Bowhunter Self Films Awesome Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid – Film It Yourself
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Bowhunter Self Films Awesome Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid – Film It Yourself

August 18, 2019

Its late summer 2015. My brother Shawn and I are hunting the desert hills of southern Idaho on day 8, which was the last full day
of this trip I found what was probably our number two buck on the hit list.
There’s a pretty stiff easterly wind blowing. In fact it was blowing so hard
that it was tough to get good footage this is actually from a couple days
before when Shawn put a stalk on him in nearly the same spot As he made his way to his bedding area, the plan was to ambush him before he got there. With the Solvid Head Cam Mount on and the camcorder rolling, I angled wide to get down wind. The target exposed himself just I I got behind tall sagebrush that was used for cover The target wasn’t the only animal to
stay out of sight from though there were several other does and lots of jumpy cattle around as well. I kept inching forward until he appeared in the clearing not more than a hundred yards off with an arrow nocked and his vision
blocked it was time to make the final push. So I took off the Solvid Head Camera mount and replayed the footage. It all happened really fast, but I was able to stop him at 42 yards. The arrows impact, visible on the video, confirmed what felt like a good shot. As the mule deer made his escape through the trees, I took off the Solvid Head Cam Mount and filmed what ended up being his last few steps he never came out from behind the junipers, so either he ran straight away or there he lay The arrow sure was easy to find and it ended that he only made it another 10 yards from where I’d last seen him

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  1. Nicely done Chris!! That looks like some awesome country!! Perfect for stalking mule deer! I'm surprised your not shooting a Mathews? Anyway great video I always look forward to them. Thanks!

  2. nice video, always glad to see your videos! If i didn't loose my camera 2 weeks before season while out scouting I might of had a cool video myself of my bull i got this year… hopefully next year! happy huntin!

  3. Nice job Chris! Awesome as always. You and your bro are studs. Love the Solvid. Gonna put it to use again in 2016!

  4. one more question, how do you set it up to view the area you want it to view. it's great for walking video but when I put a gun or bow up it doesn't look down range

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