Bowhunting Hawaii – Axis Deer, Pigs & Goats
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Bowhunting Hawaii – Axis Deer, Pigs & Goats

August 21, 2019

I’ve had some of the most incredible bow
hunting experiences in Hawaii from camping and caves to hunting up in the
fog to hunting over cliffs right above the
ocean just the type of landscape and the habitat is truly incredible So when I first got out of college in
2010 of course I was paying off college number-one but I didn’t have any money
and I came over to Hawaii on vacation with some really close friends that I’ve
hunted with. The light went on seeing how much of a target-rich environment
it is over here and how much opportunity that I could get with a bow making kills
and I knew that would help me just develop and become a better bow hunter
that’s the whole reason why I come over here now pigs are kind of a different story
they can get to rooting around and feeding they’re a little less aware
obviously and if you have a little wind you can get right up on them and that’s
why I love pigs is there an easy target and they taste really good too so I’m actually on the outside of his
shoulder and it went in behind his shoulder I thought I got him in the
point but that’s right into the chest cavity.
Look at those teeth dude yes finally got some good teeth. I could see his teeth from 150 yards away. I’m
gonna get him cleaned up and get his backstraps
in the game bag and keep going. see we can find some deer. Big old blond Hawaiian boar. that’s definitely
my best pig yet. access deer are a totally different
ballgame out here they’re like an antelope jacked up on steroids
incredibly fast incredibly keen senses just a very difficult animal to get
close to and to get a good arrow into the biggest challenge that I’ve
encountered with axis deer is them jumping the string especially on those
calm days those deer can hear every little movement your bow going off and
it’s just flat-out difficult to kill them what I’ve learned over the years is
to aim at the heart and expect them to jump the string Spotted a buck down here we’re just getting downwind gonna make a move on him He’s right over this ridge at about 200 yards. Let’s keep wiggling down here. He jumped the string a little bit Should’ve known better. He was right at 61 yards and I held right in the middle of his body and he still dropped a little bit. I hit him high. Followed my buck for Oh
half mile spotted him on this Ridge you look at the footage and the arrow kind
of kicked upward they got ran along the scapula so it didn’t hit him moraly at
all he’s over there bedded up with the other bucks happy as a clam now a good example that really comes in
my mind with how fast these animals really are was me and my camera guy Tim
we stocked in on this whole herd of deer we got within 30 yards I shot this buck
underneath a kiawe tree and the whole herd blew up and this spike kind of blew
over to my left he let me knock another arrow draw my
bow and you can literally see my aiming point was down near his knee with him on
high-alert like this I knew he’s gonna be fast so I held really low like five
inches below the brisket and you can just see within 30 yards he was 32 yards
I think he dropped about 18 inches and I hit him really well
but that’s a perfect example to show you that even if you were to aim at the
heart on that deer you’re still probably gonna hit him really high or shoot over
his back so incredibly difficult incredibly fast animals Well here is is. We looked at the
footage we knew the second deer was good hit really good hit. It only
went about a hundred yards One deer down time to go get it in the fridge and go find another one. And lastly you have goats. Now goats are really fun to hunt because usually
you know you can shoot your quiver full arrows in a day on goats just because of
the quantities of them in a lot of areas Wow so we’re down here… cleaning our
pig. Kinda took a little nappy there we heard “baaaa” up here so we come up sure enough big
ol herd of goats coming across this ridgeline so we’re gonna poke on up there and see if we can get close
maybe we get a shot at big Billy 13 yards Dude. He’s gotta be down in the draw did you see the blood flying and the mouth open and the eyes wide, “beeeeeeeeh” he reared up. How crazy was that? Drag him out of here where we can… shot him right through the heart
basically what happened man
bigger than I thought he was but he’s not the muy grande well found both
arrows two misses no idea where I hit so I guess we’ll keep hunting but there’s no blood at all on either one of these. Oh well. the whole reason why I keep coming back
to Hawaii is just to be a better bow hunter you’ll encounter about every type
of situation you can think of out here whether you’re hunting access deer goats
or pigs not only does it build character that builds experience but there’s also
a fair share of heartbreak so when you’re hunting axis deer you’re gonna
miss you’re gonna miss a lot I missed I miss a lot and that’s just part of it
you just got to pick up the pieces put arrows back in your quiver go out and
keep trying find those shots and keep shooting that’s all you can do that’s
part of bow hunting but in the end it’s gonna make you a better hunter I don’t see any going this way oh dude he’s dead right there. Just the natural beauty alone of
Hawaii is enough to keep me coming back year after year you have everything that
a bow hunter could ask for to become a better bow hunter

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  1. I didn't see or hear mention of ant tags. What are the rules in Hawaii, I'm sure you can't just shoot till you run out of arrows.

