Box Components One Drivetrain | GMBN’s First Ride
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Box Components One Drivetrain | GMBN’s First Ride

October 9, 2019

– There are two big, obvious players in the mountain bike drive train market. But now we have another option. This is coming out of Southern California. This is Box Components
and their One drivetrain. We’ve got a shifter, a
rear mech, and a cassette. I’ve bolted it to my bike. I’m gonna take it for a spin and see how it differs from the rest. (mellow electronic music) So, if you haven’t heard
of Box Components before, they have actually been
around for a few years building BMX components. If you’re an old schooler like me, you may have heard of Toby Henderson, who’s a BMX racer turned downhill racer, and he’s part of the crew there at Box. So, it’s definitely some heritage there. They also sponsor the Polygon UR team, so Tracey Hannah, Mick
Hannah, and Sam Reynolds. So, first impressions, actually, it’s taken me just a few goes to get me used to this shifter. Definitely feels a little bit
different to the other brands, but totally normal, but
let’s give it a proper ride. (energetic electronic music) (calls out) So let’s take a look at this Box One 11-speed rear derailleur. You’ve got the alloy cage
and these big jockey wheels. They’ve also got sealed
bearings inside there, so it keeps all that friction down. And here you’ve got a carbon
fibre and nylon composite body. Inside there, you’ve got a clutch like much of the other rear
mechs in the market today. This one’s actually called the cam clutch. So, as the jockey cage moves further, actually puts more tension onto the chain. Actually, I think that’s a nice touch because some rear mechs,
you can adjust that tension, and if you put too much tension on there, it can actually make your shifts feel really stiff up on your shifter, but also, it can take away some of that small bump
sensitivity of the suspension, as it’s actually restricting suspension movement a little bit. So this works really nicely. It’s quite supple to begin with and then adds more tension
on those bigger hits just to keep that chain nicely
on that front chain ring. So another interesting feature about this Box One rear derailleur is this Pivot Tech at the back. So where your cable housing
comes in to the rear mech, that’s on a spring-loaded pivot. So in the case of any
side or rear impacts, that just bends up and out of the way, and hopefully that’s gonna give you a bit more protection on those impacts. So the rear mech only
comes in one cage size. As you can see, it’s quite long. And that is to deal with
the big one-by-11 range, and this is actually a Box
Components cassette as well. So this is an 11-46,
big, wide-range cassette that we like to see on
these 11-speed systems. The sprockets are made
from aluminium and steel, and it fits onto either
a Box hub or a Shimano. So there’s definitely a couple
of features on this rear mech that I’ve not seen before, but the most innovative part of this whole drive train is the shifter. So what is so special
about this Box One shifter? Well, first, you might notice,
is it’s just gone one lever. So to go through your
lower gears as normal, you just push that lever
towards the front of the bike like most other shifters out there. But now, the special part of this is to go back down the
cassette to your higher gears, you actually push that
shifter in towards the stem. So that’s quite a nice little touch. Might take a little bit of getting used to if you’ve never used one of these before. You’ve got a bar adjuster like
any other shifter out there. A nice little touch is you’ve
got a bit of adjustment. So to get that lever
in the perfect position to make it really useful to get to, you’ve got 10 mil left
or right on that clamp. Another nice feature of this shifter is it’s really easy to
take apart and work on. You’ve got two bolts
holding on that lever, and there’re four holes on that casing. And then all the inner workings come apart really easily,
(air pops) so you can degrease ’em,
clean ’em up, relube ’em, and get ’em back in there without them all splitting
into a hundred pieces. Granted, that might be job you
only need to do once a year, but it’s nice that it’s so easy. (lively electronic music) So there we go. First ride on the Box
Components drivetrain. I’ve gotta say the
shifting’s really crisp, it’s really quick, it’s everything you really expect out of a proper, modern
gear system, really. It’s really easy to set up. Just bolt the mech on, set
your limit screws as normal. Just like all wide-range cassettes, I think you’ve got to play around with that B-tension screw a little bit, just to get that mech far enough away from the
cassette to work properly. I like the fact that you
can move the shifter around, left and right a little bit, and, I’ve got to say,
after about two minutes, I really got used to that system of pushing in that way
to go down the block. If you can’t get used to that, it is cross compatible
as well with Shimano. So you can put a Shimano
shifter on here or vice versa. You could also use this shifter
with a Shimano rear mech. That’s nice to see ’em
really plan that in, that cross-compatibility. More than anything, it’s
actually really cool to see another manufacturer step up. Obvious the two big players make so many millions
of drivetrains and gears for things like touring
bikes, kids bikes, road bikes. It’s pretty cool to see
Box Components step up to the highest level in mountain bikes. And, like a lot of us, we
like to be a bit individual. It’s great to have another choice. If you click on this GMBN logo here, that means you’ll subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done that already. And to see more videos like this, click up there for how to
change your gear cable. Click just down there for
how to fix your chain. Give thumbs up if you find
this video interesting.

