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August 11, 2019

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that Bell is ringing all right and the first time just been so busy with other
things but we are back in the water you guys recognize this food plot it’s
probably one of the most famous food plots on YouTube it’s killed so many
deer over the past well I think it was I started this in 2009 I believe but look
at how much it’s grown I used to be able to see all the trees up through here and
even those trees up there used to be really small but look at how much you
can’t see anymore and this area keeps trying to grow back in but you could see
the tree that I’m on there really isn’t any good tree stand trees we used to
hunt out of the pines over here on the other side but for some reason the deer
did not like that corner we we don’t know why but when we first started
putting his tree stand over here it was a little bit hard because this tree is
leaning a little bit it’s wide out it wasn’t a real nice straight tree so it
takes a little bit of maneuvering to get into this stand and with all the
brush around us you only have one shooting Lane and that’s right in front
of you and we’ve killed a lot of deer over the years with this with this food
plot I’m on a ruby Ryan
Toth my cousin Bobby and Brendan and my cousin the Android mothers we have
killed so many dough out of this food ball this is mainly dough food plot and
we don’t really try to hunt bucks out of here box will come in here but we
usually try to hunt back in the woods because usually those bucks when they
come through here they don’t come through here very very often and those
dough’s they bed the entire way around here and it’s really hard to get in and
out of this stand so you really have to get in early and wait and you might have
to bump deer to get out to get out of it the food part but this is a clover food
plot wild like perfect food plot if you mow it and maintain it it’ll last
up to five years and you can see yeah there is some grass in it but there is a
lot of clover left in there the wind is in my favor it’s blowing right over the
back of me deer can come behind me but because it’s down here behind me my
scent is gonna be going over them and I could get deer come down off the hill
but it is amazing each year I get in here how much it changes and but it just
it’s the same year after year after year they love this spot don’t know why but
it’s just you go hunt the other side of food plot and you you’re-you’re chances
drop in half I don’t know why but just little things like that that you notice
over the years and once you fine-tune it it’s like this every year you hit the
stand and you can shoot deer at any given day but I’m going after a doe
we’re supposed to pick get a cold front coming in so it’s gonna get real cool
tonight so but not enough time to let it the deer sit very long so got to make
sure we get a good shot I don’t want to really shoot past 15 yards I think I can
get the deer to come in real close they like to come right along this tree line
and we’ll just have to see what happens pretty quiet but I don’t think that
they’re gonna be coming out till maybe in her to before dark so I got a little
better reading material they will talked really good Oh oh man that was like that was like 12
yards maybe yeah I just saw blood fly I look like I might have punched her right
in the heart I don’t know how to replay the video that’s the first deer I flung
an arrow at since 2011 right here in this exact same spot and exact same plot
and everything oh man there are two doe they come out and you couldn’t see one
you can only see one or the other um they one was being super suspicious
which was actually a smaller one and it was feeding right here behind the brush
and this big one come out of nowhere right under my standard even though she
was there till she was directly right underneath me she come over fought with
the other one I thought she was gonna leave she made a big circle around the
whole food plot come back and started kind of chasing this little one her way
and has that little one started going up the food plot she come right out here
was coming away I mean I arranged it before I got in the stand and that I
mean that’s probably from where I shot her she was 13 yards so oh so what I’m
using this gold tip XD hunters 5575 using steelhead 100s so when you take
these rubber bands off these things come down around here and I have two pope and
young bucks with these mechanicals and that’s all I’ve ever used and they work
awesome they fly like a field point I’m not sponsored by them so
I just have always used them love them let’s get down I think I just heard a
crash right over there and I mean it looked like there’s gonna be a pretty
good blood trail so awesome there’s lots of blood lots of blood right here and
clear down into the grass so there’s four she was standing there’s the tree
stand up there and she ran around here right into the woods over there so let’s
go take a look I’m definitely pumping out the blood man
I haven’t even hundred for three hours yet this season and I already got a shot
of the DOE so she shouldn’t be too much further I should think I heard crashing
here oh hey there’s my arrow all right now ice noticed I didn’t get full
penetration but I was aiming towards that opposite shoulder but it definitely
went in at least halfway but let’s see I’ll just stick that there okay
she went in here somewhere yeah we got blood up high on the limbs she went
right up in through there all right we have officially made it further than any
deer that have been shot out of this food plot I think it’s just the edge I’m
only maybe Oh 60 65 yards and I just saw blood here she must have been jumping
pretty good out there right there yeah big bottles there’s more there’s more there or their
blood up high there she is that didn’t take long look at that shot
you could see worse where she went in at I don’t know if that’s not a hard shot I
don’t know what is all right well I gotta get a tag on I just noticed
something she came from up there last blood was there she’s laying there
but look at all the blood way up here in this hole this hole trees bent down over
and there’s blood the whole way up along this tree so it looked like she ran back
that way knew it was coming to the end and came back and went that way so it’s
kind of odd to see that oh there’s blood in a big giant circle the whole way
around this bush so she she was dead on the run there she is my first deer with
a bow since 2011 nice big old mature floppy-eared doe and want to get those
out early in the season she’ll make a lot of meat and man just an awesome
awesome hunt the Lord truly blessed me today so all the praise and the glory
and honor go to him but it’s awesome being out here in God’s creation and and
being able to harvest mature doe and try to practice quality deer management we
got a lot of dose and try to let those younger bucks grow up and get bigger
because I tell you what this doe has more meat than most of the
Bucks that around here so but anyways such an awesome hunt and hopefully more
to come you

