Bowhunting Bucks in the Wyoming High Country
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Bowhunting Bucks in the Wyoming High Country

August 18, 2019

I just stuck the 190 buck.
Biggest mule deer I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m gonna give him at least an hour.
Oh I’m so nervous, he’s so big. Oh my gosh he’s big. Well just had a long drive, four miles up
prego going three miles an hour. Day before opening day of deer season, Wyoming. We’re
up here about 8400 feet and we got to go to 9800. We’re gonna get up on the
ridge and hunt some upper basins. Just trying to get my pack together and
get up there before evening so I can get an evening glass. Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal staffer,
Dan Pickar is embarking on one of bow hunting’s most difficult endeavors. A
high country mule deer hunt with a bow, and to add fuel to the fire
he’s filming himself on the hunt a nearly impossible task.
Oh here we go, 45 pound pack, up two and a half miles to the ridge top, and a few miles
down the ridge. It’ll be a long hike. I hope so big high country Wyoming mule deer. 2013.
Here we go. Dan couldn’t ask for better weather as
Dan finally tops the massive ridge, he quickly finds the perfect campsite to
base his bow hunt from. Well here we are, on top. I’m gonna camp here, tired.
I love all my stuff and day hunt out of here. Come far enough. Dan has located a
solid 170 class buck on the other side of the canyon, and is putting together a
stalk. Got a 170 buck spotted before dark, just gonna make a move on him. He’s coming up a
valley here in a good situation. There’s some other deer with
him, I got some good cover if he comes close enough. Should be able to get a shot. Despite bumping the doe, the big buck
continues to work his way up the draw. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t have time to
set up his tripod before the buck makes his way to within bow range. I just stuck the 190 buck. I hit him far back I was so nervous, so
nervous. I figured I just set my camera down and kill him because it was the
biggest thing I’ve ever seen. All I could see was giant horns running off. I’m leaving, leaving the bow here. Gonna go get my pack and give him
at least another half hour. Oh he’s toast, yes. I got him. I got the 190. Oh he’s got a drop tine too. Holy cow. A buck of the lifetime. I’m sure he’s 190. I’ll put a tape on him
here soon. Little dropper, didn’t see that that’s cool.
Just a magnum Wyoming muley. Absolute magnum. I’d like to thank Jordan Bershears who
drew this tag and he was supposed to draw it, and he’s busy and couldn’t make
it down here. So I came in solo five miles from the truck. What a hunt of a
lifetime for me. Day two I saw a lot of bucks, this is by far the biggest. Next
biggest was at 170 I was on last night. Glad I didn’t kill him because I got a
chance at this guy, but unbelievable this is a dream come true and an answer to
prayers, that’s for sure. So I’m gonna get a tape on him this is absolutely amazing.
It wouldn’t happened without Eastman’s Bowhunting TV and Bowhunting Journal.
This is absolutely what dreams are made of.
Dan’s incredible public land high country buck scored 210 gross Pope and
Young points and stretched the tape at nearly 32 inches wide.
Congratulations Dan.

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