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August 16, 2019

I think it’s time we step things up with
Papa Jake’s custom nerf gun 3 no problem guys this Bob here from Tiffany and we
are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing something what
are you doing over there I’ll pass the bolt I’m not playing basketball today
we play a nerve because we are doing reme open we are doing a box for that
you guys have been asking for we are doing a nerf box for shooting range
we’ve got tons and nerf guns nerf guns on nerf guns and we’re gonna
set up a long shooting range that goes from down there all the way up here and
we’re gonna have a challenge to see who is the ultimate nerf sharpshooter but
we’re also gonna break out of that and we’re gonna do some crazy nerf trick
shots because we thought it’d be really cool to do nerf trickshot video but we
were like I don’t know if we have what it takes so we’re gonna try it in this
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awesome video save it for the range dude oh no in
order to get this started guys we need to make our box for it over here that is
exactly like a shooting range we need holes to shoot out up in it down there
we need to set our targets another cool thing for this is we’ve got a bunch of
really awesome targets for practice with you got plates to shoot at you got cups
to shoot in in we have balloons for when we do crazy trick shots so I think the
first thing we have to do is set up the shooting range get the guns all
organized and then we can choose throughout all of them because we have a
lot of guns and I kind of want to see which one’s the best so we almost have
the box for shooting range done and I sell the set of all the targets but I
thought I’d show you guys exactly how it would work so I’ve got a balloon here
now the bigger it is the easier the target but we can also use these for our
trick shots but for the target range these are gonna be perfect so check this
out I’m a little bit closer than we would be
and like I said we’re gonna have a bunch of different targets but basically this
is how it works hopefully either the first Drive and I’m pretty close but
let’s see lock-in Oh instantly know if you hit the target itself I’m excited to
challenge Logan dude we haven’t done anything like this
before it’s got some interesting roof kind of mechanism going on yeah I mean
technically that one worked well for rain but that’s okay cuz we’re inside
and then we’ve got these but if we can actually shoot out of and we got the
nice cool metal detailing here we’re not done it yet we still got a lot to do and
downrange as you can see here I’m working on the target area holding up on
the top as well as the besides here with a bunch of targets and I’ve been working
on them over here and as you can see we’ve got these targets these are small
Cup targets you gotta hit the inside up we also have these paper plate targets
which are a bit bigger I thought I’d try something I’ve been kind of wondering
you saw me shoot one balloon but do you guys think I can shoot three all right
let’s set them up and see what uh see what this nerf gun can do here we go in
three two three no problem alright that’s pretty cool I mean again it’s not
really target practice and I’m like two feet away but I just want to see how
powerful this thing was that is awesome so let’s keep building and get ready to
have a challenge we got big place we got balloons we even
have cups back there there is a ton of stuff and now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna head over to it the actual shooting range itself which is over here
and you see we got two different windows and inside is all of our nerf guns now
we also have this like short-range thing Logan set up for firing at these Cubs
which I think is gonna be a lot of fun but I think now what we need to do is
get inside grab our guns and start the challenge we’re each gonna take turns
shooting and so use the best marksman but also more just who can hit some of
these shots because some of these are crazy hard now when we do fire we have
to call our shots so we got to say you know I’m aiming at the cup you can’t aim
for the balloon and then hit the cup and be like I was aiming for the Cup all
along after we’re done this we’re gonna head out into the main lobby here and
we’re gonna do some crazy trick shots but I think this will be a good thing to
warm us up and get us ready we’re now inside the shooting range so check it
out in here you know it looks so sweet in here we got the light here we got the
LED strips and then all the way down range we’ve got all of our targets over
there you can barely even see the money this might be pretty far actually I kind
of thought it’d be a little bit easier but those are far away we got the sniper
we got the pistols we got the regular guns the Accu strike the only thing we
didn’t bring are the fully automatic guns cuz we thought there a little bit
cheap because you could just spam both and so we wanted to use more accurate
weapons that you do single shots with you have to call your target you have to
shoot at it and if you miss and hit another target it doesn’t count cuz
you’re not aiming for that so we gotta grab our weapons and start off here but
first we have decide which one we want and who’s going first if you really want
to go first you can go first no I am down so I’m gonna use the the
Mega shotgun here it’s kind of in my my favorite weapon this weapon practicing
with most for doing trick shots and stuff and I really like the mega dart
