BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 📦⛵️Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!

August 21, 2019

alright I’m back and I’m ready for this
box for pirate ship battle check it out guys I got the full-on pirates – look
Jake oh good I didn’t know we were going this all out I got the pirate flag on I
guess I’ve got the floppy arms maybe not this thing alright guys it’s time to set
sail with our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa oh look at that
beautiful ship sails just like she should and we are back video and today
guys the Sun is blonde John is very blinding
today the Sun is blinding but guys today we are doing something
amazing we’re becoming pirates that’s right guys we’re going and we’re sailing
the seven seas we’re looting for plunder we’re getting
pet parents I don’t have a pet pair I have a pet dog oh they see you man a
parrot because we’re becoming pirates and we are having an all-out pirate
battle because me looking up debating I’ve been saying the Pirates need to
have big ships with big cannons so that they can take on all their opponents and
get all the plunder to feel it in their halls but but I actually disagree I
think to be a smart pirate you gotta build small and fast so you can escape
with the treasure I don’t know guys that’s exactly what we’re putting to the
test today alright we are gonna be having a pirate ship battle between me
and Logan Logan is gonna be making its small boats my ship which is very small
and you know probably ineffective well I’m gonna be making that actually lower
got across the pool really fast except on my side I’m making this into a
massive pirate ship I don’t have side cannons I don’t have a plank that I can
make people walk then I can make him walk the plank when they when they do
bad things I want to have enough place to store all of my treasure and the only
way to decide who officially is the best pirate would be best ship is to have a
pirate ship battle on this ocean aka my pool so to kick things off guys we’re
gonna split up with equal amounts of resources we’re gonna split up our nerf
guns we’re gonna split up our supplies and then our imagination is the only
limit once everything is completed we’re gonna set sail and the last man standing
wins hashtag team Logan if you think my boats
gonna be better hashtag Papa Jake if you think my boats gonna be
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combine their boat building skills and build one massive pirate ship let’s try
and get thirty thousand lights all right see more like 40,000 likes because I’m a
pirate I wouldn’t find golden mermaids and I want to sail on a dolphin and when
I get tuna do a X I’m gonna dig it up and find a big old treasure alright I
think Jase can a little bit get a little bit too piratey up in here so eyes if
you like if you like Papa Jake’s pirate voice but a hashtag pirate voice from
now on and it’ll only do videos in a pirate voice does not matter alright
Jake I think I think we should start building now I like the word build in
pirate voice for a little while now and it is looking amazing I’m not sure what
what’s going on over in Logan land all the way over there with that tiny little
ship that he’s got going on but definitely love what you do back come
over here don’t you be looking at my ship okay look at it I mean I barely see
it’s so tiny over there like I said guys it might be small but it can go very
fast and it’s a work in progress okay well my ship which is the big ship and
probably the best ship is looking amazing so check it out guys we’ve got
the ship here and as you guys can see it’s up here on the floaties for maximum
buoyancy and if we look over we’ve got a bunch of room inside here for building I
also went ahead and equip the front with a cool little like ship looking point
feature here which I think looks awesome so I’m gonna have a few cannibal huell’s
here I’m also gonna have the entrance on the side and I need ports for using my
nerf guns my water balloons and a couple more secrets I’m not gonna tell Logan
about I also got a really cool flag we got to put on it so I gotta get back to
building but so far this thing is looking sweet I’m excited to set sail
all right guys the Sun is going down which means we’re running out of time to
build these things here’s my boats so far it’s a work in progress not quite
done it’s super compact gonna be really fast we have two shelving compartments
and some room underneath for storage to keep like nerf guns and some awesome
tricks up our sleeves to attack Jake’s boat still some work to go
Jake’s boats looking a little bit more intimidating than mine but I’m still
gonna be adding some stuff to this and it’s gonna look way better than that
boom there she is decked out in pink it is looking awesome all we have to do now
is gear up the insides put lots of fun things you know like some big missile
launchers some water balloons slam gun tomorrow’s battle is gonna be a fire
right guys we have a both of our pirate ships are ready and they are looking
amazing mostly mine but Logan I know I’m this started out and all looking too
good but now it looks actually little spooky yeah
don’t know what the pink color though not very like scary you know it’s got
that kind of friendly look to it well who said pirates have to be scary
I mean arrr arrr that’s true but guys check this out our ships got the Jolly
Roger on the back we’ve got multiple ports for firing cannons out of on both
sides of ship and the only on this time check this out dual cam and fiery I mean
look and your she’s not even big enough for one cannon not only that but check
that we’ve got a plank so when I’m done with Logan I can make you walk the plank
straight into the water to swim with the fishes that is pretty awesome but but
still not as awesome as mine but guys I guess the only way to find out who truly
is the best pirate is to come back and have our ultimate box for a pirate ship