  2. Eastman’s – I’m actually surprised and frankly a little disappointed in the idea you would present this video. Dan takes some highly questionable shots, in fact most of the ones I saw were borderline unethical. I have been a subscriber for years and a fan for much longer. As a foundation outlet for the sport of hunting I expect a much higher representation for the sport I love. Please consider removing this vid to benefit all hunters.

  3. What a rad bow hunting video! Getting to HI for some of this action is definitely on my to-do list. Keep up the good work and keep the quality bow hunting footage coming.

  4. Who did u go with i know where you went. Good job and you are write here in hawaii is probably one of the best hunting places to be a better hunter i think we have some of the best hunters in the world here

  5. Good video try this with a long bow.gave up the wheels going only an island away will be on lanai on the 15th cant wait.

  6. He said he was going to college and had no money, but he was on vacation? Even going on a hunt with friends cost money. I love Hawaii cought Peacock bass also.

  7. Do you understand the difference between a murder and a hunter? A hunter hunts only when he does NOT have any other sources left to provide some food for himself or family, but only with cautions of preserving and left for other days. He does not hunt more than a huge animal, or some birds, but only those, which a permitted by Creator, according to Bible. Are you confident that your sins will not be punished? A murder kills for fun, trophy for taxidermy, for his ego, and expose for others ……his selfishness. It is cruel and it is a sin. I hope, some of hunters have enough clue to understand my message and not to present useless arguments to shame himself. Have a fun in preserving not murdering animals you are not allowed. Peace!

  8. "I didn't have any money so i went to hawaii for a vacation". LOL… not sure how one affords a hunt to Hawaii when they are broke.

  9. Yeah, definitely the training grounds. If you want to try one of the harder hunts in Hawaii, try bowhunting blacktail deer on Kauai. Much less animals, they are much smarter than axis deer, and the environment is thick and crunchy to walk through. Same black-tailed deer as in Oregon.

  10. it seems like you are just chucking arrows out there at any distance knowing they won't be a clean kill, man. Can we see a video on how you worked on your stalking abilities? How you get closer and take a clean skilled shot?

  11. What are some native Hawaiian animals you can hunt? I know those are all invasive. The only native mammal is a bat which is protected. And there are some invasive grids you can hunt

  12. Kid, I just watched your video. Just remember that your "target rich environment" is for the local people to feed themselves. No one there kills more than they can eat. You going to Hawaii to kill as many animals as you can is very ignorant and egotistic. By killing as many animals as you can there, you are helping the people who are against hunters. I will explain. The "people" I am talking about are the ones who want to get rid of all the goats, dear and pigs on the islands by listing these animals as "invasive" and accusing them of destroying the environment there. These same "people" want to turn the islands into "Disneyland" with NO hunting and therefore hunters. These same "people" ignore the fact that the native people who lived for hundreds of years on the islands used the meat of these animals as a source of protein. So, for hundreds of years the animals on the islands coexisted in harmony with the local people without "destroying" the environment and suddenly the animals became "destructive" and have to be exterminated. Its one thing to go on a hunt and kill say, one goat, one dear and one pig. But its totally different if you go there and kill as many as you can just for "target practice" and/or fun. Hope after reading this you will rethink your way about how you hunt in Hawaii and which side are you on – the ethical smart hunter or helping the ones who hate hunters. They don't have to make hunting illegal there. They can not "exterminate" hunters. But by finding a reason to exterminate the animals and using the hunters like you to do the job, is the smartest way to quietly accomplish their goal. And what is the next step after getting rid of hunting in Hawaii ? The next step is to make all weapons illegal. No hunting, no shooting, no weapons. Welcome to "Disneyland". That's their goal. Which side are you on ?

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