they’re really good for trick shots but they’re also really good for range let’s
say okay let’s say cups are 100 points and balloons are 25 that sounds fair
three-two-one alright alright in 3 2 1
oh I got the purple balloon 25 points in my pocket I guess we’ll go like maybe
like ten shots alright here we go this time I’m gonna go for the red balloon
let’s see if we can get it three two what oh dude check the plate – I wasn’t
aiming for the plate so it’s only gonna count for the balloon another 25 points
let’s go again alright let’s try you know I’m gonna try
the plate on the left side here in three two one oh right on target
I’m racking up these points are you three in a row I got three in a row
which means that’s my alright so I got like five more shots I’m gonna switch
guns though you know what you know what I’m gonna go for one of the red cups
alright that was close I forgot there’s back Cubs come on I can feel it
oh that was straight into the ground dude maybe we set the targets too far
back yeah pretty far but hold on I think I got this I knew I was gonna get it –
this is my favorite sniper of all time you know what I’m gonna go for the blue
balloon ready yep three two one oh what a place is that nothing counting you
know I can count you call it I’m out of shot so looks like you’re up I think I’m
gonna go for some of the short-range weapons on this go this is actually
really powerful it’s a single shot so let’s see how you do close range
alright so the point of this Jake okay is you have to hit the top cup work your
way down you can’t oh here we go guys accurate for being a
pistol a little bit high but you got it you got to do that cuz being too low
you’re gonna hit them all raesha I’m out of ammo on this I know this is a super
sure range weapon by the classic I’m gonna go for the Yak accu-chek bullets
in it yeah nice I’ve always thought I cannot tell the agya stray bullet to
work any better than regular bullets do you know I agree greatest we got one cup
left but now we’re going to go back and we were both gonna take turns firing
downrange at the targets and then once we’re done this we’re gonna go and try
some crazy trick shots I might try this like at one of our older weapons that we
use but it’s pretty accurate and completely modded time to try the rival
guys these are super powerful so I think it’s gonna do pretty well let’s see if I
could go for the plate up in the corner there oh just underneath but this thing
is accurate and strong – hi there I only got one more shot in this oh so close to
go with the red dot sight okay oh this is upside down are you know let’s go
wrap it but oh and a plate rapid fire time Oh balloon double balloon oh it’s a
rapid fire time Oh Oh balloon I think it’s time we step
things up with Papa Jake’s custom nerf gun way to go all right well we only go
in the Cubs so maybe it is it’s pretty well though you know it’s a huge gun
lots of firing for us if you think we should do this video again and use our
crazy guns like the Megalodon and even some of the other rapid-fire guns and
just go crazy with it let us know down below in the comment section and let us
know by hitting that like button but dude I think it’s time we try some
awesome nerf trick shots are you down let’s do it first trick shot on the list
of trick shots it’s called the balloon popper I think we got our balloon stuck
up there I kind of got to get it down well that’s one way to get a balloon
down can we kick the balloon and knock it down oh and that’s how you do the
kick and kill shot but I think we need to step this up a little bit low and get
out here we’re going for the big curve so for the wraparound it seems a little
bit crazy but I’m raising it is definitely crazy I’m gonna go all the
way upstairs and I’m gonna have to shoot a Nerf dart not down here but at the
wall and again knows the walls curb because these are curved stairs the nerf
table is gonna curve around the wall and land in this tiny cup let’s give it a
shot so we got to come all the way up here
and look at how far away this is I doubt you even you be able to see the column
here we don’t want you guys to think we faked this you guys know I don’t fake
anything papa Jake does everything for real which
is why we got two cameras nerf gun here we go yeah fire all the way around this wall and into
the little cup that was absolutely sick yo I love doing these trick shots if you
guys think we should do more of these again smack the like button let us know
there are so many possibilities possibilities and nerf doors are so cool
they can wrap around walls they can bounce off walls in fact I have another
one Logan the nerd basket shot so if you guys wanted to do any more of these
awesome nerve videos including nerf target practice as well as nerve trick
shots leave a comment down below with your suggestions of awesome nerve trick
shots and of course if you want to see more smack that like button hit the
subscribe button join the Papa Jake family this has been Papa JQ Logan and
we will see you guys next time for another awesome video

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  2. H
    e does fake sometimes like the box fort spaceship and him shooting his arm liquid nitrogen on his head, and arm, and especially, him mailing himself to Sweden or swedish

  3. Their is a video on what noobs Do in a nerf war and calling a dart a bullit is what a noob would do in a nerf war

  4. It's a shot gun there for close combat bont for shooting probably 20 feet a way

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