battle now the Sun is it’s set over there so we cannot do it tonight but
that gives us time to get ready it gives us time to get our Nerf blasters ready
our cannonballs ready and most importantly get our awesome pirate gear
on because we are gonna have an all-out box for pirate battle tomorrow at noon
so we’ll see you scallywags tomorrow alright we’re back for day two and we
are here to have our pirate ship a battle that is right Logan are you ready
to sail this time I got in the play I got a new plaque on her I’ve got the
flag down here this is the scariest ship you could possibly see in the sea and
I’ve got my pirate comrade Blackbeard but first guys before we can have our
awesome pirate ship battle we need to get our pirate here on which means we’ve
got a suit up get our pirate gear on and then we can choose our pirate weapons
for the ship alright I’m back and I’m ready for this box port pirate ship
battle check it out guys oh good I didn’t know we are going this all out
I just got a t-shirt look at the pirate patch I guess I’ve got the floppy arms I
know this thing does you look you look like a pirate alright it’s really hot in
here when you’re wearing a t-shirt I thought this was all I was gonna need
well I guess it’s time to pick our pirate weapons and head to the seven
seas and have our all up higher ship battle this might slow me down a little
bit and I’m one eye less for seeing but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna lose this
pirate match so for our pirate ship weapons we’ve got tons of options here
you’ll both get to choose a mixture of pirate weapons we have for example the
pirate crossbow the pirate sniper these are pirate grenades aka water balloons
over here we’ve got our pirate weapons for sore battling and then of course a
pirate grenade launcher for firing blunderbuss now Logan you get to choose
your weapons and I choose mine I’m getting the water gun oh that’s not a
water gun son that’s a pirate flamethrower
what okay sure whatever you say Jake guys he’s taking this thing really
seriously so I’ll be getting the pirate Cosmo Blackbeard
what do you want ah she’ll get it later okay so I’ve got my crossbow and I get
to choose the next weapon well I’m gonna definitely a pirate axe we’re battling
okay I guess I’ll take a pirate axe as well alright well if you’re doing that
then I’m taking the pirate grenade launcher oh then I’m getting the pirate
sniper well I’m out of hands but if I had some I would take a pirate grenade
alright guys I think we’re all geared up let’s set sail and have a pirate battle
yeah I guess have our pirate battle alright guys it’s time to set sail with
our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa let’s get her inside
don’t want the plank to fall down here there we are
alright let’s put her in oh there she goes oh look at that beautiful ship
sails just like she should walk on inside here without it exploding alright
here we go we’re sailing the seven seas in our pirate ship now where is our
competitor Jake seems to be taking this thing really seriously so it’ll be
really funny if we knock them off as both alright and we’re ready to go
oh boy Susan as stable as I thought looks like we have another ship ship off
the starboard side seems we have another pirate afoot and he’s in the water we’ve
got another pirate attacking us in his small ship he’s already falling in so we
know he’s probably not that good next up is the crossbow what do you got
on us the waves are acting up here sigh he’s hitting us with a wave attack we’ve
got to reinforce let’s get down below deck it looks like our opponent is
moving in on us he’s got a small boat okay that was the second time I vote Ted
it looks like I made some wrong calculations guys it looks like you
Logan’s are moving in on us this small boat is fast but it also doesn’t look
like he’s working and he’s a really bad pirate he’s always falling over like
three times let’s try and hit him out this candy port here ready cross bugs
raised bar direct hit we’ve hit this ship alright time to get ready got here
hey what a good time to throw the water grenade ah he’s retaliating with the
flamethrower oh we’ve gotta have something in here we can use the
grenades on tradies then stop hitting me with the flamethrower
putting cannon through whore a few guys we’re taking on a lot of
water but here we go I’m gonna load up Opie that’ll do
something all right let’s get him to these looks like he’s over there he’s mounting
an offense if I didn’t tell I’ve got my blunderbuss loaded it’s time to attack
hey Logan oh hey the motive a moan the blunderbuss oh these Susan the flames
are oh we got it we’re gonna hit him with always I’ve got an idea I’m gonna
load up the grenade alright goodnight lunch is ready Dora I’m out of ammo my grenade launcher
I’ve got one more Sheldon that crossbow I hit him again to weaken him and then
I’ll take him out with my sword alright let’s fire again where is he I don’t see
him okay I lost my eye patch oh hi guys this ship is really rickety I think I’m
still banning ship let’s take a look over the starboard side wait he’s not in if he surrenders then what shall we do
all right guys is up to you in the comments shall we spare him Cheryl we
make him join our crew or shall we make him walk the plank
comment down below walk the plank spare him or join the crew let’s see
what you make him do I love it it looks like y’all wanna make him walk the plank
and that’s exactly what we’ll do my ship didn’t exactly work alright didn’t in
fact it did the opposite of work it failed miserably I did and I accept I’ll
walk the play alright alright walk the plank it down into Stevie Jordans
lockers where you go I’ll walk the plank and I’ll see you guys next time but guys
I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today if you guys did
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has been Papa Jake and I will see you guys next time for another awesome video

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