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  1. Looks good and all….but what is the point? Shimano and SRAM do it better than this and offer more flexibility for builds. I see no valid reason to buy this.

  2. I went to Antur Stiniog the other day. Me and 2 friends managed to get 7 punctures between us. Its a rough place but when speaking to the locals they said we need to become lighter on our bikes – what do they mean and how do we do this?? Do they mean we need to pump the bike more etc. Thanks!!

  3. could you test the be2 or be3 ergon bags got very interested in them after the anoucement of the giveaway

  4. and what about sunrace components? getting into the battle of cassettes, with models for everyone! 11v 50 teeth, 10speed 42 teeth, amazing!!


    (unless you're the 2 people that get the joke, this comment is a sarcastic take on a pattern that's seems to be going on) (but if you choose to get offended, be my guest, not)

  6. I sort of missed few important questions in this video. Are there any groupsets from this manufacturer or is it just this one? And where would you put this one in compare with shimano groupsets more like Deore, SLX, XT, XTR? Experienced rider like Neil can definitely tell the difference.

  7. i Wonder how good bikes you guys had as kids,ive got a kona downhill,but it doesnt suit me,its to heavy,should i go for an enduro bike? #AskGMBN

  8. Also a brand that o like is microshift, their ahifters are awesome and also a good option

    great and excellent video!

  9. I would have liked to see the performance of that chain tensioner without running a chain guide, maybe a side-by-side with Shimano and Sram. I have to say that shifter doesn't look intuative at all, I think I would have designed it so the lever was in back of the push part so your thumb doesn't have to go all the way around it.

  10. That was a massive bullshite review! Sorry but… did u even use the gears more than once for the camere during that review? NO! Did fuck all with it then got paid. Absolute credability loser right there! Ride down a slope then review the bit u didnt really use lol.. unsubscribed!

  11. #gmbn – The section where Neil is riding down the hill is one of the best videos I have seen on how to position your body while riding. His head stays level, his arms work like shock absorbers, great form. If you do another video on body position, definitely include this part of the video.

  12. i am looking at the kona cinder cone 2by10 should i get the box 1 then sell the 2by 10
    also, i was wondering is i could go from a 3by8 to a 1by8


  13. I wonder why no one jumps on the train with electronic shifting. Shimanos competitors only made electric versions of their top road groups. No more affordable road groups and no MTB groups at all. Shimano went all in with even an electrical version of the Alvine hub gear. Why doesn't anyone else try to keep up?

  14. Ive been watching you guys since the beginning and the video edit and recording is getting really better through the time 🙂

  15. where is this trail, and in general the trail you guys ride in the UK, are they just public trails in the woods or are they at trail centers? they look really cool

  16. I really like the idea of pushing the leaver inwards to go down the cassette, I'd like to try this out and see how it feels.

    Hopefully it's more SRAM feel than shimano.

  17. Is it posible to put a sram bolt chainring on shimano bolt crank (because of the distance between the bolts)? And if not, with wich chainrings is sram gx 1×11 compatible, that can be put on shimano xtr m970 cranks? #Askgmbn

  18. I watch both Seth and GMBN but for some reason GMBN videos sound and seem more refined. Maybe its the British accent and their production seems better as well. Either way I'm a fan of both channels.

  19. i like gmbn channel and revews takes time id love to see more i dont mind if somebody else ded it before thanks for the vid

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