see the sparks basically flying right at me and then on
the side here this lit up or isn’t actually an orb it’s a balloon and we’re
going to use this balloon to kind of measure what would happen if we were
outside so if it pops that’s bad if it stays alive then that’s a good thing and
I’ll be in here safely under this saran wrap which isn’t so safe as remember do
not try this at home this is extremely dangerous leave it up to the box for
professional to do it because we’re playing fire guys not just by Logan it’s
lava and I think I hear a volcano coming we wanted to be as dark as possible for
you guys to see the spark the box for is ready it’s completely covered in tin
foil we have our windows and I’m ready to get inside all right guys the windows
are ready we got the window the fun the window at the top and now what we got to
do is get this steel wool all organized and then we’re going to start this as
you know I feel a lot of faith in these box floors I love the box books and I
believe that this box for it will be easy to safety I have a lot of faith you
know I survived the liquid nitrogen challenge survived the tsunami challenge
but now Papa Jackson survived volcano box fortune so what we’re going to do
now is we’re going to take the steel wool and we are going to wrap it in this
rope and I’m going to make sure that it’s at least somewhat secure
Oh hey there is you go boy alright you
gotta go back to a lot more cuz the balloon oh my god alright guys so so far the tinfoil has
been working amazing cute high five man dad that’s a big chunk of this hell’s
wrong man run of melted tinfoil here this big
chunk of melted metal to this box were to survive the molten lava guys but I
know what you’re thinking all right Papa Jake will you build the best box words
and clearly you built the fireproof box for and that’s true papa jake has built
a fireproof box works with working windows which didn’t even break but now
we’re going to rip off this info because we want to see what would happen if we
didn’t have our armor what would happen if we were in this box court are you
ready Logan I’m ready Jake guzik whoa oh whoa
his on fire dude can you see Martin three two one this is
a bad idea the box for has seen a better days man
that is insane so as you can see without the protective
shielding the box board stood no chance against the melted metal
it just completely dodged the story it got a little out of hand by guys if you
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if it doesn’t cost eight from Tim Lippe see you guys next time for another Fox
bored video

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