Bowfighters® Archery Combat Game
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Bowfighters® Archery Combat Game

August 18, 2019

Hi guys! Welcome to Bowfigters! We are excited to introduce this game in Mauritius! [rock music] Bowfighers is a new sport activity;
it combines the intensity and drive of paintball with the noble art of archery. It is for
those who want to take part in the archery battle. Bowfighters is a fun sport to
be enjoyed with your friends and family. It is also ideal for team building and corporate
events. During the game players use
special bows and foam-tipped arrows. All equipment was carefully tested to ensure safety of the
participants. Archery combat game of Bowfighers
is safe and fun. [laughter] It’s an exciting new trend in the active sport entertainment. See you soon on the Bowfighters
Arena! Join the game!

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