Bowhunting Coyotes – Double Kill
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Bowhunting Coyotes – Double Kill

August 11, 2019

Yes baby! Yes! Dude, that was sweet! Crushed it. Another one! Wait for a clear shot. Where is he?
Tree, just two feet to the left from the other one. We are sitting over here on this ridge
waiting for bulls to start bugling, we walk back down. We’re gettting ready to climb up
this face so we could hear better, and these dogs just started jumping out and
moving they’re all either bedded here just walking down this road, and I almost
got a shot at him as it was but they kinda slipped into the timber and Dan started
calling. Came right back, pin wheeled that female at 50, and then
shot that young one at 30, and wasn’t a bull out but it was an awesome
opportunity and it’s an awesome opportunity for management as well.
Anytime you get a chance to take out a predator legally, we’re gonna do it it’s
gonna help out our deer populations potentially even a calf elk.
So it’s a scenario where there was five or six dogs in that back takes a lot of
food to feed that back and it’s a vicious circle but we’re doing our part
keeping it rolling and we’ll have more elk and deer done next year.

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  1. I would love to do this and make things ( jewelry, leather, pallets etc) from the remains and keep the skulls. I love for finding them around the woods where I used to live that died of natural causes. I'm a collector of sorts LOL well done guys thank you for this video. 😀

  2. What if you are a Christian? One of the 10 commandments are "You shall not kill" like as in people or anything?

  3. See you can kill coyote's, but if u kill a wolf i Will shove ur bow up ur ass, and shoot u to see how u like it !

  4. I loved this video and if I had been there, I'd have laughed, too. A coyote is a cross between a canine and a rat.

    Unlike your state, I live in New York State where coyotes and criminals have rights, and law abiding citizens must jump through a thousand hoops to be allowed near a gun. In our idiotic state, you have to get a permit to shoot one of these turds with legs.

    Why the hate on coyotes? Because they are killing pets in our suburban neighborhood. They are incredibly bold and not afraid of us. Today 2/26/17) a coyote snatched a beloved pet cat from a yard, right in front of a family. The kids saw this happen. Apparently, a family member chased it, but there was no catching it. This has been going on for over a year. Animal Control says they can't help. Department of Environmental Conservation won't even respond. They are too busy bothering hunters and fishermen, trying to ticket them for revenue.

    I'm so angry, and there's not a damned thing we can do. Our town government blew us off when we asked for something to be done, saying that it's just nature. Seeing these pieces of crap get taken out with arrows—well, I wish I could do that in my neighborhood. Alas, our weenie government would rather wait until a child is attacked.

    Thanks for the entertainment! Go get 'em.

  5. Hey people to me this is part of hunting .nothing dies with out pain or suffering .We as hunters no matter what we hunt with at one time or another are going to experience shooting an animal and it does not expire quickly . That is going to happen.Me i really cannot see a HUNTER? laughing and jumping all around screaming after an animal is hit as it dies a pain full death. That to me is the part that is sicking.Yes we get excited but there are better ways to show ones feelings after a kill.Me i show reverence to the animal after it is down .While i am on my soap box ,one other thing bothers me .The trophy hunter .Yes the trophy hunter .first thing out of their mouth is WOW it scored this or it scored that .their sole purpose is to OUT DO THE RECORD.nothing wrong with it but please do not let the TOTAL score be the reason we hunt .Show reverence for the downed critter . THKS end of rant

  6. 2 bad shots. next time stop laughing when killing something. also make sure to finish the job on the first one before going to the next one.

  7. The second coyote found his friend spamming on the ground and thought to himself: oh damn jimmy on that shiit again

  8. guys we have a responsibility to show all hunting in a manner that shows us as both respectful hunters and great humans. YouTube is a public forum and if you like your hunting then do not give others justification to make it harder for us to hunt. That aside, we also need to show the animal respect, yes if a second good animal presents itself most hunters would take the shot. but don’t post a video showing an animal suffering from you first, less than ideal shot. edit you video and respect the animal but more importantly respect and protect the sport you are a part of.

  9. 2 much like dogs I dnt like that kill something else I can watch any other animals get hurt but not dogs ..

  10. A master shot.
    The bow is noiseless!
    I think the bow is the very best to fight these pests.
    So go on with your passion a a hunter.

  11. Well done! Was that an actual call or were you just making kissy noises? I've been trying to lure them in with turkey decoys this season. Everytime I turkey hunt I get one that grabs decoy ?

  12. For as far as I could see, you hit them at the top of the spine.
    There was no pain, a coyote can really make you hear if he is in pain.
    So there was no suffering at all!
    Have a lot of hunting fun!

    I wish that I stood in your place there!

  13. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>> I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

  14. To those who feel bad for the coyotes think about the critters coyotes kill. A pack of 5 coyotes killed my dog today, and I'm honestly considering exacting revenge and hunting them – would be doing a service to the pets in my neighborhood. Coyotes are an invasive species that can live nearly anywhere there's little creatures around.

  15. Great shots! It’s seems so hard for me to kill one instantly, I can normally hit them in the chest area but they sometimes run off with an arrow in them. It feels bad because I don’t like to leave then I’m agony.

  16. I feel bad for them… the reason why they are attacking humans is cause their killing their kind. They don't trust humans like they used to. Coyotes aren't vicious like you are. Their actually really kind if you've had a puppy coyote. You should be ashamed!!

  17. I wonder if i could get one with my recurve? It has no sights so i doubt i could hit one from that distance but ive had some very close encounters with coyotes in the past. Will find out pretty soon.

  18. Yo, if you’re gonna kill an animal, find a way to kill it quickly. So it doesn’t suffer. And dont waste animals.. If you kill an animal eat it.

  19. watching this is helping me deal with Logan Paul’s dogs death. Anyone else? I say kill every last one of these cunts

  20. Yah I guess if ur trying to be a little prissy b!$&@ just to wear the gear… Hunt to feed ur family, not for laughs… everyone who said badass is bored and needs to find another reason to be alive

  21. Don’t know why people would dislike this. They’re an invasive species that are overpopulated and kill off a lot of other wildlife.

  22. We have more deer and elk to hunt next year
    That’s called inter predator competition and so far as we can tell
    Only humans do it

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