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  1. She was bleeding out, you hit probably a main artery (no heart shot). I use for my bow hunting a 40 lbs recurve bow and either a single bevel screwblade or razorblade tip. Good penetration always.

  2. Those does look like fawns bc there really small in size so I recon you should not hunt a season and let them mate and get size on them

  3. Great video! I appreciate you mentioning your faith in the video. We have a lot to be thankful for. Keep em coming!

  4. That doe went pretty damn far for getting hit in the heart. You sure you penetrated the heart? I myself have only hit a deer once in the heart with an arrow, and that fucker fell immediately. Regardless, nice hunt!

  5. I realy don't understand how humans can be so barbaric to shoot and kill such a beautiful animal like a deere. ALL animals have a soul and a personality just like humans and our pets have. I don't get it that you can be proud on killing an animal in such a hurtful way.

  6. I hope channels like this don’t get too much hate. It’s not mindless killing. We are predators. And good ones at that!. The fact he takes it and eats the meat is really just what nature intends??‍♂️

  7. OMG why would you take a life of a poor doe that's torture. JK if yiu can see by my profile pic I love hunting good kill

  8. All's im gunna say is one of those dam deer jumped out on the road and i nearly got killed in an accident. Im sure the doe isn't caring too much about my life! Good shot

  9. Yes it was a mature doe, lots of people don't know there ass from a hole in the ground. Deer are amazing animals, I shot a buck with my bow, hit him right behind the heart, he ran 10 yards and died in less than 5 seconds. I shot another one a month later, basically hit the same place, he ran over a 110 yards before he went down.

  10. do you fell sorry when you kill the target i would and i'm OK with hunting if its for food and of respect for the animal or thinning out the population because theirs to many or hunting varmints or hunting invasive animals but not endangered animals but i feel sad because the animals life was cut short

  11. Leatherwood outdoors I'm gona get my first compound bow this year I decided after shooting a bow for the first time in my life I had always wanted to learn and know I will I dident know I'd love shooting one so much

  12. A textbook heart shot…isn't it always stunning how pure adrenaline can carry a wild animal this far…? This was a dead doe running…It never ceases to amaze me..Outstanding shot-food for the family-all good.

  13. Ive only once had a deer go less than 100 yardsand that was with a 308, dropped. All my others, rifle or bow, lungs or heart, all went at least 100 yards…maybe my little buck this year went 80 as the crows fly

  14. One question… How come you didnt sit 3 feet further away so she looked like a hog… I mean thats what the cool guys do nowadays..

    HUNTER: bubby we arent animals….animals are stupid
    ME: no we are too animals and if you were deer would you like killing your family a?

  16. Beautiful shot man! 10/10 especially for a bow. I’m surprised that the arrow didn’t go through from that distance though, I’ve never had that happen with a heart shot. What poundage do you have on your bow and do you think the arrow hit the breast plate on the other side or the other shoulder?

  17. You're the baddest person I ever seen that's really rude they're so cute why would he even her a cute thing

  18. Slowed the video down to 0.25 speed. You can see the doe tense up at the launch of the arrow, it's starting to, just starting to, move before it gets hit. Talking less than 0.5 of a second.

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