Bowhunting Public Land Elk in September
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Bowhunting Public Land Elk in September

August 14, 2019

well today’s day one we put a bull to
bed this morning with five cows up in the aspen patch up there he went to bed
really early so he didn’t really get good footage cuz we were so far away it
was too dark but it looks like a good six point we’re gonna want to get a
closer look we’re hunting for 350 so we got our work cut out for us and we’re just
gonna hike up this ridge and we’re just gonna hang out and wait and suppose we
have that south wind will be in good shape we’ll be set up on the north side
of them and that bull came out last night about seven o’clock
7:30 it gets dark about 8:20 so we’ll have some time to kill him it comes down
to that well this bull is just coralling up a cow in these aspens
down here she wants to get away and he’s trying to keep her up we’re headed up to a vantage point we
were you located here in central Wyoming going to get up high to a vantage point
and have a 360 panoramic view the glass tonight
you never know we’re gonna run into we’re seeing deer and elk tracks where
this old burn so we’ll see something tonight’s just matter if we find the
right bull and then we’ll have a plan for the morning so up and up and up
about 750 feet up well we’re on this bull that we were on
last night we expect him to come bed on this
north face they’re just kind of hung up up there right now I think feeding still
we’re just gonna keep working up really slow we’re really close
he’s like a 320 herd bull chased that little rag horn right down to us and then he
stayed up with the cows and they were headed over in the thick timber he stayed with his cows he was 70 yards up
their border line too far we waited that’s the way it goes pretty good
for public land but we’re looking for something the next size up well we relocated again
trying to get away from people it’s a new country we’re gonna check it tonight
tomorrow morning see if we can find any good bulls for camp tomorrow morning
we’ll get out of here and move on someplace else but head up those cliffs
up there above camp and kind of get a good vantage point see what we can see well we’ve been glass in all morning and
we have found the elk necca I think but a lot of them are acting like October
elk coming out feeding in the evening no sign of rutting and headed right back
into the timber and I’m sure they’ll do it again
tonight but there’s just a lot of elk in here so we’re gonna move camp now in the
valley and get down to the base of the mountain there where all these elk are
and I think we’re gonna have a fun evening on with only two days left in Dan’s hunt
hopes of finding a 350 class bull are starting to fade however he is bound and
determined to go home with a nice six-point public land bull to put an
exclamation point to the end of an eight-day backcountry hunt in Wyoming’s
fast elk country well our balls are right down here
you know you found our other herd from this morning up in the aspens they went
in the timber but we’re gonna loop around get up point of him and I’m fully
expect him to speed out this way tonight oh they’re fighting Tim they’re fighting this could get interesting these satellite
bulls aren’t even paying attention herd bull sounds like it’s just over this house or
just gonna ease in a little closer there’s his buddy it’s not the biggest
bull in the world he’s not the biggest bull we saw in the last nine days but we
got a lot of cool footage and tomorrow’s the last day look at that shot just angling down hard oh it’s just
money to Tim he’s not mega but we’ve worked hard I
don’t wait you gotta catch a break sometime and we’re not gonna have any
weather events it’s first to catch a break
so when you get to break you better take advantage oh yeah he’s a little raggy
but this is 6×6 elk that’s why I set out to kill you know we work hard for
this stuff this is general tag public land on him we’ve got three miles to the
truck thanks for watching this week’s episode remember fair chase is the only
way to hunt and take trophy big game we’ll see you right here next week on
Eastmans’ hunting TV there’s nothing fair about this damn they kicked our
butt all week

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  1. Congrats on the public land bull! I'd rather watch this all day over a private land / elk sanctuary hunt. Pickar has ice in his veins when he draws back.

  2. Thanks for the video guys. In a few weeks I will be driving from Houston up to Wyoming for a mule deer hunt and this got me all pumped. I had your archery Wy elk tag last year and never went to full draw but hopefully in 2 more years I will get the tag again. Thanks.

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