Bowhunting on a crispy morning (self filmed bowhunt) – Compound, finger release, no sights – Buejagt
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Bowhunting on a crispy morning (self filmed bowhunt) – Compound, finger release, no sights – Buejagt

August 20, 2019

This is my first morning hunting after roe and fallow deer and I have been checking the weather forecast this whole week yesterday it was very windy and the day before that it was raining but last night the wind have slowed down and there is almost no wind its a weak wind from south west and and when there is not so much wind the deer is moving from A to B and thats what we are counting on Så lets hope i´m right there is some scrape down below but i´m actually dont know if it is from fallow deer I dont know much about fallows but now we are crossing our fingers like this so now the sun has risen far and it is already in full swing to deliver vitamins There are three roe deer in a living fence over there but there is branches in the way So I can´t film at them but my plan is if your looking at this as you can see check this out this is this is a good place early this season the acorn was dropping in here cause alot of these tree´s are oak but the acorn must be gone now or maybe there is still some left What i´m hoping for is when the deer is finished out on the fields they will come in here and scrape in search for acorn and roots like over there and maybe they will come in here to bed down But right now i will enjoy the sun so lets talk later The fawn was coming in first over there and the roe is coming in afterwards the roe have detected that something was wrong The other fawn was coming in from the buck fawn was coming in from the other side The roe and the fawn was over here just in front of me and the other fawn was coming in over there these two deer over here they have detected that something was wrong so I was not able to grab my bow But the buck fawn over there was not on alert cool! It was not fallow deer, though but but roe deer will do, also It was a good shot! It looked like it was Lets look at the arrow actually I have just watched the video and the shot looks good but it also looks like the deer is looking right at me, and securing at me and maybe it is because my compound bow is making a “DOOK” when i´m reaching the drawstop and it is worth thinking about if your shooting without sights, like me I´m not looking at the animal I´m only looking at the spot, I wanna hit and we are to be careful with shooting, when they are securing and it was not my intention It looks that way, though lets look at the arrow It looks very good It is heart and lung blood he ran that way I dont think he ran that far He must be close now we have tracked him about 30 metres now from where he stood he is in here he´s over there the deer always tend to run into the thickest brush to die so lets see if i can get him out He ran about 50 metres it looks like the exit is around the heart lets see where it entered It´s a very very very fine fawn Here we have the shot placement right on the shoulder perfect! So now i´m gonna fix him, so I can get home So now we are back with the climber i need to take it down We must acknowledge that the season is pouring out Although there are still two months left to hunt roedeer in But i have to honestly confess, that i have shot the amount of deer I want so So let´s see how much more it can be But thanks for watching it´s a pleasure as always see you next time

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  1. Great video Peter, We have small deer as well on Vancouver Island Canada. Blacktailed deer and i hunt with a recurve as well..Good luck for the rest of the season.

  2. Flot video/skud (som sædvanligt) 👍

    Tillykke med lammet. Sikke en sæson du har haft, jeg tror du har skudt lige så mange dyr som det antal gange jeg har været ude med buen, godt det snart er juleferie 😊

  3. Endnu et lækkert mordmysterie med Julle. Som altid viser det sig, at detektiven og morderen er den samme 😉 Fed film Julle. Flot fingerslips akud. Ikke at jeg tvivlede 👍👍👍👍💪

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